Leader of the Pack.

Chapter 1:The "Incident".

As far as the public knew, it had just been a normal mission. And, at least in part, they were right. It was just Adonis, causing havoc at the local sports centre. Adonis had always puzzled the Titans; what point was there in attacking gyms? In any case, he was usually easy to get rid of. And this time was no different. So, this was just business as usual for the Titans, right?


"Cyborg, I thought you said you'd cured it!"

"I did!"

"Obviously not enough!"

"Friends! We must not fight over this! The only thing we should do now is find out what caused this to occur!"

Robin and Cyborg glared at each other for a moment, and then looked away.

"You're right, Starfire. We need to find out what triggered this."

"Well, it looks like the same thing that triggered it last time…" Cyborg looked over at the two unconscious figures in the med bay, one hovering over her bed, and the other literally chained to his.

The voice whispered in his ear, as always.

Rip. Tear. Hunt.

And, as always, he ignored it.

He flew through an open window, his opponent gloating, unaware of his prescence.

Remember. Hurt. Kill!

He sat in the rafters, an emerald lemur, his tail twitching, his eyes focused on the battle below, his nose attempting to ignore the suffocating stench of chlorine, waiting for the opportune moment.

Then things went wrong. A crash; and Cyborg was sent spinning into Robin, knocking them both unconscious.

A bench was hurled upwards at Starfire, knocking her through a wall.

A scream, suddenly cut short. A splash. And suddenly, the voice started shouting.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

And Beast Boy listened.

Raven sighed. Of all the places that Adonis had to terrorise, he had chosen a swimming pool. Why? It made no logical sense. Adonis seemed to have finished his mindless gloating, and Raven began to pay attention to what he was doing.

She risked a glance upwards, seeing Beast Boy waiting in the gloom. Excellent. Everything was going to plan.

Then things went wrong. A crash; and Cyborg was sent spinning into Robin, knocking them both unconscious.

A bench was hurled upwards at Starfire, knocking her through a wall.

Raven suddenly found herself alone, with a testosterone-fuelled lunatic in a battlesuit. Not a good position. He edged to the left, and she accordingly edged to the right. He shifted his weight, a smug grin plastered to his features. Raven had had enough of that grin.

"Azerath metrion-"

She never got to finish her incantation, as Adonis suddenly leapt, sending her crashing into the pool that Adonis had manoeuvred her into standing in front of. She was now under water, with one and a half tonnes of supervillain holding her down.

Only two words echoed through her brain as everything went dark.

Oh shit.

Adonis grinned. Little did those loser Titans know that attacking this pool was all part of his master plan that would show everyone just how manly he was.

"Huh! You losers think you can stop the might of Adonis? Bring it on! I need a good workout anyway!"

"Hey, Adonis…"


"Shut up." Cyborg grinned to himself. It seemed Robin had finally run out of one liners. He ran to throw a punch at Adonis. It didn't quite go as planned. Adonis caught his fist and hurled him backwards into Robin; the resulting impact left him in temporary standby mode so that his computerised brain could assess the damage. And Robin was unconscious too.

Starfire stopped short mid strafing run when she saw her friends fly backwards; it would cost her, as when she turned back she saw a bench hurtling towards her and everything went dark.

Adonis smirked. Three down, two to go. It occurred to him that the weedy green one hadn't shown, but thought little of it. Maybe that wimp had been scared off by his physique. Adonis didn't blame him.

The villain turned his attention to the last Titan in his way. Raven. Adonis wondered briefly how she managed to consistently resist his obvious charms, but remembered that she had magic powers, so it was probably a spell or something. Whatever. Right now, she was in the way, and he had to get rid of her. Grinning, he saw a way to do that.

Shifting to his right, he grinned wider as the little witch slid left. Obviously her puny intellect could not comprehend his brilliant plan. As she began to chant her damn spell, he decided that then was the time to leap. So he did.

His plan worked like a charm, and after a few seconds he had her underwater, and he held her there. He smirked to himself. This was gonna do wonders for his reputation. He, Adonis, had taken down a Titan! Not even Slade had managed something like that!

It never occurred to Adonis that the reason that Slade had never tried to kill a Titan was that he knew what the rest of the Titans would do to him afterwards.

When Adonis noticed the green behemoth descending upon him like the wrath of the gods, he did what any reasonable person would have done: screamed like a girl and ran for his life.

Robin awoke to a strange scene. From his uncomfortable position, pinned underneath Cyborg, he watched as the Beast gently, almost…tenderly…carried Raven out of the pool and laid her on her back. After staring at her for a moment, the creature turned his attentions to the retreating criminal, and let loose a howl that made Robin's blood run cold. He watched, helpless, as Adonis was caught and flung like a rag doll. He silently observed as the villain's cybernetic armour was shredded like tinfoil, and the arms of the battlesuit were ripped off with the barest hint of exertion. As Robin struggled out from under his team mate, he noticed, with a shock of realisation, the Beast's arm raised above the screaming villain. Robin found himself yelling something; he couldn't work out what, and fired a tranquilizer dart into the Beast's neck before murder was done.