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First Sight

I drove. Driving was good. It helped clear my mind. It was the one place I could escape the thoughts of the humans around me. I reached over and turned the station on the radio and grimaced when a ridiculously loud beat came on the radio.

'Rap' I thought, annoyed. 'One of the down sides of living in the 21st century.' I put the stereo to my CD's and sigh as Frank Sinatra's calming voice washed over me. After a couple minutes I sigh and turned the music off altogether. Everything reminded me of her. I felt the repulsion in my head the moment I thought of her. Isabella Swan. How could one insignificant human take away almost eighty years of careful practice? My brow furrowed at even the thought of it.

Finally I came to the fork in the road. The right would lead me to the house of Chief Swan and to Bella. I could feel my mouth water and venom flow freely even as I thought of her and her enticing scent. The left would take me to the hospital. To say goodbye to the only man I ever knew as my father. The man who, for almost eighty years, kept me on the straight and narrow path. The man who helped me suppress the monster that was threatening to come alive inside me now.

My hands itched to turn right, to give into my darker side. I could only imagine how wonderful the sweet life-giving crimson liquid would feel going down my throat. It made my mouth burn in desire.

'No' said my good side that was fading away with every minute that went by. 'Left' it told me. I clenched my teeth audibly and pressed my foot down on the pedal. The car spun left with a screech as I fought my inner demons telling my to turn around.

I took a deep ragged breath, knowing that the air I was drawing into my lifeless lungs was useless to me. I had to concentrate on something else. What had I learning in school? I nearing scoffed the moment I thought that. I had already memorized everything an average seventeen year-old boy would struggle with. I had already been to Harvard and Yale and gotten various degrees. High school was merely a ruse so my family wouldn't draw attention.

It annoyed Rosalie to have to pretend that her and Emmett were only dating instead of being happily, well almost, married for the past fifty years. Alice had considerably more fun admiring and keeping track of different styles as the years went by. I felt a pang of guilt rush over my cold frozen heart as I thought of what I would have done to my makeshift family if I had let the monster have free reign in Biology. We would have had to go into hiding for several years or more and Rosalie and Jasper probably wouldn't have talked to me for all that time. Carlisle would have been extremely disappointed and Esme…

I couldn't even think about how Esme would react. The guilt spread until it was threatening to overcome me. I shook my head trying to get rid of the sensation. If only Jasper was here.

I finally arrived at the hospital. I readied myself to face Carlisle. I wondered how he would react to the news that I was leaving. As I stepped out of the car I took a deep breath, calming myself. I walked slowly into the lobby. I was hit with a flood of 'voices' coming from everyone in the waiting room.

What was that girl thinking, jumping out of a tree like that. Broken leg….

I hope that grandma gets better…

There's no more hope…

I tried to ignore wave after wave of thoughts until it was just a buzz in the background. I grimaced at some of the ideas. I saddened me to think that these people might just be waiting around for a doctor to come and announce the time of death. I felt another pang of guilt for I couldn't die.

I walked up to information where a relitivly young nurse sat, talking on the phone. I surge of scent hit me. I wrinkled my nose at the perfume the nurse was wearing. I never understood humans needs to cover up their natural scent with something so foul. Nevertheless I put on a smile and walked up to her.


My smile widened. I could have that effect of humans. I struggled to suppress the monster and put on my best silky voice.

"Hello, I was wondering if my Father, Dr Cullen, was free. Could you tell him that it is of the utmost importance?" I asked.

"Umm, sure," She stuttered. Wow, I should have known Dr Cullen would have children as good looking as him.

"Thank you," I flashed her one more smile and I heard her heart beat quicken.

I sat down in one of the waiting room chairs and leaned back. I closed my eyes and relaxed filling my mind with thoughts of Debussy as wave after wave of the music washed over me in my mind.

Finally, I heard my adopted father's mind enter the room.

What's the matter? Is someone hurt? Oh please tell me that Emmett didn't throw something through the window again. Or is it worse

I opened my eyes and stood up slowly. The grave look on my face alerted some suspicion in Carlisle mind. He walked over to me quickly and put both hands on my shoulders.

"What happened Edward?" He asked sternly. I looked away. I wouldn't be able to admit what I was about to confess if I looked him in the eye.

"I need to go away, somewhere," I paused and took a breath, "far away."

"Why. What happened?" He asked. I won't ask you again, was all his mind told me. I took another deep breath. I still hadn't glanced at his face.

"I almost lost control today." I admitted. "There was a girl and…I can't describe it…the smell…I almost went insane and killed everyone in class. I would have killed twenty people just to taste…" I was talking too quietly for anyone else to hear but I knew Carlisle could. I allowed myself to glance at his face. It was a mask of shock and misery. I knew I had let him down. I looked away again.

"But you didn't…" Carlisle was talking equally as low but in a panicked and rushed voice. Please tell me… his mind pleaded with me.

"It took all I had not to lure her away." I sigh. A new wave of emotions came over me in that second. "I have to go, I can't let this ruin what you've given to me and the others. I need your car. I won't be able to resist if I have to stop for gas." We wordlessly exchanged keys, his eyes never leaving my face and my eyes refusing to meet his. He placed his hands back on my shoulders.

"I trust you son, if this is the best decision, then there isn't anything I can do." I glanced once more into his face, my eyes pleading for him to understand, to comprehend how terrible I felt. I opened my mouth to say something and decided against it.

I pried Carlisle's hands off my shoulders and turned away. "I don't know if I'll be back, if I can come back," was all I could say.

Just be careful. I'll explain to everyone else.

I closed my eyes and let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. I would go to Alaska and live with Tanya's family for a while. For as long as I could, I corrected myself. There wasn't any other option.

I ran as fast as I could without rising suspicion, to Carlisle's black Mercedes. I got in and breathed in the familiar scent hoping it would calm my nerves. Unfortunately, it didn't. I put the car in drive and sped off to the highway. Just as the sky was beginning to darken into the inevitable night, I was out of Forks and on my way to the farthest place I could get from the Hell that seemed to be waiting for me if I ever returned. I smiled. Hell seemed to be a fitting analogy but usually the devil goes to Hell, instead of running away from it.

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