Chapter 15: Penance and Pensiveness

Beast Boy was dead. This Cyborg swore as he climbed the steps to his punishment. The day after he had gone Rambo on Immortus, he had got the other Titans round to discuss something, first making sure that Cyborg was somewhere else. What they had forgotten was that Cyborg could monitor any camera in the Tower from his arm. And lo and behold, they had been brainstorming for his 'punishment', or, as Cyborg now liked to think of it 'public humiliation'.

When he had found out, Cyborg had been gripped with the fear that he would be asked to open up about his past- an eye for an eye, after all, but they seemed a little less cruel than that.

A little. Robin, unimaginative as ever, had suggested that he be forced to eat nothing but tofu for a month, but that had been dismissed as too obvious. Starfire had suggested something worryingly specific involving a tutu, a Chihuahua and an "I Lost a Bet" sign. This had been discarded as incomprehensible. Beast Boy had asked to be allowed to drive the T-Car, but (to his eternal gratitude) Robin had vetoed this on the grounds that they weren't supposed to kill civilians. But then Raven, of all people, had come up with this, the most humiliating of punishments. With a little tweaking from Beast Boy, since Raven's knowledge of songs was limited, and they had the ultimate in public humiliation.

They were both so dead.

As Cyborg took his place on the stage, and the synthesised notes began their irritating chant, Cyborg heard Beast Boy yell out "With feeling, tin man!", and spotted the green boy at the back, next to a smirking Raven. Having no options left, Cyborg opened his mouth. He was going to take this like a man.

"We can dance if we want to;

We can leave your friends behind.

'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance

Well they're no friends of mine…"

So dead.


Beast Boy grinned. Things were getting back to normal. Humiliate Cy? Check. Act like an imbecile in front of a large crowd? Check. Annoy the hell out of Raven by doing so? Strangely, no. She had seemed preoccupied, and had been casting furtive glances at him all evening. Beast Boy wondered at that. It wasn't like he was going to charge her for looking at him, hell, he encouraged it!

Leaving that intriguing train of thought, Beast Boy flopped down on the sofa. Starfire and Robin had already gone to bed, and Cyborg had retreated to his room the second they had arrived at the tower. And Raven…

"Beast Boy?" Right behind him.


"I…wanted to ask you something." Since when was she this nervous? Hell, since when was she nervous?

"Well, sure, I guess."

"It's about what I saw when I went into the Beast's mind." Beast Boy turned to look at Raven, but she was studiously avoiding his eyes.

"Which bit?"

Raven breathed in, composing herself. Alright, we need to deal with this now. If not, it'll sit in the back of my mind, slowly but surely driving me insane. Okay, just ask him, wait for his reply, and, depending on his answer, either phase into my room and hide for a week, or…


"Sorry." She seemed to have got a grip on herself, and looked directly into Beast Boy's eyes. "Anyway. You know how the Beast doesn't use names?"

"You mean like Alpha and stuff?" Uh oh. She can't have…she didn't…I'm gonna die.

"Yeah." She paused for another eternal second. "Beast Boy…" The elfin teen tensed, ready to run at the merest hint of anger, but none were forthcoming. "Why does the Beast call me mate?"



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