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Kyle walked to the public bus stop at the corner of his block to get to North Park. He was looking forward to getting on the glossy stage to represent his school. It would help in getting all of the bad things off his mind. He would be surrounded by intelligent, smartly dressed, straight people. It would be lovely.

As he boarded the bus he looked out the window and thought of Stan. Of his smile, of his quirky attitude, his helpful and I-can-do-anything outlook. It made him question if Stan was superman on the side. He blushed and closed his eyes.

I-I've realized I'm in love with him…but I've…I've never had a dirty thought of him…m-maybe…that would…uhm…uh…help relieve some stress…

His mind painted Stanley standing in his doorway…


He would blush at his nickname, "…Stan?"

Stan's eyes would be sad but sparkling with purpose, "…Kye…I need you…I can't…I can't be with Wendy…she doesn't get me like you do…"


Stan would lean in and capture Kyle's lips; the kissing would grow more passionate, more needy and desperate. Breathes would be hitched and audible gasps would ensue. Shirts would be quickly removed, their kisses only breaking for the moments they had to remove them. Pants unbuttoned and hanging low, Kyle would grip and playfully pull on Stan's hair, earning smirks against his lips. Then Stan would reach up and claim Kyle's hands, slowing down their kisses but utilizing more of his tongue to dominate. He would bring Kyle's hands to his waist, where Kyle could already feel heat. The strawberry red his face was would grow darker and warmer yet as they would break their kisses for a momentary gaze. Stan would lean over to Kyle's ear and murmur as if struggling, "Kye…I need this…I need you…"

"Gah! What am I even thinking!?" Kyle scolded himself, blushing furiously

He ended his perverse visions there as the bus came to a stop.


Stan rushed off to the library; obnoxiously pushing through crowds of people to reach the raven-haired beauty waiting just beyond a few books. When he reached the library he breathlessly and frantically looked for Wendy. He eventually spotted her waving to him with a hypnotizing smile on her face. He grinned victoriously and raced to her.



He blushed and scratched the back of his head bashfully as he replied, "Y-yeah, Hi…uhm…why'd ya wanna see me?"

They both knew why, but Stan thought it may come off cute if he played dumb.

"Why would you dumb yourself down for her, Stan? You're a brilliant guy…you deserve someone who's just as intelligent as you."

Stan could almost hear Kyle's voice; it was so clear in his head. Unless…

"Sheesh, you're such a pussy, Stan. Heh…but good for you, man. I'm glad I could help."

He may have said that too…or…

"What the hell, Stan?! How can you do this to me…I don't…I don't know you anymore!"

It amazed Stan that he had known Kyle for so long but still didn't know what his initial reaction would be; what he would say or how he would act; how he was so unpredictable. Stan was also amazed with just how much it fascinated him to know everything about Kyle.

"Well…uhm…before we get to that…uhm…why don't we just talk for a while?" She requested

He smirked which filled Wendy's face with red as he told her, "Sure. How was your day?"

She smiled with red cheeks as she muttered, "Uhm…good, I suppose."

"Anything eventful?"

"Uhm…well, Bebe told me that Allan was going out with Jennifer. But Jennifer was totally mean to him during elementary and Bebe says that Allan wanted to go out with Lea. So now there's lots of drama."

He could tell she cut herself short; he knew he'd be in this torture for a long while as he asked, "…what happened?"


Kyle walked down between the isles of seats, gazing at the lit stage and ruby red cushions of the chairs. He smiled with a fluster settling under his emerald eyes. His silky, shimmering curls bobbed as he floated rather than just walked down to the stage. The girl on the opposing school side ogled him with twinkling eyes as he glided onto the stage and behind his podium. He ran his hand over the glossy red button that he would be aiming and shooting his wrist at for the rest of the evening. He looked to the girl, sensing her intent gaze, but she quickly averted her eyes with a dark crimson crawling onto his features. He smiled softly, his eyes lowering into a gentle expression.

My heart will always be with you, Stan. You've hurt me time and time again…you confused me and troubled me…probably more than what you're worth to everyone else…but I couldn't stop from falling in love with you…and I can't end it now. I'm sorry, Stan…even if you hurt me and even if you trouble me…I will love you. Your worried eyes are all I can ask for in return. But just to know that you've looked my way is enough. Just to know that you've noticed me…it is enough to keep pressing on.


Stan sighed as the evening had pressed on a half hour. He didn't mean to seem bored, but what was it that Wendy was going on about? He had collected information that meant nothing to him…

Allan was indeed, currently dating Jennifer, and Jennifer was supposedly his bully in elementary. Bebe heard from Allan's best friend, Steven, that Allan wanted to date Lea. Lea is repulsed by Allan ever since he vomited on her lunch some four years ago and she was not aware of Allan's feelings for her. Lea found out that Allan was dating her acquaintance, Jennifer and appeared angered with her when she began spreading harsh and irrational rumors. This led her friends to believe she was jealous; she never admitted this but she did begin dating Steven to upset Allan. She achieved this and she was distraught to hear that Allan gave his first kiss to Jennifer and promised to attend the prom with her at the end of their high school career. This had all been accomplished in the last half hour and frankly, Stan was kind of confused.

"Why didn't he just tell her?"

"What?" Wendy asked; taken aback that Stan had interrupted her in the middle of a sentence

"Why didn't he just tell Lea how he felt about her?"

"He's shy. It's her fault." Wendy brushed off by waving her hand as if swatting a bug

"Her fault? How? What if she was too shy to admit how she felt about him? It's both their faults!" Stan argued

"She spread rumors and dated his best friend!" Wendy snapped

"As if; Lea could never come up with those rumors on her own. Not to mention people have different ways of dealing with tragedy and if no one was willing to help her and she was unwilling to trust anyone, you guys must have given her good reason not to trust you. Thus her friends must be at fault for the rumors and setting her up with Steven, as she is too shy to ask out the boy she likes and she is far too modest to spread such rumors. To know you guys spread that sort of stuff, she probably couldn't trust anyone with her secret and that's why she's been such a bitch."

Wendy's eyes widened for a moment, then softened as she asked, "How did you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Figure that out."

Stan blushed, "If the person I loved…would just admit to me their feelings…I know I wouldn't be so troubled."

Wendy smirked and pushed him against the table. Stan looked around frantically; there was no one around but them. He blushed furiously as she ran a thin finger down his chest and replied, "I know just how you feel, Stan."



Kyle was backstage peeking out the curtain at the crowds of parents and relatives filling the seats. He heard a feminine voice whisper to him, "No peeking, it's bad luck!"

He turned to see the ogling, blushing girl from earlier. He smiled to her and replied, "Oh…sorry, I'm not…uh…exactly theatrical…I'm not set on the rules, really."

She was clearly charmed by his good looks and kind, approachable nature. She stuck her small hand out and as he shook it she told him, "My name is Nadia. I'm the North Park representative."

He grinned, telling her, "I'm Kyle, I'm the South Park representative…uh…clearly."

They chuckled and were immediately "shushed" at. They lowered their volume as she asked, "Your girlfriend here to cheer you on?"

He sighed as he remembered his non-existent love-life. He told her simply, "No. I don't have a girlfriend…or a boyfriend."

She blushed furiously; Kyle had done it. He had admitted to someone that he wasn't just interested in girls. He had finally told someone…and it felt good.

"Oh…I didn't know…" She seemed frightened that she may have offended him

He told her quickly, "No, don't worry about it, really. I only realized I wanted one really, really, really recently."

She smiled, "Too bad."

He returned her smile, "Yeah. Too bad."

"South Park Representative, Kyle Broflovski" boomed from the stage

She gave him a thumbs-up and told him, "Go get 'em, tiger!"

He chuckled and jogged off into the blinding lights and applauding families.

"Kyle Broflovski!" The man in the suit chirped


"Alright, well, to get to know our contestants a little better we're gonna ask some questions, you ready?" The man cheerily interviewed

"Fire away!" Kyle encouraged; it was easier to pretend he wasn't broken. It was easier to pretend he was perfectly alright. It was easier to pretend he had never known Stanley Marsh, easier to pretend he wasn't completely destroyed inside.


Wendy pulled Stan up by his turtle-neck-collar and kissed him softly. He returned the kiss timidly and didn't move his shaking hands from his sides. He couldn't keep his mind focused on the fairy princess before him…he was too distracted…

"In all honesty, Stan…she didn't deserve you."

"No…don't thank me for telling you that. It's not a compliment. I want you to know that…you're way, way too good for her, dude. So don't think about it anymore."

"I'm sad…cause you are, Stan."

"I'm sad when you're sad, Stan…I can help as much as you can help worrying about me…I just care too much about you, and when I know you're confused and upset…I get the same way…so please, Stan…tell me what to do…tell me what to do to make you happy again; like you used to be."

"I'm not an ass-hat, uncle-fucker, and you're such a liar! The only girl you care about seeing your hair-care is Wendy I-EAT-TESTACLES!"

"Ugh…Stan…I'm not doing this for my health…I'm doing this because I care about you. If I didn't want to help you, Stan, I wouldn't do it."

"Then don't hesitate, Stan. I know you, and you never have to explain yourself to me. You know I'll always care about you, and when you're confused, I am too. If you wanted me to hug you, dude, no matter how gay it is I'll hug you."

"You're just cool in every way. I mean…if I had to choose between a life with a woman I loved, or a life of abstinence with you…I'd definitely choose you."

"Cartman is hardly a sir. He is a monster at the most dignified, so please, Sir Marsh, don't be foolish. As I have no attachment to our acquaintance Kenneth, I would not wish to extract anything from him. So I suppose, if put in the situation, I would choose to play lover to you."

"Stan…?" Wendy's voice broke through

"Halt in your pursuit immediately, Sir! I have made no such declarations in which I have seeked being found to enjoy others as myself!"

"I'm sorry, Eric…it just…hurts when I try to replace them."

"…yes…I'm fine. But…just…forget about last night, please…"

"No! No you're not! J-just leave me alone from now on! Don't come near me anymore!"

"…Wendy…" Stan finally muttered in return

"You know I don't like that girl. She's just not right for you."

"Honey…I know it may seem like there's nothing out there now, but one day, whether it be tomorrow or twenty years from now, there will be, and in that moment you'll know what to do; you'll know what you want."

"Tell me you're still in love with me." She murmured in his ear

Stan opened his eyes, blushing furiously as he told her, "I-I'm sorry…I can't, Wendy…"

"Why?" She nearly wept

He felt sorry, but told her honestly with a smile on his face, "Because I'm already in love…I'm sorry, Wendy, but I know what I want…"

She called after him as he ran off and out of the library.

Kyle…Kyle, wait for me…I'm gonna win you…I'm gonna get you in the end…and I'm gonna love you more strongly than you'll be able to handle…I love you, you fuckin' Jew…and I'm gonna prove it to you…


"Alright, now that everyone knows our contestants, let us begin our competition!" The host suggested

The crowd clapped and whistled; Nadia and Kyle exchanging glances and smirks as they told each other through their eyes that they had lied through their entire interview.

"Alright, if eight-x plus fourteen equals negative forty, what is x?"


How is it? How is it the Wendy kisses me and all I can think of is that fucking Jew!? Just hold on, Kyle…I'm a block away from you and I'm gonna humiliate you…haha, but don't worry…I'm only doing this because I love you…I love you…I love you and I can't say it enough…I need you, Kye…you're going to love me…you're going to love me.


"And North Park gets the first point!" The man cheered

"Fuedal Japan had was ruled by an Emperor, but the true power lie within…"

Kyle hit the red button on his podium as the man called out, "South Park!"

"What is the Shogun?"

"Correct! South Park gets the second point!" The man grinned as he flipped to a new index card and continued, "Now we're moving into literature…"


Kyle, Nadia and the rest of South Park, minus Wendy Testaburger turned around to see Stan running down the red, carpeted isle toward the stage. Kyle walked to the middle of the stage where Stan stood huffing and gasping for air.

"Dude, what are you doing here?! You've got to meet Wendy in the library! She's waiting for you, I told her you'd be there!" Kyle objected

"Shut…up…Kye…" Stan breathed

Kyle was taken aback as Stan continued, "I already… saw her…"

"…so you're back together?"

Stan cocked a brow as he looked up to Kyle from beneath his emo-flip. "Will you let me finish?"

Kyle shut his mouth as Stan continued, "Kye…I saw her…and she kissed me…and she didn't want me to leave when I did and she wanted me to tell her I loved her."

There was a short silence, then Kyle asked, "…so did you?"

"No, I didn't…"

"Why not?!"

"Cause I'm already in love…" Stan stated strongly as he reached his arm out and pulled Kyle closer to him by his forearm.

Their lips were not an inch apart as he told him, "Cause I'm already in love with you."

Stan was about to lean in and fully capture Kyle's thick, pouted lips when Kyle budged away without taking his arm out of Stan's hold. Kyle told him simply, "Not very original…"

"What?" Stan begged

"You got that line from that old vampire movie…"

Stan glared but smiled challengingly. He replied, "So tell me something average."

Kyle looked around at all the shocked faces; avoiding his mother's eyes then to the ground. He looked to Stan's feet, then back to his ocean eyes and stated, "I hate your high-tops."

But in that moment, before Stan could even comprehend anything Kyle had said, Kyle's lips were his. Their hands traveled through hair and along necks under the warming stage lights. Here they were; an open book for the world to read. Standing before everyone they had ever known, under the spotlight. And in moments they would be yelled at for disrupting the competition, for making out in front of everyone, for being gay or in love or whatever…but it didn't matter to either of them as the clung to the moment and only knew each other's lips. Kyle broke away with a gasp; the clapping of the majority of the audience wasn't even coherent until after he told Stan, "I love you too."


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