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Chapter 11: Connecting

Harry knew that Naruto was home when Kakashi disappeared with a swirling puff of smoke. Looking up from the chopsticks he had idly transfigured into miniature broomsticks, and was racing around the table, he cancelled the charms and decided to go say hi. He was only getting up though, when he heard a loud thump, followed by a crash and a voice that definitely wasn't Naruto.

Gripping his wand tightly, he crept over to the door and peeked into the hallway. The tension in his shoulders melted away as he holstered his wand before joining the mess of people by the door. Neji, Lee, and two unfamiliar men were the only ones standing and they each looked up at Harry as he stepped through the doorway.

Lee was laughing beside the first man who was smiling broadly in a very creepy way. He would have sworn Neji was smirking but the fourth guy could have been full out grinning and he wouldn't even have known. The guy was covered from head to foot.

"Hey, it's Haaaarry!" came Naruto's muffled voice as he pulled himself out from the bottom of the pile, elbowing a guy with red fang tattoos under his eyes, as he continued, "Hey Kiba, Shino, Sai! Meet Harry!" He tried to get up and nearly fell again, but the man who was completely shrouded grabbed his left arm while Neji grabbed his right. Red Fangs stood as well, hauling up the third pile victim, whom Harry recognized as Chouji, off a fourth pile victim that Harry hadn't noticed: a giant, shaggy dog.

"Harry!" yelled Naruto in an obvious, drunken slur, "This is Aburame Shino," he indicated the guy holding his left arm, "that's Sai," the one that was still smiling like a fox, "and this is Inuzuka Kiba," the guy with red fangs, "and Kiba's partner, Akamaru!" he finished pointing at the large dog, that made Sirius's animagus look normal. He held back the cringe that accompanied the thought of Sirius.

Naruto bounded over to Harry, suddenly nimble, and slung an arm around his shoulders causing him to stumble forward and nearly sending them to the ground, Naruto for the second time. Lee, Kiba and Chouji laughed while Neji snickered almost inaudibly and Harry blushed in embarrassment. "Neh, neh, Harry! Except for Lee, cause he's dangerous, and the way-too-tolerant trio over there, we're drunk!" Naruto crowed.

"Way to state the obvious Naruto." Harry replied, rolling his eyes.

Naruto just grinned and thrust his fist into the air, where Harry noticed, for the first time, he was clutching a leaf haiti-ite like his own, except this one had a long, deep gouge in it right through the middle. "We're tasting Sasuke!" Naruto shouted.


"Yeah! Raise your glasses to the Teme!" It didn't escape Harry's notice that Naruto's friends either wore a carefully neutral expression or a scowl. Except in Kiba's case, he was growling quietly every time Sasuke's name was dropped. It just added to the collection of puzzle pieces that were doing nothing for Harry aside from making him more curious about the enigma named Sasuke. And it was his curiosity, Harry was fully aware, that caused so many problems, both life threatening and not, during his years at Hogwarts.

"One of these days Naruto," Harry muttered, as Lee helped him drag the blonde, who was quickly falling asleep, to his room, "you'll have to tell me who this Sasuke is. Before my head explodes preferably."

"Well Sasuke-teme was..." quickly Harry shushed the blonde, not realizing how loose his friends lips were when drunk. Wasn't that really dangerous for a shinobi?

"I'd rather you tell me when you're sober and aware of what you're telling me."

"Meh... it's easier to do drunk, ya know." Naruto grunted as they hefted him into bed, Lee tripped however and both Naruto and Lee landed heavily in the bed, causing it to creak ominously. Lee tried to get out of Naruto's death grip to no avail, muttering about how he'd rather cuddle with Sakura (which caused Harry to stare a bit, as he could not picture those two together at all), when Naruto told him to shut up before passing out, leaving poor Lee trapped partially beneath him.

"How un-youthful of you to laugh, Potter-san." came a soft voice beside him, causing him to jump and look over at a grinning Neji. Lee was glaring at Neji, most likely for the stolen line, but he waved them away.

"Come on," Harry managed to swallow his snickering, indicating Neji should follow him, "I guess I should find you guys some places to sleep." They entered the living room which Harry eyed critically. He wondered idly if he should use magic, it would make the job easier. The Hokage hadn't told him not to, but he'd been really careful so far to make sure that those who didn't already know didn't see him using his wand or doing unusual things.

And really, if he didn't want Voldemort to pinpoint his location he shouldn't let too many people know. It was bad enough that the man was here as well, did he really need to wave a neon sign saying, "I'm here Voldi-warts! Come and get me!!" That would be, in the ever eloquent words of Colin Creevy, "Stooooooped."

"Neh, Potter-san right?" Kiba interrupted his inner debate with a curious look on his strangely tattooed face. "Can you show us some of that magic Naruto was on about? He was describing some things to us, but it sounds unbelievable." Well that solved that problem.

"Unbelievable how?" Harry asked, a bit confused, "You guys do similar things with your chakra."

Sai cocked his head and spoke for the first time with that smile that, for some indefinable reason, made Harry leery, "What we do with chakra is limited to specialties. There are some things all shinobi can do but our more powerful attacks and defenses center on a specific are, such as water, wind, earth, fire, the body, genjutsu, etc. Your magic, according to Naruto, can do anything."

It was the way that the last part was stressed that made Harry think the others did not believe Naruto about his magic. Shrugging, he decided that showing off in this case would have no negative effects. And Naruto seemed to trust them, so he'd put his faith in the blonde boy.

Something he found surprisingly easy, considering his past experiences and his usual hesitancy in trusting people.

With a cheeky grin he drew his wand and aimed it at the couch where Kiba was lounging in Shino's lap. Kiba yelped in surprise and Shino's hands moved, as if to grab something, when the couch beneath them transfigured into a bed that was more styled after Harry's bed in Hogwarts then the ones he'd seen here.

Harry's grin became almost deviant as, faster than any of them expected, he moved his wand with flicks and twists and jabs as he transfigured beds from the table and chairs, conjuring pillows and blankets from the air, summoning food from the kitchen, which he left on the only remaining table, conjuring a couple of jugs and plenty of cups, then summoning water to fill the jugs, as well as casting a few minor and harmless charms.

He hadn't had this much fun since his earlier years at Hogwarts. Later years, especially after fourth year, had become serious. Spells were learned and researched for the main purposes of preparing for and surviving the war. But in this he was simply showing off and his smile morphed into one of simple joy.

Neji was finding himself not only shocked, but very confused. He had activated his byakugan as soon as Harry had started casting spells and not only had he never seen anything like what Harry was doing, but he wasn't using any chakra at all.

In fact, Harry's chakra system, while being a good size, was not developed in any way, as though he had never used it during his life. Instead there was a movement of some force of energy that he had rarely seen before. The Hyuuga's had tentatively called the energy 'the halo' because it permeated a few individuals. It was never more than a shine over their blood stream and chakra coils. It never moved as Harry's was doing, and he had never seen it so bright and colourful. Rather it always appeared dull and more colorless the older the person was. The only person he knew personally that had it was Lee.

Harry's whole body seemed to thrum with the energy, absorbing it from the air around him, twisting and blending it with his internal energy, before it moved out through the wand, the focus it appeared. Neji released the byakugan, his head reeling from trying to watch the strange, intrinsic, and sometimes nonsensical movements of the energy called 'magic.'

By the time Harry was done the living room looked like his dorm room back in Hogwarts. Kiba and Shino had both jumped off the initial bed and stared in awe as it had made itself with the sheets and blankets Harry had conjured. Both of them had yet to notice that Kiba's hair had turned a vivid red with gold stripes. Shino scratched a shoulder as he turned to look at the rest of the room.

Sai's creepy smile had vanished and been replaced by an honest to god impressed look. He was about to lean over and poke one of the beds to see if it was real, when his lip twitched. It twitched again. He snorted. And then with a force that shocked everyone, he began laughing, hysterically. It wasn't the fake chuckle his friends were used to hearing, it was real laughter. Albeit forced, as they realized when he didn't stop laughing and smiling, dare they even think it, in a natural way.

Shino started scratching his back as he turned to stare at the laughing Sai, but he froze when he noticed Kiba's hair. He would have stayed frozen but he couldn't stop scratching. His entire body was itching.

Chouji was staring at everything incredulously and the sudden strange way his friends were acting was just as stare worthy. He'd never seen a shade of red so vibrant as Kiba's hair. And how did Neji not notice that his hair was in a complicated, twisting up-do with silver ribbons, curls, and tiny braids? For that matter why did he feel like he was floating? He wasn't that drunk. Looking down he was shocked to notice that his feet were floating above the ground.

As Chouji tried to get back to the ground, Akamaru watched with something akin to horror from where he crouched in the corner. He let out a whimpering bark, only to freeze when it came out as a plaintive mew.

And this is what broke Harry's control as he fell into a fit of laughter beside Sai.


When Sakura woke, the sun had just risen as well, casting her room into a soft, hazy gold light. She blinked sleep from her eyes as she scanned the room for any differences or possible traps. Her mother had been appalled to learn that she would scan any room she entered, horrified to think that her daughter didn't feel safe in her parents' house. Sakura hadn't bothered to explain that it was an ingrained habit.

Yawning, her eyes came to rest on an old photo, the only one in the room. Team Seven, when they first got together and everything was so simple. Long before they were harshly awoken to the realities of being a ninja, long before Sasuke had betrayed them, and long before he had sacrificed himself to save them. The pain in her chest was so familiar and expected that she ceased to even focus on it anymore.

Running a hand through her hair she got up and proceeded to go through her stretches before changing and brushing her hair. She headed out into the living room where an exhausted Hinata was blinking sleepily on one of the couches. A closed door indicated that Ino was in the washroom.

"We should go for dango," muttered Sakura, as Hinata looked up, "I don't feel like cooking."

Hinata smiled and nodded her agreement, "We can bring some over to Ten Ten."

Sakura grinned at that before banging on the bathroom door, "Ino-pig! Get out! I need to brush my teeth."

For a second there was no reply, then Ino wrenched the door open, glaring daggers at Sakura, "Don't be so pushy forehead girl." she growled, with a jesting smirk that belayed her supposed anger.

Hinata giggled and Sakura huffed as she pushed past Ino. Winking at them, she closed the door firmly. When it closed Ino's smile softened. She made her way over to Hinata and flopped down beside her, "Glad that day is finally over." she breathed.

"Yes," Hinata replied, reaching over to the table to flip through a pile of papers and several books there, "I can't believe you two still call each other those ridiculous names."

"What can I say, I love that giant forehead."

"I heard that!" Sakura yelled from the washroom.

"Eh heh," Ino rubbed her nose in bemusement while Hinata laughed.

As they were leaving, Hinata asked Sakura about the journals on the table. Sakura paused looking at the books before grabbing a bag to put them in. "I almost forgot," she murmured, "I need to give these to Lady Tsuande."

She didn't tell the other two what they were though.


Neji woke that morning to a very strange smell drifting through the apartment. It wasn't a bad smell, just one he had never come across before.

Chouji was the only other one in the living room awake it seemed and he was pulling on his shirt with a determined look. A loud gurgle emanating from the... big boned ninja indicated to Neji exactly what Chouji thought of the smell.

Pulling on the rest of his gi Neji looked around the room, still slightly shocked and fully awed at the way it looked now. Harry-san, he thought, may not be a fighter in our sense of the word, but he is a force to be reckoned with. Because Neji just knew that as much useful, yet harmless 'magic' Harry had shown them last night, it was most likely not even the tip of what he could accomplish. And as with everything that could create, there had to be a destructive side as well.

Rising and stretching, he decided to follow Chouji's example and find the source of that amazing smell.

In the kitchen he stopped behind a suddenly frozen Chouji and, looking at what had caught his friend's attention, found another sight that shocked him as the one last night had. Dishes washing themselves in the sink, a towel drying them, and then they put themselves away. A thick wooden table set off to the side was laden with plates of steaming food that Neji had never seen before. And there was Harry, in the centre of the madness, standing at the stove and frying something...

"That smells like pork," Chouji said, as he unconsciously gravitated towards the food table, "only like no pork I've ever had before."

Harry started, as though he hadn't known anyone was in the kitchen, but he smiled at Chouji and replied, "It is bacon. Better bacon then I could get at home actually, since it didn't come pre-cut and packaged."

Neji decided to ignore the strange terminology, "Are these all foods from your homeland?"

"Not quite," Harry said as he piled the bacon on a napkin covered plate and began to pat the liquid fat off with another napkin, "There were a lot of ingredients you guys didn't have, so I had to adlib and..."

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED!!" the interrupting shout was so loud and sudden that it caused Harry to violently flinch and the dishes to rattle ominously. Getting over his initial shock Harry dodged forward to push back a few platters that were dangerously close to the edge.

Neji smirked at Harry's nervous, wide-eyed look, "Wha..."

"It seems Naruto has woken up," Neji said in response when it became apparent that Harry couldn't seem to finish his question.

"I didn't realize that anyone's voice could get so loud without a sonorous charm." Harry mumbled. Neji figured he could make a good guess as to what a sonorous charm did.

"Naruto has toned down quite a bit since he became a chunnin. He has also never been as loud as Rock Lee."

Harry looked sideways at Neji while turning off the stove. "And you haven't lost your hearing?" Neji just smiled.

Snorting softly, Harry grabbed his wand and cast several heating spells on the food to keep it warm before heading out into the living room. Working quickly he cancelled the spells on the empty beds, nodding at Sai as he vacated his own.

"Wake up guys," he said to the final bed that Kiba and Shino had shared. They had made use of the thick curtained exterior that was reminiscent of Harry's dorm bed and Harry, figuring they were too passed out to hear him, went over to wake them up in the way he usually dragged Ron out of bed: bright light and loud noises.

He didn't see Chouji's eyes widen, he didn't see Neji move to stop him, and he was facing the wrong direction to see Naruto and Lee come out of the bedroom looking cranky and confused at Sai's smirk as he whipped back the curtains, letting the bright early morning sunlight fall onto the two...

Harry froze...

Harry stared...

Harry turned a shade of red that none of them had ever seen before and his mouth fell open in a comical impersonation of a fish.

He didn't even react as a sniggering Naruto and a particularly stiff Neji each grabbed an arm and dragged him away, while Chouji closed the curtain on the two naked and entwined men.

Neither of them so much as stirred.

"You okay there?" Naruto asked, grinning so widely it looked like his face might split. Harry's own face suddenly flooded a brilliant shade of Gryffindor red and with as much dignity as he could muster he walked stiffly toward the kitchen, ignoring the gales of laughter behind him.


"Kami that was good!" exclaimed Chouji for the umpteenth time that morning as he practically hugged the bag of leftovers he'd been given. "You should open a restaurant. You'd be huge! I need to get some of those recipes off you. Wow!" Kiba snorted with laughter as he shepherded the babbling Chouji out the door.

"Thanks for the meal!" he said, while winking at Harry, causing him to blush furiously again. Shino, Lee, and Sai bowed, following the others out the door. Neji had left earlier to see the Hokage.

"That was fun," Harry mused when they were alone, "you have a lot of really good friends, Naruto."

Naruto smiled and instead of his normal foxy grin, Harry saw one that was truly content. "They are my precious people," he said, as though it explained everything, and in a way, it did.

"Before them," he continued, "I was totally alone. So I'd give everything to protect them. They know that."

Harry watched Naruto as the other began cleaning up the leftover dishes. This past month Harry had started to see Naruto as a friend, yet he hadn't really shared any of his past with the other except when things slipped out. Taking a steadying breath, he decided that he wanted to act on this odd trust that only Ron and Hermione had ever gained so fast.

"The first time I ever made a friend was when I turned 11 and started at my magic school," Naruto cocked his head and gave Harry all of his attention, which was a bit unnerving coming from the blonde that normally couldn't sit still. "His name was Ron and he became my best mate."

And so they spent the morning cleaning up Naruto's apartment, Harry regaling Naruto with stories from his younger years at Hogwarts and Naruto sharing some of his finer pranks.

And Harry thought that even though he missed his friends terribly this wasn't so bad.


"Took you long enough," Tsunade quipped when Naruto, followed by Harry, entered her office, "I've seen Neji, Sakura, Neji again with Hiashi, and the last people I ever want to see on any given day: the old farts that call themselves council and don't have the decency to die. This was all before noon, it is now past noon and you were supposed to come see me this morning."

"Are you cranky today Baa-chan?" Naruto asked, grinning mischievously. Tsunade answered by draining her sake cup and throwing it hard enough to leave a dent in the wall before it shattered. This was of course after Naruto neatly side-stepped it. And Harry knew that it wasn't bad aim and Naruto had moved because of the small fact that Naruto had been standing beside him and now there was space enough for another person between them.

Mental, these people were absolutely mental.

"Whatever," Tsunade groused and waved a hand as if dismissing the issue, looking calmer after her attempted murder, "at least your coming now, means I don't have to send for you again. I originally wanted to tell you, Harry, that you no longer have to be accompanied everywhere you go. The council doesn't want you out of the village, just in case you really are a spy and you know a way around that oath of yours. Paranoid I know, but I'm almost certain it's a part of their job description. Naruto I needed to tell you that you're back on active status now."

Naruto and Harry nodded as Tsunade reached down and pulled out a pile of books from beneath the desk, pushing them forward.

"Now, onto the matters that have come up since morning; Harry, I'm giving you these. They're the journals from that Merlin guy." Harry's eyes widened in something close to awe, "Sakura's gone over them thoroughly if you find yourself with any questions. I know she has a bunch for you; she'll probably corner you sooner or later. Apparently there were entire segments written in another language; yours most likely."

Harry took the top book feeling decidedly odd to be holding something written by the last known Magi. It didn't look all that special, he thought as he turned the rough paper and twine bound book.

"As for the second issue..." here Tsunade trailed off, trying to phrase her next words carefully, "when you preformed magic last night Neji used a special technique of his, called the byakugan, to see how it worked." Harry, not knowing what exactly the byakugan was, was a bit confused, Naruto looked interested though.

"Apparently your magic is not chakra at all. Your chakra coils are undeveloped actually. Magic though is not unknown here, as we thought it was. The Hyuuga's have been calling it the 'halo' since it sort of simmers, for lack of a better word, over the chakra coils and veins of the body. They've never been able to place what it was or what it was for." Harry nodded, still really confused.

"Now what we are requesting, and I stress the use of that word... the Council wanted me to force you and I had to remind them that you were a guest, not a prisoner..." the last part was near growled, mostly to herself. Naruto smirked at her stormy look. "We want to know if you would be willing to let our experts study you and the effects of this magic. Neji would be present, as a Hyuuga that you are already familiar with, as well as my assistant Shizune, whom you're met once."

Harry nodded, recalling the stressed woman who reminded him a bit of an over-worked McGonagall, only much less prim.

"You willing?" Harry nodded again. He didn't see why it would be a problem. Besides, he was curious himself about the differences. "Alright, dismissed then. I'll send Neji with the details about when and where."

Collecting the books, Harry repeated the respectful bow Naruto had taught him, and followed the blonde out; his mind whirling with thoughts.

However, for once in his life, Harry felt a Hermione-level of excitement at the prospect of reading a book.

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"Actually the fact that you have the same stars as my home makes me doubt that this is another world."

"The same, really?" Naruto looked curiously at the stars that he normally didn't really focus on. Harry was teaching him the finer points of Astronomy

"Yeah," Harry pointed at the small red star above them.


"Hmm, blood… fitting."

"It's said that when Ketsueki and Umi show side by side in the sky, change will come in a rage of blood and fire."


"The bluish-white star that shows in the morning and evening."

"Ah, the morning star and the evening star, which are one and the same. It's called Venus in my world. Ketsueki is called Mars. They are actually not stars, they're planets. They reflect the light of the sun back to Earth, making them seem like stars… I'm sure Earth looks like a star from Mars."

"Wow, there were so many things you just said there that I don't understand… I don't know which to clarify first… start with telling me what Earth is."

"This planet… I think this is an alternate universe or reality or something. If it was another world the stars would be different. Hermione would know better than I would."

"Wait…" Naruto had a pinched expression on his face, "this is a planet?" Harry nodded, "And Ketsueki and Umi are planets?" Harry nodded again, "The same size?"

"I think Mars- Ketsueki is smaller than Earth and Venus- Umi is a bit smaller than that… I think."

"That's massive." Harry quirked his head at Naruto, "I mean, we're like not even a tiny speck of dust, are we? We're… how big is all that," he waved his hands at the sky, "that the distance between this planet and another makes the other look like a star? And what are the other stars then!?"

"We're microscopic, something smaller than can be seen by our own eyes," he explained at Naruto's eye twitched in more confusion, "Outer space, out there, it's bigger than could ever be fathomed, I think. Each star is either a planet in our solar system." Naruto made a noise of distress, "or they're actually the light of a sun in another solar system, very, very, very far away. I can't explain the distance without explaining basic science to you."

Harry didn't think Naruto's eyes could get any bigger.

"Solar system?"

"Our planet revolves around the sun; so do eight others. Each group of planets revolving around a sun is a solar system."

"Nine planets…"

"Yeah, we can only see five of them from here though; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn."

Naruto looked a little like he was trying to clear cobwebs from his head. Then he suddenly grinned. "So while I'm puny compared to that bastard fox, he's super-speck sized compared to everything else, HAH!"

"Fox?" Harry asked, causing Naruto to get a funny expression on his face.

"Nothing important," Harry let it go and for awhile they enjoyed the silence and the stars.

Then Naruto spoke up softly, "You know, this would have been easier if you let me do it drunk; liquid courage and all." Harry looked over at Naruto in confusion but the blonde just continued to study the sky.

"Sasuke," he began, "was a teme; a really big one, stuck up, full of himself. He did not know the meaning of friendship. I hated him, mainly because despite his attitude everyone loved him. He was the last Uchiha, he could do no wrong and I was completely ignored or even hated for no apparent reason. It infuriated me."

"The last Uchiha?" Harry really didn't want to interrupt, but Naruto had fallen silent and he was really curious.

"Yeah… well not really. His elder brother killed the entire clan, even the non-shinobi, except for Sasuke. So he was the last Konoha Uchiha. Itachi became a missing-nin." Harry didn't know what to say to that.

"When we graduated we were put on the same team; me, Sasuke, and Sakura." That explained a bit Harry thought as Naruto continued, "I thought of Sasuke as a rival in everything. Love, skill, and… I wanted to beat him so bad."

He trailed off again, "I came to see him as a brother, he came to see me as a friend. Then everything went all to pieces because of an old fuck named Orochimaru…"

He told Harry of the curse mark and what it did to Sasuke. He told Harry of Sasuke's betrayal and what had happened three years later, of learning what Konoha had ordered Itachi to do, of the Akatsuki.

"He had joined Akatsuki because he wanted to destroy Konoha. It always made me mad; mad at Konoha for resorting to such senseless slaughter and placing it on Itachi's shoulders, mad at Itachi for going through with it, mad at Sasuke for not understanding why he did it. We are shinobi, we follow orders and above all we protect the village. Itachi wanted Sasuke to defeat Madara, instead he joined him."

The fury and helplessness underlying Naruto's words was poignant.

"Then he switched sides and none of us knew why. He destroyed Pein with this evil black fire, but it incinerated him as well. And even though he died to save us, Konoha still won't acknowledge him and his brother. No admitting to their own mistakes I guess." He sounded really bitter, but Harry couldn't blame him.

A star shot across the sky and Harry took a deep breath when it appeared Naruto was done. There wasn't anything he could say to make Naruto feel better, he knew how meaningless words like that were.

So he decided to share some of his own past.

"I was born during a war. This really dark wizard was trying to take control of Wizarding Britain and he'd killed so many already. When I was one he came to my house…" And tit for tat he told Naruto of Voldemort's fall, his life with the Dursley's, and Voldemort's return. He didn't tell him why Voldemort focused so much on him and Naruto didn't ask. When he was finished both boys continued to stare at the stars and Harry wondered how much more depressing the night could get… then…

"So how big are these suns in the other solar systems that we can see them from so far away?"

"Hmm, well actually the suns you see are already dead…"

"Nani!!" And Harry explained super nova's and tried to explain light years while Naruto nodded and scrunched his face in confusion and laughed.

But looking at the night sky Harry couldn't help but notice that Mars was particularly bright.

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