The atmosphere on the plane was tense.

Kari had sent Harry two or three letters and they'd heard nothing from him so, fearing a repeat of the events of last Summer, where Dobby had managed to get Harry imprisoned in his room with none of his school stuff and little food, while the damn House Elf had stopped him from getting his mail.

They weren't going to let that sort of thing continue this Holiday.

Joey was uncomfortable in the suit he was wearing, it wasn't travel wear, it was something to look scary in.

He'd only gotten to come on this trip because Kari had convinced Seto that she needed a Bodyguard and he was easily as imposing as one when he needed to be. So, the black suit, the mirrored sunglasses, the imposing look… Who was he kidding?

He was looking forward to scaring the Dursleys.


Heathrow Airport was busy with holiday traffic when they entered the arrival lounge.

Joey was in his element, scowling at people to clear them a path and get them through customs in a record time.

A limo was waiting for them. "Ms Ironhide, we'll be travelling straight to Little Whingeing, Surry."

"ID?" Joey asked, stepping between Kari and the driver.

The Driver pulled out a laminated ID card, proving his identity as a Driver from one of Kaiba Corp's associates in the UK.

"Joseph." Kari growled slightly and he stepped aside, allowing Kari and Ombre to enter the black stretch limo. He grimaced at her as he got in too. He hated Joseph with a passion, but they'd agreed on the plane that Joey sounded too personal, not at all how a client would treat a Bodyguard.

He partly wished they could have brought the Duel Monsters along for this, but they just wouldn't have been able to control themselves. Harry had told them enough about how bad things were for Joey to know that the Duel Monsters wouldn't be restrained if Harry was being maltreated.

"Yami will be annoyed we didn't wait for him to be released from Hospital." Joey commented as he took off the glasses in the shade of the interior. "He wanted to scare the Dursleys himself."

"Yami understands." Ombre shrugged, as uncomfortable in her skirt suit as Joey was in his black one. "He was the one that pushed us to speak to Kaiba. He didn't want to leave Harry at the Dursleys without checking on him any longer."

Kari sighed and watched England pass. Travelling in the smart dress suit that she'd bought for a large meeting with Pegasus just after the Anubis Incident, she felt like an imposter, claiming to be an Executive of Kaiba Corp, when all she was really was a Section Manager, a Department Head, Seto and Mokuba Kaiba were the CEOs.

"Kari?" Joey asked gently, "You alright?"

"Just thinking," Kari turned away from the rapidly passing scenery, "We didn't work out how we were going to get Mr Dursley to talk to us, yet alone let us see Harry."

"Oh, that's easy." Ombre grinned. "We tell him this…"


Vernon Dursley watched as a black stretch limo pulled up outside Number 4 Privet Drive and two women and a tall man got out, spoke to the Driver, and then turned to his door.

They looked smart, the man was obviously a Bodyguard for one of the two ladies if not both and the two women could have passed for sisters.

He knew who they were, of course, he'd received a phone call from one Kaiba Seto, explaining that an Executive would be coming to see him today and Vernon was to treat her with the same respect he would treat any of his own Executives.

Everyone in the business world knew of Seto Kaiba, one of the most influential men in the world and someone that no sane man would want to cross.

The rumours were that he hadn't had anyone killed in over five years, but then Vernon wouldn't be surprised if someone of Mr Kaiba's status had someone to do his dirty work for him, maybe that blonde he had trailing the Executive he'd sent over here.

But why would they want to speak to him specifically?

If they wanted a building in the UK, they should speak to his company, not come to his home and invade his life.

How dare they?

Vernon controlled his temper, if he was disrespectful towards this EO, Kaiba Seto had sworn to come over and deal with him personally.

The doorbell rang and Dudley got to his feet slowly and followed his father to the door.

Vernon took a deep breath and opened it. "Miss Ironhide, I presume?" He asked.

The girl looked taken aback for a millisecond, then nodded, obviously hoping to have taken him by surprise, "Vernon Dursley?" She asked, her English tinged with a slight foreign hint but not overly obvious, like she'd moved abroad but never really gained the accent of the area.

Vernon bowed, having learnt about Japanese culture in order to impress some foreign CEOs a couple of years ago. "That is correct, please come in."

The Bodyguard entered first, looking around everywhere and then nodding to the EO and the woman that had to be her PA.

She entered warily, as if she was unsure of herself and was on her first job.

Vernon's smile became a great deal more certain, an unsure Executive was much easier to deal with and con then one who had years of experience and he led them into the living room, where Miss Ironhide and her PA sat down and took the accepted cups of tea while the Bodyguard stood over them.

He hadn't noticed the blonde's eyes lingering on the locks and bolts on the cupboard under the stairs.

The PA whispered in her ear and Miss Ironhide nodded. "Mr Dursley," She said, looking him straight in the eyes. Ok, maybe not that uncertain then, "We are here to discuss a certain young man who was supposed to show up to a Kaiba Corp Tournament, left this as his home address and then only showed up for one day, where a great deal of fuss was made over the boy's condition."

"A young man? What did he look like?" Vernon felt his mouth go dry. Dudley didn't do anything that Kaiba Corp could be interested in, then he remembered, those blasted Duel Monster cards that Dudley had wreaked, could that be what this was about?

"Messy black hair, piercing green eyes, good friends with Yugi and Yami Muto, the past and present Kings of Games." Miss Ironhide's brown eyes became sharp and he realised she was reading him like an open book, "A Mr Harry Potter?"

Vernon went purple, how dare that brat bring them down on him.

"I see you know the name." Miss Ironhide smirked, "I need to speak to him immediately regarding the penalty for pulling out of a Tournament without giving notice before his next match."

"I'm afraid he isn't around at the moment, the little brat ran away after causing some trouble and is currently staying under police guard in London, somewhere like Diagonally?" He missed the looks that passed around the group, relived ones, "I'm sorry I can't help you, but you're unlikely to find him."

"May we see where he's been sleeping?" The PA asked, "We were, after all, sent to see why he was in such a state."

"I'm afraid not, unless you have a warrant go searching through our house." Vernon approached the girls who put the cups on the table and were about to get to their feet when the Bodyguard got between him and the women and grabbed Vernon's wrist in such a firm grip he wasn't certain he could break it.

"No closer." The man growled in a much more accented voice then Miss Ironhide, obviously learning English as a second language, his eyes hidden behind the glasses, but his whole body language screaming protective.

Something exploded on the mantle shelf and Miss Ironhide shot to her feet, "Joseph!" She snapped, glaring at the Bodyguard. "Control!"

They were like the freaks who went to Potter's school!

"Get out of my house!" Vernon bellowed, forgetting control, forgetting that he was putting himself at risk of angering Seto Kaiba, he wanted these freaks out now!

"Move away from Miss Ironhide." The PA growled as Joseph let go of his wrist, getting to her feet, "We will leave once we are ready."

"I… I'll call the Police!" Vernon snarled.

"Do you think they scare us?" The PA asked, drawing a silver stick.

Not a stick, a wand.

"You're all freaks like Potter!" Vernon snapped, "I'll tell your employer!" He growled at Miss Ironhide, "And he'll fire you and then what will you do?"

"What's to say he isn't one of us?" The Executive had an aggravating smirk on her face and Vernon managed to push past the two in front and swung for the woman behind who's eyes widened in shock.

Then two huge black dragons interposed themselves, flaming at the mouth, between Miss Ironhide and Vernon, called from Japan by their partners' anger and fear, and angry that anyone would threaten someone carrying an egg.

"Shadowfae, Tobias." The relief in Miss Ironhide's tone was obvious, "Mana…" The girl, who had appeared just after the dragons, in barely any clothing and a ridiculous hat, helped the Executive to her feet. "Vernon Dursley, if Harry has been harmed in anyway, you will find that the Kaiba Corp lawyers won't go as easy on you as we have." She turned to Joseph and the PA, "Joseph, Ombre, lets go check out Diagon Alley."

The four humans and two dragons left without any more trouble, except the smashing sounds Vernon heard as the two dragons swooped out of the door. He raced into the hallway to find the coat rack knocked over and two expensive vases smashed.

The limo was gone before he could say anything.


The Leaky Cauldron was busy when the three of them entered, suit jackets off, the top three of Joey's buttons undone, and the mirrored sunglasses on top of Joey's messy blonde hair.

"The Ironhide Twins, Mr Wheeler? I hope you aren't expecting a room." Tom said, "We're full with summer visitors."

"No Sir." Kari said with a small smile betraying her serious attitude, "We were just wondering if Harry was staying here."

"Mr Potter? Didn't he send you a message? He's been here about a week."

"Is he in?"

"Is he safe?"

Tom smiled at the three's obvious relief. "He's safe but he went into Diagon Alley this morning, you might find him at Fotescue's Ice Cream Parlor."

"Thanks Tom." Joey grinned and the three headed for Diagon Alley.


The atmosphere on the Kaiba Corp plane was a lot lighter on the return journey.

In fact Kari couldn't stop giggling at the look on Vernon Dursley's face when the Dragons had appeared.

They hadn't had a chance to speak to Harry before they'd had to head for the airport, but they'd left a note with Tom and Kari was going to send a letter to him the moment she got home.

They weren't sure whether they were more mad that he hadn't contacted them, or that he'd had to run away from the Dursleys.

They'd wait until they had the full story to decide.

"That vase on the mantle piece wasn't our fault, was it accidental magic from you?" Ombre was asking Joey, a grin on her face.

Joey smiled ruefully, "I lost my temper, I didn't expect the Dragons to appear like they did either."

Ombre grinned and looked over her shoulder at the two Red Eyed Dragons who were curled up on seats, "I think it shocked them too, once they were over their anger." She said, turning back to Joey. "It's good to know we can do that though."

Joey just nodded, a firm grip on the arm rest, causing Ombre to cackle internally and Kari to give her an odd look. She'd forgotten Joey hated heights almost as much as Yami.

This trip hadn't been a waste at all…


Author Note – I had to write this. So you got an extra chapter and I got a chance to tell you that I'm rewriting the beginning of the crossover, reintroing Kari, no Ombre at that point though, she came in later, so the first chapter of 'Beginnings' is going up the same time as this Chapter on my profile.

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