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Epilogue…You Make Me Smile

Daniel rolled over in bed and scooted closer to the form lying next to him. Wrapping his arms around her he softly kissed her neck. "Good morning." He whispered into his gorgeous wife's ear.

Rolling over to face him, Betty responded. "Good morning."

They smiled in unison, happiness enveloping both of them as they pulled each other closer hoping to get lost in the others smell.

It had been nine years and four kids since they had said 'I Do' and they were happier now than they could have ever even fathomed back then.

"So baby are we taking Nate to Mode on Monday, you promised him that if he didn't put another lizard in Miss Granger's desk that you would." Betty said still enveloped in his arms.

Laughing he responded, "Sure he'll have to miss school, but that shouldn't really bother him too much."

She playfully rolled her eyes at him. "Honestly honey, you should tell him not to do that stuff. He'll listen to you."

"I never told him to do it." Daniel protested.

Glaring yet again she responded, "Daniel, you are the one if I recall that told him about you doing that to your second grade teacher, and how funny everyone thought it was."

"Oh yeah." He said laughing.

"Like father, like son." She smiled honestly thinking about how much they were alike. It startled her sometimes. Not only did Nate look JUST like Daniel but to top that off he acted just like him too.

Nate was tall for his age, which was seven as of last week, actually all her sons were. Something she knew that got from dear old dad. He had cerulean blue eyes and light brown hair. And the way he walked, with an air of confidence and pride, and talked, like he knew everyone would just listen, was so much like Daniel.

She knew even now after all these years how insecure Daniel was about being a dad though and decided to boost him up a bit. "Honey, Nate, loves you so very much. You are a great dad." She said kissing his neck softly.

"I really hope so. I love the kids so much." He said smiling.


Daniel was pacing back and forth in the hospital, right outside the room where his first son was being born. He had so badly wanted to be in there with Betty, but for some reason that did not yet make sense to him the doctors had refused.

He had in the past couple of months read around four books about fatherhood, but in this moment he realized that none of them truly prepared him for this. His heart was racing at least one hundred miles an hour.

Taking a deep breath he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. Turning around he saw that it was Mr. Suarez. "Daniel I know how you feel, trust me, but you have got to calm down. You are going to be an amazing father." Ignacio said in a calming tone.

"I don't know about that Mr. Suarez, I didn't exactly have the best teacher. Plus just look at all the things I have done in my life. What kind of role model am I going to be?" he questioned the fear and uncertainty he felt reading through in his eyes.

"Daniel, look at me. Yes you have made some bad choices in your life. Granted a few more than most, but everybody makes mistakes the important thing is that you learn from them. That is what matters."

At that moment he heard a cry and Betty calling his name, his heart stopped.

"Better get in there, your wife and son are calling you."

After a quick hand shake with his father-in-law he took a deep breath and turned the door knob. He walked into the room and practically ran to Betty's side.

"Daniel, he's beautiful. He looks just like you." Betty said smiling, tears falling from her sparkling brown eyes.

The nurse soon walked over to the happy couple, a blue bundle securely wrapped in her arms. "Here is your son, Daddy." She said handing Daniel his son.

Taking him gently in his arms Daniel looked down into his sons face. Tears began to form in his icy blue orbs. He was overwhelmed, for more than just the obvious reason. First off this was his son; he looked up to him and was counting on him. He was shocked with how much love he already had for this small child. Daniel knew he would never let him down. But that wasn't the only thing that shocked him. This was Nathan. Or at least it looked just like the picture of him holding Nathan in the hospital he saw on his mantel a little over two years ago.

"Hey little guy, I'm your daddy." He said smiling at this beautiful child.

Betty wondered if she could ever be this happy again as she was in that exact moment watching the man she loved more than anything in the world hold their son with so much love emitting from his eyes.

"Have you picked out a name?" the nurse beside them questioned with a smile.

"Honey, first name is up to you." Betty said rubbing Daniels arm as he took a seat next to her on the bed.

"Nathan." Was his simple answer, Betty smiled, he looked like a Nathan. (Or Nate which they would later decide suited him best.)

"Middle name?"

It was Daniels turn to glance at Betty. Middle name, they agreed, was her choice. "His middle name is Bradford." She responded. Daniel glanced at her curiosity emitting from his eyes confusion clearly written on his face.

"Why?" he questioned a little bit choked up.

"It just feels right." Was her only response, it was the only one he needed.

"Last name?"

"Meade." They answered in unison.

End Flashback

"Daniel are you even listening to me?" Betty questioned snapping him out of his daydream.

"What? Of course I am!" he said innocently a mischievous smile gracing his adorable lips.

"Daniel…NO!" Betty yelled as he began tickling her as well as kissing her. He broke away for the briefest of moments.

"What time is it?" he asked kissing her again.

"Eight forty five why?" she said glancing at the clock.

"Think we have time before the kids wake up?" he said smiling again.

At that moment their five year old twins Scotty and Elliot ran into the room screaming and laughing.

"Guess not." Betty replied.

"MOMMY…DADDY!!!" they yelled running and jumping onto the bed and on top of their parents.

Scotty was a little bit older than Elliot, three whole minutes to be exact, and he loved to bring it up whenever possible especially in the middle of a fight.

Scotty Michael Meade was blessed with his fathers piercing blue eyes and his mothers' dark hair while his counterpart Elliot James Meade had just the opposite. He possessed his mothers chocolate brown eyes and his fathers light brown hair. Besides that they were identical.

But their personalities were all their own. Scotty was outgoing with sly smarts, he loved to play sports, especially football, and was naturally blessed with athletic ability. Elliot was more reserved, loved to read, and according to his kindergarten teacher was the brightest young student she had ever taught.

Daniel insisted that it came from Betty's side, but Betty knew how critical he was of himself and secretly told Elliot he was bright just like his daddy, a fact that made Elliot beam with pride.

"Daddy can we have pancakes for breakfast this morning?" Scotty questioned looking at his father with puppy dog eyes. It worked every time.

"Why not? Blueberry for Scotty and chocolate chip for Elliot right?"

"Yep! Daddy!" they replied in unison.

"Okay then…why don't you guys go get Nate up while mom and me go and get breakfast ready."

"Okay." They replied jumping off the bed and rushing out of the room.

Betty turned to Daniel. She smiled and kissed him. "How about you go get Johnny out of bed and I make the pancakes."

"Okay…once I burned them…ONCE!" he said feigning anger.

Betty rolled her eyes and walked out of the room heading downstairs toward the kitchen. When Daniel walked into the hall he was attacked.

"DADDY!" Nate said running and jumping in his fathers arms.

"Nate, buddy. Good morning. Look we are having pancakes for breakfast. What kind do you want?"

"Mom is making them right?"

"Yes." Daniel replied accepting defeat. "Go tell your mom what kind you want. Tell her I'm getting Johnny."

"I will." Nate said rushing off downstairs.

He crossed the hall into his youngest child's room. His little boy was only three but he already had an undeniable presence. Daniel often joked that one day he'd be an actor or a singer because only performers have such a presence. Jonathan Christopher Meade was the name they had chosen, but everyone including them called him Johnny. He broke the mold when it came to their kids. While he was still tall, like all his brothers, instead of some shade of brown that covered their heads his was covered in blonde curls. Courtesy of his grandma Claire and she loved it. He also had one cerulean blue eye and one chocolate brown one.

"Hey buddy. Its time to get and go eat." He said lifting him up into his arms.

"I love you Daddy." Johnny said wrapping his small arms around his fathers' neck.

"I love you too Johnny." Daniel said smiling as he carried his small son into the kitchen and sat him in the booster seat. He then walked up behind Betty and hugged her.

"Thank you." He whispered in her ear just loud enough for her to hear.

"For what?" she questioned with a smile.

"For making me the luckiest man in the whole world."

"Well in that case, you're welcome."

Daniel eventually, after much forcefulness on her part, let go of Betty and turned around. When he did he saw toys scattered all over the kitchen floor, magazine proofs and articles strewn about on the counter, Scotty and Elliot playing cops and robbers, and Nate building a tower out of legos on the table. He could only laugh when he thought about how much his life had changed in the last ten years, and oddly enough how in many ways it had stayed the same.

Scotty ran into him nearly knocking him over. "Sorry daddy."

"Huh? What was that?" Daniel said picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder while simultaneously tickling him.

"DADDY!!" he yelled in between laughs. Now that he had control he set off after Elliot and soon had him under attack as well. Nate joined in soon after as well.

"Boys!!!!" Betty yelled after a minute. They all stopped in their tracks and she couldn't help but laugh at the sight thinking about how much can change in ten years. But everything had changed for the better she thought and good change isn't bad. "Breakfast is ready."

Daniel sat Scotty and Elliot down in their seats and took his next to Betty. The breakfast was a good one. They had a big breakfast like this every Saturday and Sunday just to make sure they didn't get to involved in work. After all running a magazine is no walk in the park. Yes Daniel was running Meade Publications with Alexis at his side. After she met Tom, became and aunt, and got married she became much easier to be around. Not so evil either.

Anyway they spent the breakfast talking about how Nate got a 98 on his math test, how Scotty wanted to join tiny mites football, Elliot building a dinosaur for school, and how awesome Batman was courtesy of Johnny.

Then the kids were finally, after twenty minutes of persuading, forced to go up and get dressed and Daniel and Betty began cleaning up.

"Still thanking me for giving you four boys?" she questioned with a smile.

"I don't know now that you mention it they are a handful." He laughed.

"Too much of a handful?" she questioned frowning.

"NO! Of course not, Betty however crazy our lives are, those little guys, our sons, they make it worth it."

"Daniel I have to tell you something but I don't know how to. I'm scared."

"Betty just say it." He said irrationally fearing the worst. She paused. "You aren't leaving me are you?" he said only half joking.

"NO, gosh Daniel no." she said playfully slapping him in the chest.

"Phew." He said hugging her.

"Daniel…" she leaned far enough back in his arms so that she could see his eyes. "What would you do if I told you that your life was about to get a little more…hectic?"

He looked down at her curiosity and confusion etched into his eyes. She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. Tears and realization filled his eyes as he smiled.

"Are you telling me I'm going to be a dad?"

"For a fifth time." She answered. He grabbed her picked her up and spun her around.

Seven months later on March 17th they had their fifth and final child. A baby girl they would name Zooey Isabella Meade. She looked just like her mom from the start with dark hair and eyes. So naturally from day one she had him wrapped around her little finger.

When Zooey was old enough he took her to his dads grave, as he had done with his previous four children. He brought with him a single red rose. He sat down on the bench across from the grave and began to speak.

"Finally got my girl, she looks just like Betty dad. I wish you could see her she is beautiful. I can't believe you've been gone eleven years. Nates about to be in second grade, Scotty joined tiny mites and little league, Elliot broke his arm playing football, and Johnny, well Johnny thinks he's Batman. And this is your granddaughter Zooey. She is two months old tomorrow. Betty's great by the way, she is such a wonderful mom. Thanks for finding her for me. I wish I could stay longer but I got to go take the kids to school. And go to work myself. I love you dad." He said putting the rose on his fathers grave as he walked away, just like ten years before he saw Betty standing there waiting for him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her with a smile.

"Saying hello to an old friend."

"Me too." He said putting his arm around her.

"I love you Betty Meade."

"I love you too Daniel Meade."
And they walked away hand in hand. Each feeling so lucky to have found each other, and they knew the love they shared would stand the test of time.

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