The Wielder and The Container

By Maeniel Celeres

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The screams of the fallen Ninja echoed around the Hidden Village of the Leaf as Minato Namikaze, better known as the Fourth Hokage, stood atop of Gamabunta, the chief of the Summoning toads glaring at his enemy with undisguised anger and hatred. The nine-tailed demon fox, the Kyuubi had attacked Konoha, bent on the village's destruction. Wave after wave of Konoha Ninja had fought against the demon, all trying to stop it from coming any closer to the Hidden Village, yet the demon just seemed to laugh off the efforts of these brave Ninja, crushing them all with its powers. Minato pulled his gaze away from the demon to look at his side where his sensei and student stood beside him. Kakashi Hatake and the Toad Sannin Jiraiya each shared the same glares that Minato had for the demon.

"The way this battle is going…there will no trace of Konoha by the time the sun rises. So what's the plan Lord Hokage?" Kakashi asked taking his eyes away from the evil demon to stare at his sensei glumly. Jiraiya sighed, closing his eyes as he did so.

"I think we may as well accept that Raven Swordstalker isn't going to arrive in time to help us with the power of the Silver sword, so it looks like we have no other choice…" Minato sighed rubbing the back of his head as he did so. Jiraiya opened his eyes, turning to stare at his student with sadness evident in his eyes.

"But there has to be another way! What about the First Hokage's techniques, surely one of you must have learnt them?!" Kakashi cried desperately looking first at Jiraiya, then at his sensei. Jiraiya gave Kakashi a slightly peeved stare.

"If one of us could use the First Hokage's Nature techniques, do you honestly think we would be contemplating calling upon the Death God? No, we are completely out of options. We cannot wait any longer for Raven to arrive." Jiraiya sighed once more, as Kakashi hung his head, tears slowly coming down his face.

"I do however wish that you would change your mind Minato, and allow me to perform the summoning of the Death God and the sealing." Jiraiya said sadly as he looked at his student. The look on Minato's face was one of anger, determination and grief, grief not only for the fallen Ninja, but also for his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, whom had died giving birth to their son. The thought of Kushina's death was enough to cause the young Hokage to break down and wail at the injustice of what happened to her. However, Minato knew that as soon as he had performed the forbidden summoning technique, that he would join Kushina, whether she may be now. This allowed him to barely keep a control on his despair. Though he knew that performing this technique would leave his son an orphan, he hoped that Sarutobi would take care of him, making sure that the Villagers treated him like a Hero because of what Minato was about to do. He hoped that one day his son would forgive him for all the hardships he will have to go through. Shaking himself from his thoughts, Minato turned towards his sensei.

"No Jiraiya…This is something I have to do, I cannot ask someone else to do this. I am the Hokage of this village, and it is my duty to lay down my life to protect this village, and its people." Minato said his voice filled with determination. He then turned to Kakashi, his eyes softening as he looked at his crying student.

"Kakashi…please, bring me my son…" Minato whispered. Kakashi nodded and then headed off in the direction of the hospital where Minato's son was being kept. As soon as Kakashi had left, Hiashi Hyuuga landed on Gamabunta's head, bowing low to Minato and Jiraiya as soon as he had recovered from his landing.

"Lord Hokage, our men are at their limits, some are suffering from chakra exhaustion. What are your orders?" Hiashi said with no emotion. His pale eyes looked at Minato passively.

"Hiashi, order the men to fall back to the village, I'm taking over from here…" Minato said looking at his former team mate. Though Hiashi always insisted on being extremely formal, Minato always remained easy going. This irritated Hiashi to no end. However the two respected each other highly and were even close friends, though many wouldn't believe it when they saw them together.

In fact, Hiashi had asked Minato to be the Godfather to his first child, which his wife, Hannah, was currently seven months pregnant with.

"I will carry out your orders, Lord Hokage." Hiashi replied with the slightest hint of sadness in his voice. He knew exactly what his friend and former team mate was about to do and it saddened him greatly; however, he was the head of the Hyuuga clan and could not show any sign of weakness. As Hiashi made a move to convey Minato's orders, Minato suddenly shouted "Hiashi!"

Hiashi turned to look at his friend. Minato walked up to Hiashi and put his hand on the Hyuuga head's shoulder. They stood like that for a few moments, just staring at each other. Minato finally whispered

"No matter what happens in the future, please, once I'm gone, please, watch over my son, and treat him like the hero he is about to become…"

Hiashi nodded solemnly, putting his hand on Minato's shoulder.

"I will do as you ask Lord Hok-No Minato, as your friend, and brother in all but blood, I will honour your request." Hiashi said, letting go of his friends shoulder and turning away from his friend for the last time.

Jiraiya had watched all of this take place quietly, not wanting to intrude upon the goodbyes of the two friends. He looked down toward Gamabunta and said quietly

"Are you sure that there is absolutely nothing else that can be done?"

Gamabunta heaved a heavy sigh. "I'm afraid not Jiraiya, since there is no one alive able to use the Nature art techniques any more, there are no ninja arts powerful enough to defeat that demon except for the Death God summoning, and even then, that won't kill it, you will only be able to seal it. If the head of the Swordstalker clan was here with the Silver sword, then we may have been able to kill it, or at least seal it without resorting to this. However, since he has not arrived, and since were running out of time, there are no options left." Gamabunta then sighed heavily once more. "I wish that there was something more that I could do. However, even I, the chief of Toads, can't stand for long against that Demons power."

Jiraiya sighed, rubbing his forehead protector as he did so. So it had come down to this. To say that he was upset over this was an understatement. Simply put, he did not want Minato to carry out this task. The young man deserved to live a long life with his family…or at least what remained of it, being a leader for the people of Konoha. Jiraiya had even offered to take Minato's place for the summoning of the Death God. However, Minato had refused, saying it was his duty to protect the Village as the Hokage. Though Jiraiya was upset over his decision, he couldn't help but feel overwhelming pride for his student. He really was a true Hokage, and would probably go down in history as one of the greatest to have ever lived. Jiraiya removed himself from his thoughts as Minato walked towards him.

"Well…I suppose this is goodbye Ero-senin." Minato said with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

Jiraiya fought down the tears that threatened to fall. He would not show any weakness, not in front of his student who was about to bravely face death.

"How many times have I asked you not to call me that Baka?!" Jiraiya said quietly to Minato, smiling sadly at his student.

"And how many times have I told you I won't stop until you stop being a pervert?" Minato said smirking evilly.

Jiraiya snorted "It is research for my books; I have to keep my readers happy otherwise they won't sell."

Minato then burst out laughing, and soon afterwards, Jiraiya joined him. For a few moments they both forgot about what was currently happening around them. However reality cruelly reared its ugly head when a wave of chakra shot towards them. Gamabunta hopped out of the way, making both Minato and Jiraiya stumble. They quickly focused chakra into their feet to keep themselves on Gamabunta's head as he landed back to the ground.

"Damn you, you pathetic excuse for a Demon, just try that again!" Gamabunta cursed at the Kyuubi, which probably wasn't the brightest idea as the Kyuubi swung his tails once more sending another wave of chakra towards them. Gamabunta hopped out of the way again, cursing as he landed. Just then, Kakashi arrived carrying the bundle that was Minato's child. Minato moved quickly towards Kakashi.

"I guess it's now or never…" Minato said taking his son from the distraught Kakashi. He took his stare away from his son to look at Kakashi.

"Kakashi, you are one of the best students I have ever had, and I know you will become a great Ninja. When I am gone, please help Jiraiya and Hiashi watch over my son."

Kakashi nodded, determined with the tears still flowing down his face. Minato turned away and nodded to Jiraiya. Without a word, Jiraiya leapt off of Gamabunta's head, heading towards a safe vantage point, Kakashi following after a few moments of staring at his sensei. Minato, after watching them for a few moments finally looked back down at his son. His son was sleeping peacefully in his arms, despite the chaos that was going on around them, despite the fact that Gamabunta had hopped out of the way of another of the Kyuubi's chakra waves, causing the demon fox to roar out in anger and frustration.

Gods, but he wished he did not have to give his son this terrible burden. He just hoped that the village would treat him like a hero, and that he would one day forgive him for what he was about to do.

"Naruto, I am so sorry that I cannot be there for you…Forgive me…" Minato whispered, tears silently flowing down his face. Steeling himself for what he had to do, Minato ordered Gamabunta to move towards the Kyuubi, to perform the techniques that will not only save his village, but will also shape his sons destiny

Raven Swordstalker dodged the enemy ninja's barrage of kunai, and then thrust his sword into the ground, focusing his chakra into the blade.

"Sword Art: Climhazzard!"

A line of chakra burst from the blade, heading towards the enemy ninja, leaving an after trail in the ground. The line of chakra struck the ninja killing three of them instantly and sending four others flying into the walls of the Swordstalker estate. Quickly pulling his sword out of the ground, Raven spun around to meet the charge of an ANBU-level ninja. Raven parried the first strike aiming for his head, and then countered immediately, spinning to thrust the sword into his opponent's chest. The smoke from the ANBU's replacement technique distracted Raven long enough for the ANBU to perform a technique.

"Earth Art: Impaling Rock Technique!"

Raven managed to jump out of the way just as the ground around him shot up towards him. The place where he was once standing was covered in huge rock spikes. Acting quickly, Raven swept his hand over his sword focusing his chakra into the blade.

"Sword Art Element: Tempest!"

Lightning chakra suddenly surrounded the blade. The ANBU was surprised as Raven disappeared from sight. Just as the ANBU turned to look behind him, a blade shot through his back, coming out in front of the ANBU's chest. The ANBU stared down at the blade in disbelief before coughing up a bloody froth from his mouth. Raven removed his sword quickly, spinning to meet the rest of his opponent's. The ANBU fell slowly down to the earth below, blood bursting from his chest. The ninja whom had watched this fight from a distance suddenly felt apprehensive about facing this old man with a sword which had Lightning flowing around it. While the enemy ninja had killed the rest of the Swordstalker clan easily in their sleep, Raven had not even been noticeably wounded. He had killed twenty of the forty ninja sent to carry out the assassination on the family and had not even showed a sign of tiredness. The way the old man had killed the ANBU ninja whom had been the Team leader for this mission so easily had also drove fear into the hearts of some of the ninja. One however glared at the old man with nothing short of rage. He coolly studied the old man. Raven had black hair which was showing signs of ageing; his eyes were a dark brown, dark enough to be mistaken for black. An old, vicious scar stretched from his cheek down to his chin. The white robes he wore with the crest of the Swordstalker clan were the only thing that showed any damage at all. They had rips all over from where kunai and shuriken had swept past him, and was even singed in some parts from the ninja's use of fire techniques. A belt was clipped around his waist with two sword scabbards, one for the sword he was holding now, while the other still had a sword in it. However, the hilt was covered in cloth, making it impossible to tell what kind of sword it was since the old man had not even drawn it once. Seeing Raven just standing there calmly looking at them just infuriated the ninja more, and without thinking, he drew five kunai with explosive notes on them and tossed them at him. Raven saw the kunai coming and disappeared again. The kunai exploded as they hit the ground where Raven once was. The ninja whom had thrown the kunai looked wildly around him, trying to find the old man. There was a sudden scream behind him and as the ninja spun around, he was met with the edge of a Katana slashing his face. As soon as Raven had dealt with the one whom had thrown the Kunai, he made a move towards the rest of them. However, the badly shaken ninja panicked and out of desperation they all moved to attack him at once. Seeing he was outnumbered, Raven calmly lifted his sword up and pointed it at the bigger group of ninja. He then focused on the Lightning chakra around his sword.

"Tempest Release: Chain Lightning!"

The Lightning chakra suddenly focused to the tip of the sword then fired a bolt of lightning directly at the ninja he was pointing at. The lightning bolt struck the ninja in the chest, killing him instantly; however, the lightning bolt did not stop there. The bolt of lightning branched off and shot towards the ninja on either side of the one who had been killed. This set up a continuous chain, some ninja screaming before they were struck by a lightning bolt, until finally all the remaining ninja lay dead around him. Stopping the chakra flow of the lightning bolt, Raven grimly cleaned his sword with the sleeve of his robe and placed it back into its scabbard. Only then did he let the reality of what happened hit him. His entire clan were dead, killed in their sleep by Rock-nin who were looking for revenge against them for joining Konoha's side during the last great ninja war. If he had not been awake training, he would have probably been killed as well. As he looked over the dead around him, pain suddenly shot from his arm. Hissing he quickly lifted the sleeve of his robe up to look at where the pain had come from. Right on his forearm was a small cut where a shuriken had grazed him earlier. It wouldn't have bothered him normally; however, dripping from the wound was what looked like green blood. Raven cursed, the shuriken must have been poisoned, and he recognised this poison. It was a very rare poison that once in the blood stream, could not be stopped. Once it had spread throughout the body, it slowly shut down the nerve system until finally, the victim died. There was no known cure for this poison, and since the Medic Sanin Tsunade wasn't around, he knew that he was going to die. The Hidden Village of Rock must have spent a small fortune on trying to get this poison. Resigning himself to his fate, he grimly moved towards the ruins of the Swordstalker clan house. It was very unlikely, but he desperately wanted to find survivors. He entered the clan house, only to pause in despair as he saw the bodies of the Swordstalker guards. All had their throats slit, the blood that had spurted from the wounds already drying up. Their eyes stared at him, completely lifeless, open only because of the shock of the Rock-nin's attack. Raven fought back the tears as he moved past their bodies, offering silent prayers to Kami for their souls. It was the least he could do as the head of the Swordstalker clan. He moved down the corridor checking every room he passed. He was greeted only by the same sight as that of the guards in the Corridor. Despair clutched at his heart as he saw every member of his clan, no his family, lying where they slept, their eyes lifeless except for the shock of meeting their deaths. What affected Raven the most though, was seeing the lifeless eyes of the children. None had been spared; some had even been beaten before they died. The sight was enough to nearly break Raven completely. After what seemed like hours, Raven finally came to the last room. This was the room he dreaded checking the most. Hesitating for a moments, Raven finally opened the door. The sight made him fall to his knees and cry out in despair.

Not my son. Please Kami, why my son?!

His son, Aldiric, lay on the bed he shared with his wife Melinda. He would have mistaken them both to be sleeping peacefully, had it not been the dried blood that was covered on the bed sheets, the blood that had spurted from their slit throats. Raven turned his tear stained face to the crib which held his grandson, Tarek. The crib had been knocked over, and there was no baby inside. Raven clenched his teeth, and then let out his battle cry. It expressed the pain and anger he felt for the deaths of his entire clan. Suddenly, he stopped as he heard a babies cry. Hope swelling in his chest, he turned towards the direction where the sound was coming from. In the farthest corner of the room lay some sheets, sheets which were moving. Scrambling to his feet, Raven ran towards the bundle of sheets and gently parted them. Laying there bawling inside the bundle was his grandson, aged only 3 months with his fathers brown eyes. Raven gently picked up his grandson, tears of joy flowing down his face.

Thank Kami…Thank Kami!

Holding him close in fear of losing him, Raven slowly cradled the young baby, calming him down.

"Shh…I'm here; your grandfather is here…" Raven said, his voice cracking with a mixture of joy and despair. A sudden throb of pain shot through his entire right arm, and it nearly made Raven drop Tarek. This made his grandson start bawling worse than ever. Cursing mentally, Raven realised that the poison was spreading which meant he didn't have a lot of time. He knew what he had to do, but he wished he didn't have to carry out the task. For it was placing a great burden on his grandson. Knowing he had no choice lest the clans enemies come after his grandson, Raven grabbed the sheets where he had found Tarek and then made a makeshift bed out of them. While all this was going on, Tarek had stopped bawling and just stared at his grandfather, even when placed on the make shift bed. Raven then stood over his grandson and performed a few hand-signs. A drawing made of chakra suddenly appeared on Tarek's stomach. It was a complex drawing, all interweaving except for the middle where there appeared to be a blank spot, as if something was suppose to fill it in. Satisfied with the chakra drawing, Raven grabbed the sword on his belt, the one with the cloth around the hilt, and drew it. The reason became apparent immediately as he drew a sword with a blade of pure, glowing silver. Untying the cloth from around the hilt to reveal a golden hilt with three rubies, Raven studied the sword. This sword was the Swordstalker clans deepest secret. The Silver Sword of Gith, a sword that had come from another plane of existence and was arguably the most powerful object in the entire world. Only five people outside the clan knew about this sword, and they were all great Konoha ninja who had proved they could be trusted. Placing the sword down next to his grandson, Raven performed the same hand seals he had performed only moments ago. The same drawing appeared around the silver sword. The blank spot that was on Tarek's stomach was filled by the Silver sword in this drawing, thus completing the complex design. Satisfied, Raven drew his other sword and thrust it into the ground focusing some of the chakra he had left into the blade.

"Divine Seal: Silver Sword Sealing Technique!"

Both drawing's suddenly flashed blinding silver, forcing Raven to shut his eyes. As the flash dissipated, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at his handiwork. The silver sword and the second drawing had disappeared completely. However, the drawing on Tarek's stomach was glowing pure silver, and the blank spot was now filled with an image of the silver sword. Raven had just sealed the silver sword inside of Tarek's body. The sealing had not affected Tarek at all, as he continued to stare up at his grandfather. Satisfied, Raven pulled his sword from the ground and put it back into its scabbard. He suddenly doubled over in pain. The poison had spread to his chest. Knowing he was running out of time, he hoped that someone from Konoha will come and find his grandson. Now, Raven began performing more hand seals to ensure that he will be there to protect Tarek from danger.

Little did he know that on that night, he had sealed his grandson's fate, and that his grandson's name will become a name among legends.

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