When Bella died the whole world stood still. Just for a moment no thought was said, no heart beat, no lung breathed.

I had found the letters; there were many of them, all of them addressed to me.

Carlisle had gotten a call that Bella was in the hospital, heavily bruised and obviously abused. So we all went home, Rosalie told us everything again and when Celine admitted, that she had been the one lying I attacked her and she ran away.

I couldn't believe I had abandoned her like this, she had needed me how could I have let her go like that? How could I have not believed her?

There had been no way to save her. She was brain-dead. After everyone had said goodbye Carlisle pulled the plug of her life supporting machine, while I sat with her on one side, Rosalie on the other.

"Edward", Rose came into my room, "It's time."

She was wearing black. Of course.

"Are you sure you can do this?"

I nodded,

"Emmett is outside."

We drove in silence. Something was about to happen, that would change everything, make it real. Until Rosalie broke it.

"Esme didn't want to come, did she?"


Alice and Jasper weren't coming either. They were travelling. Running.

"Alright", Emmett said, as he stopped the car, "Here we go."

The man was angry. Just as we had expected.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Jenny contacted us", Emmett responded.

"Of course she did…that stupid bitch!"

"You're going to court in Tuesday, David."

"Oh sure I am, Sweetheart, because you're going to make me?"

"We are going to make you", I spoke now, "Jenny has sued you, you are going to court."

He rolled his eyes and wanted to run past us, but we didn't let him.

"You can't force me!", he screamed, "That bitch is going to pay!"

Emmett had him in a tight grip, "I really wouldn't say that."

"Who the hell are you people?"

It was Roses turn, "We are from the Bella Swan Institute and we know everything about you David Reid, we know about all the things you have done to your wife Jenny, how you hit her, raped her, threatened her and almost killed her", she growled loudly and the man whimpered, "We know about all your friends, all your hideouts and we have made sure, that someone will always be watching you, making sure, that you can't escape. If you do not come to court on Monday I can promise you, that you will regret it very much."

"Here's the official letter", I handed it to him and he took it with shaking hands.

Emmett let him go and we made a leave,

"Oh…", Rosalie turned around, "And we also have people in jail, you know the one you will end up in, and if you shouldn't show up on Monday or if you should…say that Jenny is lying we will make sure, that you will get into big trouble, nobody likes men like you, not even in prison", she smiled, "Have a nice day!"

In the car we were quiet and this time I interrupted the silence,

"If it goes well we could give Alice and Jasper a call."


"Guys!", Esme came running towards us, before we'd even got out f the car, "Quick!"

"Did something happen?"

Nothing had happened I could see that. Esme was happier than she had been in a long while.

"He called the police and confessed! David confessed!"

"Oh my God!", Rosalie cried, "I am scary then."

Chuckling Emmett put his arm around her, "You sure are."

Jenny came outside, "We made it! Thank you so much!"

She hugged us all tightly and Carlisle stood behind her, he smiled.

Good job, Son.

I read their thoughts again; it was a big part of what I was doing.

"We should call Alice and Jasper!", Rosalie yelled, "That might cheer them up!"

"Yeah", Esme had her arm around Jenny, "but before that I'm sure Jenny would like to make a call herself."

The young woman, who had come to us a few months ago, looking so pale and fragile was now beaming, "Yes, I'd like to call my mum and tell her, that I am filing for divorce!"

Cheering they went inside. Rosalie turned around to me,

"Edward? Are you coming?"

Months later

"Dear Bella,

I still love you and think about you every day. I got a message from Charlie, he wants me to come to prison to speak to him I agreed to go, for you. You wrote you didn't want him to be hurt, so I've agreed to help him with his therapy.

Alice and Jasper are coming by tomorrow, we're looking forward to it, but they can't forgive themselves for what happened to you. None of us can, but Alice blames herself the most. She said she sees what happened to you and while it was happening she thought it was herself from the past.

The Bella Swan Institute is working really well. Somehow in a way you live on and everyone from town has pitched it. We've helped many girls in situations similar to yours and some boys too. It helps that I can read their minds. Sometimes we loose control and hurt some of the criminals. Not badly though, we still want them to be punished.

Jenny, she is the first girl we helped and she works at the Bella Swan Institute now, as our secretary. She's nice, I think you would really like her. She's my friend.

I'm very sorry that Jacob killed himself Bella, I never liked him much, but it hurt me anyway.

Carlisle and Esme are feeling better, because we can help those girls. I am so sorry that it took all of this to happen, I'm sorry you had to go through so much before. Carlisle wants me to do a therapy, but I am coping. Every person who walks through the doors of our Institute hears your story and every time I see them smile and watch them start their new lives without the abuse and just for a second I feel just a bit better. Over the years that might help…you know over hundreds of years.

I will never be able to forgive myself. Not only did you have to go through all that pain, but I myself am responsible for losing the love of my life and having to live forever without her.

I wanted to kill myself, Bella. Just like Jacob did, but Esme stopped me. She begged me not to do it, she let me into her mind and into her pain of losing a child. I couldn't do it, so instead Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme and I sat together and thought about what we could do to change things and use all our time and money to invest in something good.

So we came up with your Institution. All of Forks and all of the Hospital-Staff supported us. It helps that Rosalie and Esme have had experiences like you and the other girls, they are a big help for our charges.

It's your birthday next week and we are going to have a big party, just for you. Not Alice-Syle…it will probably be more like a funeral, a lot of members of the Institue will be there and Jenny.

I wish you could meet Jenny, sometimes when she smiles she reminds me of you, the way I will always treasure you in my mind and in my heart.

I love you Bella, more than anything."

I folded my letter and gently laid it on her grave. It was the first time I was visiting her here. I hadn't been able to go to the funeral. Everyone felt guilty in their own way because of what had happened, Bellas grave was being taken care of, it was beautiful.

Mike Newton was coming over to me, he shook my hand smiling,

"Edward, how are you?"

I only nodded, "You?"

"Yeah, I just came to say goodbye. I'm leaving for Floriday tomorrow."

"Florida?", I repeated.

He nodded, "Yeah, to college. I'll be back though", he quickly added, "You know my mum still lives here…"

"Yeah", I turned away from Bellas grave to give Mike a moment. I would be back tomorrow.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around."

He nodded and smiled. I left.

"Edward! I just got a call from Rita, the girl, that was there yesterday. She's coming in and wants to talk to us", Rosalie said, "I really don't know what we are going to do with Alice and Jasper, I mean we are so busy!"

"I'm sure we'll find something."

"We're driving to the office in half an hour, Ok?"

"Yeah ok."

I walked into the living room, where Esme was reading a book. I stood in front of the window, watching the sun set.

"Her grave is full of flowers and letters."

She stood up to stand beside me, "You were there?"

I nodded, but didn't look at her.

"Mike Newton was there to say goodbye, he's leaving for Florida tomorrow to go to college."

"I'm sure he'll enjoy himself there."


A bird was seen flying under the red sky.

"Bella would be proud Edward, she would be so proud of you."

I put my arm around her, "Of us, Mum. Bella is proud of us."

The phone rang and she answered it,

"Alice darling!", I heard her cry out in joy, "How are you sweetheart?"

I laid my hand against the glass of the window, watching the bird fly home.

"I love you Bella. I always will I promise."

Then I turned around to leave. There were people who needed my help.

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