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Chapter one Of Mix-ups and Magic.

He couldn't think beyond the tearing sensation, as though every muscle in his body was pulling away from his bones. He was dying, had to be. Nothing else could explain this terrifying feeling.

But how? He remembered several Death Eaters cursing him almost simultaneously, he remembered Ron yelling and an insanely vibrant blue light. And now this pain.

His ears were ringing.


"Hokage-sama." The ANBU ninja appeared behind her as she stared intently out the window of the Hokage Office.

"What the hell was that explosion? Report!" Tsunade turned around to glare daggers at the ANBU.

"We do not know yet. There was a team nearby when it happened, they have gone to investigate since their charge decided to go that way."

"Naruto's shadows?"

"Hai, Hokage-sama."

"Well of course he went to take a look," she muttered sarcastically, "Have any others been sent?"

"Hai. A team was sent out, more to replace Naruto's shadows. Those who were there to begin with will investigate the scene."

"Really now, how long do you think it'll take the elders to realize Naruto's no more a threat to this village then he is to that ramen stall guy?" The ANBU said nothing and Tsunade waved him away. "Report back when you know what the fuck's going on."

Bowing, the ninja disappeared. Tsunade flopped into her chair and sighed. "I need some sake."


Uzumaki Naruto had been going through his morning training exercises when the explosion had knocked him off his feet and sent him flying back a few paces. Looking frantically left and right he half expected to see an angry Sakura-chan. Snorting at his own silliness, he dusted off his pants and began to run towards the direction of the disturbance.

He could sense the ANBU around him moving in pursuit. They were probably glad of his curiosity, allowing them to act instead of staying to babysit him. Stupid waste of men was Naruto's opinion. But until they completely trusted him, he doubted the ANBU would ever leave him alone.

Naruto came to a stop at the edge of a barren clearing. Clearing?! There were no clearings around here. But here it was in front of him. The ground was packed hard and was shiny in places. Smoke wafted up from the ground and heat curled around Naruto. Tentatively, he took a step forward.

Something moved in the centre of the clearing and Naruto tensed, drawing several shuriken. A figure struggled to stand. It, no he - he was male - wretched violently and began to hack and tremble. Then he did something amazing.


Everything hurt. Harry Potter didn't know what had happened but he definitely wasn't dead. It wouldn't hurt this much if he was dead. He tried to stand only to find himself spewing what little he had left of the lunch Ron, Hermione, and he had eaten before the Death Eaters came. Hacking painfully Harry tried to figure out where he was and where his friends were.

"Ron." he gasped, "Hermione, where are you guys?" he began hacking again. Gasping for breath he pointed his wand at his throat and muttered "Dolor miniatus." Amazingly, the minor pain reduction spell caused his throat to stop hurting entirely. Blinking owlishly, he figured his throat hadn't been as hurt as it had felt, and he pointed his wand to the edge of the clearing and said with a much clearer voice "Accio branch" Several loose and fairly big branches came flying out at him at a speed that was not normal for the summoning charm. And they weren't slowing down. "Shit!" he cursed then "Protegio!" The branches bounced off the strangely visible shield, each landing over two feet away or more.

"What the bloody hell was that?" he muttered, confused. Instead of risking the same thing twice Harry dragged himself over to the branch and began transfiguring it into a crutch. It was only when he started to stand that he noticed he had company.

"Shit," he cursed, if this was a Death Eater he was done for. His magic was out of wack and while his throat may not hurt at all (thanks to the super strong pain reducing spell), he could barely stand. He didn't look like a Death Eater though, for one it was just a boy. Wearing the strangest clothes Harry had ever seen. An orange outfit with black accents and a headband with a spiralling, leaf-like symbol carved into the metal, holding back a shock of spiky blonde hair. The kid was watching Harry completely mesmerized. "Shit." Harry cursed again, a muggle.

The blonde kid started towards Harry, who stood there panicking. What should he do?


That had been awesome, Naruto thought, the boy in black robes had just started pointing his stick around, muttering unintelligible words and things had happened, solid objects had moved. Amazed though he was, Naruto knew that this could be an enemy. He was covered in blood and burns so he had obviously been in a battle, the incinerated clearing was further indication. Though how the fight had occurred with no one noticing until the explosion was anyone's guess. Naruto had to proceed with caution.

"Who are you?" He demanded only to see the boys face cave with confusion. "What is your business here?" The ANBU held back, he figured they were leaving it up to him until things went out of control. "Answer me." he demanded when the boy still didn't speak.


"I don't understand you." Harry said and he watched the boys face wrinkle in confusion. Hadn't there been a spell Hermione had taught them for occasions such as these? If only he could remember.


He had no clue what the boy had just said. "Language barrier," Naruto mumbled. The kid obviously didn't speak Japanese. Sighing Naruto pointed at himself "Uzumaki Naruto." he said clearly, then pointed at the boy and repeated his question.


Oh, he wants to know who I am. "Harry Potter." Harry said


"Potter," weird name thought Naruto.


He remembered the spell. Slowly so as not to startle the blonde he pointed at his wand, then at Uzumaki's throat, then at his own throat.


"Huh," what was the boy trying to tell him? Naruto wondered as the raven haired kid repeated his motions.


Pointing the wand, Harry noticed Uzumaki get into a defensive stance. He lowered the wand again and made placating gestures "I'm not going to hurt you I swear." Apparently, sensing no threat, Uzumaki relaxed his guard. Once more Harry pointed the wand at Uzumaki's throat. "Lingua," then he flicked the wand to the right, then left, then at his own throat, "intempestivus."

"What the hell does, he think that will do?" Uzumaki muttered out loud and Harry was relieved that the spell had worked.

"It let's me understand what you are saying, and in turn you understand me. As will anyone that speaks your language."

"NANI!" Uzumaki's eyes widened, "What kind of jutsu was that!?" Harry frowned at the two words, apparently not all words were translatable. But hadn't Hermione said that everything would translate?

"It's magic." Harry told him after a moment. Screw the consequences of telling a muggle about magic, the guy had seen too much anyway. Leaning heavily on the make-shift crutch Harry tried to ignore his frazzled nerve endings. As well as the dozen or so uncountable cuts, gouges, and bruises (he highly suspected a few of his ribs were broken).

"Would you be able to tell me where I am by any chance?" Harry asked the boy as his blonde companion looked him up and down. There was something in the way the boy looked at him. It made Harry nervous, it was evaluating, suspicious, and wary. A look that Harry would expect from one of the more battle tried members of the Order. It vanished though in Uzumaki's wide smile.

"You're in Konoha. Did you cause that explosion?" Harry could hear the unasked question, Are you a threat?

"Um, I'm not quite sure. I was in a battle and several people cursed me. Then pain, a blue light, and now I'm here." Harry realized Uzumaki probably had no idea what anything Harry said meant.

It was as Harry was trying to figure out how to explain his situation that the ANBU decided that they'd had enough hiding. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the masked men aiming his wand. Death Eaters!

"How did you get here?! Where is this?!" Harry demanded, even as he noticed that the masks were different then a Death Eater's.


The ANBU had seen enough to know the drawn wand was a treat. Before Naruto could open his mouth. Potter was unconscious on the ground with a cat-masked ANBU member roping his hands together.

He leaned over and picked up the wand, which had fallen in the attack. He waved it around only to have nothing happen. Raising an eyebrow at the cat-mask, he handed him the wand and said, "I really don't think he meant any harm, most likely he was scared of you guys."

The ANBU shrugged and slung Potter over his shoulder.

"Mind if I come?"

"We would have told you to anyway." was the reply. Naruto shrugged and followed them.


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