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Chapter Nine

The Police, Ambulances and Fire Department arrived at the scene and so did all of the News Channels. The Fire Department started spraying water on the fire and soon it was out. They never expected to find a living soul alive, but when they started going through the debris the found five men and a young man clinging to life. The paramedics had their work cut out for them as they placed each person on a gurney and started giving assessing their vital signs they found out that all of them were alive but one man was in critical condition.

As they started transporting the people to Kaiba Corp. Hospital, Seto and Solomon were there and Seto told them "All these people are to be given your best medical treatment and no one is to know that they are here, is that clear?"

The emergency doctors all nodded that they understood, then Seto had six of his best Security Men guarding each of the men and Rex and they were told "Guard them with your lives."

Roland was taken to surgery. He had been hit by one of the beams and he sustained a concussion and his left leg was broken but the worst injury was to his back. They didn't know if he'd ever walk again. Seto was sitting in the waiting room and Solomon was by his side. They spent the night sitting there praying for Roland to be alright and then Murdock who was brought there in a wheel chair pushed by the Security Guard he said "I know that this doesn't look good, but you have to believe me when I say Roland will come out of this and he will be walking by the end of the month."

Then one by one each of the men were brought to the waiting room against their doctors wishes but they all had to be near where Roland was. He was their leader and their best friend and together they all held hands and then Thomas said "Dear God, this is the "Rat Pack" and we need your amazing help again. Roland is lying in there fighting for his life and we'd really like it if you could give him a helping hand to get better. We've seen your amazing miracles before and we could really use one now. We ask this in your name. Amen."

Seto and Solomon had tears running down their faces as they listened to these men pray for God's help in making their friend better. Then all of a sudden the doctor came out of the surgery door and he had a big smile on his face and he said "There was a miracle that just happened in there. Roland moved his legs and then he softly said "Tell my men and my son that I'll be back sooner then they can say Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers."

Everyone started laughing as tears ran down their faces and then Murdock said "What about the young man, how is he?"

The doctor told them "He suffered a hair line fracture to his left arm but other then that he's very lucky as all of you to be alive. Someone upstairs must have been watching over all of you today."

Back at the scene of the explosion, Angela Paulson was reporting for Channel 79 and she said "Today there has been a terrible explosion at this residence and five men and a young man was inside when the house exploded. The paramedics have removed all of the bodies but no one has said if any of them were alive or not. We weren't allowed near the house so we can't say one way or the other if anyone made it. When we get more information we will bring it to you. This is Angela Paulson reporting for Channel 79."

Brandon was watching the news report and as he watched them take the bodies away he was hysterically laughing as he watched what was going on and then he said out loud to himself "Well isn't that just to bad, now on to getting rid of the others."

Yami, Bakura and Marik had gotten near enough to Rex to read his mind and they discovered the places that Brandon used and so now they were on their way to search each place till they found this little piece of shit and put an end to him once and for all.

Solomon's cell phone started vibrating and he excused himself and went out on the patio and when he answered it Yami said "We know some of the places where Brandon goes and we'll find him and stop him before he does anything else. I can't promise that he will come back all in one piece."

Solomon knew that Brandon needed to be stopped but he still couldn't fell a little sorry for him because of how his father had killed himself and Brandon happened to see it happen. "I understand, just be careful all of you. He is very dangerous and will do anything to keep from apprehended. Just make sure that no one else dies." Solomon said.

So now the search was on to try to find Brandon before he could try to kill someone else. As they went to the places they had seen in Rex's mind they couldn't help but feel sorry for Weevil and how he died. Neither Rex nor Weevil was really bad, they had been deceived and all they really wanted was for someone to notice and approve of them.

They had searched three of the places and were sickened by what they had seen. There were pictures of Brandon's mother and grandfather and what the had done to them. "This young man is out of his mind" Marik said. They also found letters that Brandon had written to his father after Keith's death and is was almost like he was telling him in detail exactly what he was going to do to everyone that he thought had done his father wrong.

They had entered the sewer where Rex and Weevil always entered at and within minutes they entered a door and inside there was so much dried blood all over the floor and they found Weevil's wallet and keys lying in the blood. "This must be where he killed Weevil but how did he get the body out of here?" Bakura asked.

Yami then said "This is how he said and he held up a rope that was covered in blood. He must of drug Weevil's body up out of here and then he took it and threw it in the dumpster so that no one would find this place."

"We have only one other place to search and I pray to Ra that he's there or we're screwed." Marik said.

Yami drove to the address of what use to be Keith's Gallery and getting out the walked around to the back and down the alley till they came to the back door. It was locked, but Bakura a small pouch out of his pocket and taking one of his tools he picked the lock and the quietly entered through the back door.

They heard someone hysterically laughing and as they followed the sound they found Brandon watching the television report about the house exploding and he was saying over and over "I got them, I got them." Marik carefully walked up behind Brandon and then he spun the chair around and as he punched him in the face Marik said "And I got you."

When Brandon came to he didn't know where he was. It was dark and really scary. He then heard a voice say "You have been found guilty of the murders of Frank Wheeler, Mr. Pennywise, Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Carter and finally Weevil Underwood, how do you plead?"

Brandon had tears running down his face and he screamed "They all caused my dad to kill himself they had to die, and Weevil was going to rat me out so he had to die too!"

Then the voice said "How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?"

Brandon then screamed out "I'm not guilty, they were the guilty one!"

Then the three Yami's walked out of the Shadows and their eyes were blood red and the Sennen Eyes on their foreheads were glowing and then Yami said "You are the guilty one here and now you have to pay for what you did." Then Bakura and Marik said "We call upon the shadows to come and carry out the sentence of death upon this human."

Then Brandon hear the most terrifying screams and howls that anyone had ever heard and then he was unbound from the restraints of the shadow magic and the shadows came and delivered the sentence on his body and soul. As the shadows ripped and tore his flesh from his body Brandon tried to run away but the shadows were to many and soon there wasn't anything left of what was Brandon Keith.

When it was over Yami, Bakura and Marik all thanked the shadows for delivering the sentence and then they all went back to the hospital to tell Solomon that it had been taken care of. They found out that all the men including Roland were going to be alright and that Rex was physically going to be alright too, he had suffered a mental breakdown and would never be the same again.

Seto and Pegasus are paying for Rex's medical treatments until he is able to be placed in the best mental hospital in Domino. Now it would take years for Domino to get over the deaths of all the men that Brandon killed and Solomon would always feel sorry for the young man who because of the terrible death of his father went totally out of his mind.

THE END…………….

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