Gaara! Lee!

A story by Songstone

Songstone: Well, this is a prompt from a buddy of mine over on DA. I really hope that she likes it and, hey, while I'm at it, I hope you all enjoy it too:3

Kankuro and Gaara talked a lot more often now after the Shukaku had been removed from the younger's body. The puppeteer liked to think that they were as close as brothers could be after all of the messiness between them.

He also liked to say that Gaara told him everything. The Kazekage usually came and sat with his brother at lunchtime just to talk and discuss things. Random things most of the time. Things that came to Gaara's mind that he was confused about or wanted clarified.

But, no matter what, Kankuro liked to think that his brother was heterosexual. Sure, he never showed any form of attraction to women, but Kankuro could only guess why after everything that had happened to him. Gaara barely let anyone near him except a few choice people. And yet, Kankuro liked to believe that his brother would eventually come around and begin to look at females with a bit more interest.

So, when a team from Konoha returned from a joint mission between their nations to rest, Kankuro only hoped that Gaara might try and expand his number of friends and maybe even start to talk to women. The group had a few of Gaara's friends, including Naruto. Shikamaru, Kiba, Sakura and Hinata were also amongst the Konoha nin. Though . . . hadn't Tsunade sent out six of her men?

Nonetheless, Kankuro led the group to their hotels and went to his brother's office in the Kazekage tower to inform him about the others' arrival.

The puppeteer had a very bad habit of entering a room without knocking, though with shinobi for siblings, that had never really been a problem. Whenever he went into Gaara's office, the redhead was signing papers or reading through scrolls placed accordingly on his desk. However, at this point in time, Kankuro walked in on a scene that he had never before expected.

He had found Tsunade's missing man.

Rock Lee, now a very proud Jounin for Konoha, currently had the Kazekage of Suna wrapped up in his arms while both of his bandaged hands slipped beneath the robes that the redhead wore. Mouths were pressed against one another heatedly and tongues had been sent out to meet and tangle together.

"Gaara! Lee!"

As soon as Kankuro had intruded, however, both sets of eyes, charcoal black and piercing aqua, had flew open and the men had pulled away from each other. Lee was fumbling with his Jounin vest and turning a very ridiculous shade of red whilst Gaara just straightened out his robes and looked up to Kankuro, his eyes demanding an answer and a reason for the intrusion.

The puppeteer, however, didn't have a reason. He had previously had a reason for going up to the Kazekage's office, but after witnessing that display . . . He had somehow managed to misplace it.

Songstone: Sorry it was short. Hope that you can all enjoy it anyway! R&R!