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Stepping into Charlie's house for the first time, I slowly walked in, dragging my only piece of luggage behind me. A black backpack with nothing more than the few clothes I didn't mind waring and my toiletries. I'd left all my other belongings back at Renee's house. They all held too many memories for me to bare. All of the things that tore me up inside everytime they came into my line of vision, into my thoughts...


"Huh?" I looked up surprised to see Charlie there, standing at the other end of the entryway. I'd forgotten I wasn't alone, I've become so accustom to that fact lately.

"You doing okay?"

If only he knew... "Yeah, dad, I'm fine."

"Umm, your room's up the stairs, first door on the right. Do you want me to help you carry your stuff up?"

I looked down at my single, half empty bag. "I think I got it covered."

"Right, are you hungery, i could-"

"Dad, I'm fine, i already ate," Lie... "I'm a little jet lagged, I'm gonna go up to my room and try to get some sleep." Another lie.

I slowly trudged up to my new room, my own, solitary place to live and try to forget as much of my past as possible. Reaching the top of the stair, I gratefully opened the door to take a peak inside. I frowned in disapproval. There was a Rocking chair in one corner, a walk-in closet to my right, What use that'll be, and in the far corner, a full-sized bed with a desk next to it and a brand new laptop. The worst part; light pink walls with rubber-ducky yellow curtains for the windows. Those will be the first things to go. I set down my backpack on the bed and reached up to tare off the disturbingly cheerful curtains from the wall and through them in a black trashcan under the desk.