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Chapter One

NEW FLASH…..Domino City, Japan…..The entire town is in shock…. the body of Frank Douglas Wheeler was found beheaded in what is being called one of the worst crimes in the cities history…. Mr. Wheeler is survived by his wife Mary and his son Joseph eighteen and daughter Serenity fifteen.

Mr. Wheeler's body was discovered by off duty policeman Detective Lawrence Peterson who was on his way home, when he found the body lying on the side of the road. There were no witnesses to the horrible crime. We'll update this when we get anymore information………..

What started out to be just another normal day in the town of Domino was shatter when everyone turned on their television sets or radios this morning and heard or saw the report of what happened to one of the citizens of Domino. It was most devastating to the his family who had the night before kissed and hugged Frank Wheeler as he left on this way to work. Little did they know that that would be the last they ever heard from the man who loved them.

Solomon Motou was just getting ready to make coffee when he saw the report and he dropped the coffee pot and when it hit the floor making a terrible racket both Yugi and Yami ran to the kitchen to find out what was the wrong and when they heard the report about Joey and Serenity's father they both started to cry.

Ishizu Ishtar was just starting breakfast when her brother Odeon turned on the television and saw the News Report and they both couldn't believe what had happened. They knew Frank and he was the gentlest men around and neither of them could believe that anyone would do such a horrible thing to him. When Malik and Marik found out they were both devastated because they knew Joey and Serenity's father and he accepted them without even blinking an eye where other people were scared of them, Frank saw only the good in them.

When Bakura turned on the radio as he was getting his and Ryou's breakfast and heard what happened to Frank he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Who would want to hurt Mr. Wheeler? Ryou came into the kitchen and he too heard about what happened and he started crying because someone had murdered a man that was so gentle he wouldn't hurt anyone.

When Helga turned on the radio as she was making Seto and Mokuba's breakfast and she heard what happened to Frank, she screamed and fell to her knees. Roland heard her scream as did Seto and Mokuba and they all came running into the kitchen and they heard what happened and Mokuba started crying as he asked his brother "Why, why did someone kill Mr. Wheeler?"

This is what was happening to everyone in Domino. No one could believe that this horrific crime could happen to one of the most beloved men in Domino. Who did it and why? That is what everyone was asking themselves and the Police had never had seen anything so terrible and they were asking everyone's help in finding out why this happened.

At the Wheeler residence Mary was trying to comfort her two children while trying to understand what had happened to her husband. She had taken the phone off the hook because she just couldn't talk to anyone right now. The Police had just left after talking to her, Joey and Serenity and it was all the three of them could do to keep it together for the other.

In an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town, a man watched the report and he started laughing manically as he said to his henchmen, make sure that this letter gets to the Editor of the Domino Gazette and don't get caught."

Jefferson Tyson, editor of the Domino Gazette received the letter from an unknown source and as he read the letter he was horrified that whoever sent this disturbing letter to him could be so nonchalant about taking another person's life that way and as he read further and came to the list of demands he picked up the phone and called a good friend, the Chief of Police and asked "Can you come over to the Office please, I just got a letter from someone claiming to be the person who murdered Mr. Wheeler."

When Police Chief Stanley Brickman got a call from Jefferson and he said that he had just gotten a letter from someone claiming to have murdered Mr. Wheeler he nearly fell off his chair. "I'll be right there and Jeff please don't let this get out until we've had a chance to try to figure out who this idiot really is." Jefferson assured the Chief that he'd keep this quiet because he wanted the man found who killed his best friend.

When the Chief of Police got to the Newspaper and when he read the list of demands his blood ran cold. He looked at his friend and he said "This maniac must be nuts, where are we going to be able to come up with that kind of money. And about the rest of these demands well their just plain crazy." The Chief read the list again out loud:

I want no I demand the following:

1. I demand the amount of million three hundred dollars deposited into this account by midnight tonight.

2. I want every businessman on this list to sign over their businesses to me and I want them to do it on television in front of everyone watching, then I want the documents put into the safety deposit box at the bank of Domino and it all has to be done by the said time or another person will die.

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Chapter Two Coming Up...Trying to find the man resposible for this horrific crime...