Hey! Here's my first South Park fanfic; second yaoi coupling, but I recently became so obsessed with this couple that I must write something for them! So here's chapter 1 and hope you guys enjoy it so far!

"Well, I know whah Ms. Garrison hates you, Kahl. It's simple, your ma'am is a bitch."

"Shut up, fat ass! Stop calling my mom a bitch."

Stan Marsh stood by the bus stop silently next to his rather orange friend, Kenny McCormick while is two other friends stood arguing. One of them, he didn't really refer to as a friend, as he was stereotypical and seemingly a sociopath; his name was Eric Cartman. The other one, though, who wore a green ushanka and orange jacket was very close to Stan. Someone whom since the third grade Stan referred to as his "Super Best Friend".

That boy's name was Kyle Broflovski. Stan smirked as he saw his infuriated friend clench his fists as the heavier boy, Cartman, teased him with a song he had long ago created, illustrating to other children "Kyle's Mom is a Bitch"

Stan looked to Kenny and questioned, "You do the math homework?"

The boys were in eighth grade now, and as they progressed through their middle school career Stanley Marsh had seemed more and more undedicated to complete any work given to him outside of school. Kenny peaked his ice blue eyes through the few stray hairs that lay feathered across his forehead before replying beneath his hood,


"Why?" Stan inquired


"Well, even if you are probably gonna die by the end of the week, you should get all your work done."


Stan sighed and told Kenny, "Ugh, then who will give it to me?"

Kenny shrugged and sighed out a fog of cold breath. Stan turned around to face his orange and green friend who's hands were covering his ears, his face red with fury as the other boy sang a catchy tune of, "Oh, Kahl's ma'am's a bitch, she's a big, fat bitch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world!"

Before Kyle could finish his retort of, "Shut the fuck up, fat-ass!" Stan tapped his shoulder.

Kyle turned to face Stan, releasing his hands from over his ears and with a tilted head, soft expression and calmed nerves asking, "Yeah, Stan?"

Stan smiled; that was one of the greatest reasons he was so close to Kyle. He was certainly the most kind-hearted of the group, the most rational and sincere. It made him much more open for attack from their heartless acquaintance, Cartman, but Kyle never took it out on anyone other than the fat boy. Stan grouped his hand back and inquired, "Uhm…Kyle…could I…copy the math homework at lunch?"

Stan nearly cringed at the death-stare Kyle sent him; the boy sighed, though and told Stan simply, "Fine, but don't make this anything regular. You know I don't like it when you cheat off me."

Stan grinned and feeling much more light-hearted proclaimed, "It's not cheating! It's like…you're helping me study! Homework's just like notes that you take home; you're just helping me out by taking my notes for me! Like that time when I broke my arm and you took all my notes for me last year; 'member?"

Kyle begrudgingly agreed and then seemed to remember the Nazi-wanna-be behind him and turned around snarling to the singing boy, "No one's listening, fat-ass!!"

Before Kyle had a moment to gloat about Cartman's ending of lyrical technique his stomach growled so loudly it was heard by all four boys over the soft roar of the bus pulling up to the stop. Kenny immediately boarded without looking back at Kyle's embarrassed face and Cartman's snickering and swoon of, "What, Jew-boy? Don't you have an Kosher Matza-shit-ball soup in that big Jew-hat of yours?"

Kyle fumed as he loaded onto the bus behind Cartman, followed by Stan as he snarled, "Matza ball soup is already Kosher you fuckin' fat ass tard, shut the fuck up."

Stan just smiled and shook his head as he watched Kyle's corduroys', dark green hems work up the bus's stairs without a worry in the world. He still did not know what was to come, that day, and how it would change his life.