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Chapter 6

"Sword Art: Climhazzard!"

Spinning around, Kurenai's eye's widened and her face paled as she saw the destructive line of chakra coming towards her. Acting quickly, Kurenai dived to her left, the line of chakra narrowly avoiding her. Kurenai rolled then leaped to her feet only to be sent flying backwards several feet by the spinning side-kick Naruto had used, the wind being knocked out of her when the kick contacted with her stomach. Quickly recovering, Kurenai righted herself then used her feet and her left hand to slowly skid to a stop, cursing under her breath as she did so.

Get your shit together Kurenai, they may be Genin, but you shouldn't underestimate them because of that. Kurenai thought, mentally chastising herself.

She quickly looked up and noticed Naruto rushing towards her. Ready for him this time, Kurenai blocked the punch he threw at her and then ducked the spinning kick he sent to her head. She then countered with a punch to Naruto's gut, knocking the wind out of him and a punch to his face, knocking him to the ground. She paused as the downed Naruto suddenly smirked, wondering what he was so smug about only to stare in shock as his body burst into a cloud of smoke.

A Shadow Clone? How could he have learned such an advanced jutsu, and when did he perform it? Kurenai thought with bewilderment. However, she had no more time to think as Tarek suddenly spun over the cloud of smoke, Blazing Phoenix in his right hand. Kurenai jumped backwards, the spinning Katana narrowly avoiding her. Her eyes widened as Blazing Phoenix struck the ground, several cracks branching from the spot Tarek had struck. Tarek recovered quickly and rushed towards her, Blazing Phoenix held in a reverse grip with both hands. Kurenai again jumped backwards quickly as Tarek swung the Katana in an upwards arc. However Tarek wasn't finished as he followed Blazing Phoenixes arc, and spun 360 degrees following through with a stab to her stomach. Kurenai, not expecting this, and having no time to dodge quickly performed the replacement technique, replacing her with a log in the forestry nearby. She watched, hidden behind a tree, as Tarek stabbed the log she had used as a replacement. She heard him curse and look widely around the area for her. Taking a deep breath, and thinking she could finally counter attack, Kurenai began performing hand seals, only to be interrupted by something smashing into the back of her head. Dazed, Kurenai hit the ground face-first. After a few moments, she shakily got to her feet and turned to see Naruto swinging from the branch above her head. Smirking, Naruto let go of the branch and quickly rushed towards her. Sick of being kicked around like a ball, Kurenai sidestepped Naruto's flying kick and sent a reverse leg swing kick to the back of Naruto's head, only to growl in frustration as the contact destroyed another shadow clone. Hearing a rustle from the tree in front of her, Kurenai looked up to see four Naruto's falling towards her. Kurenai quickly performed three hand-signs and disappeared from the four Naruto's sight in a storm of cherry blossoms.

"Huh? Where did she go?" two of the Naruto's asked as they looked widely around for her, only for the four to suddenly be ensnared by roots rising out of the ground. The roots quickly became tree branches as the four were held up by four trees.

"What the hell is this?" The four Naruto's yelled at the same time, the shout ringing in Kurenai's ears as she reappeared in front of them.

"Demon Illusionary Jutsu: Demon Tree" Kurenai answered calmly. "A Genjutsu that ensnares the opponent, perfect for assassinations."

Kurenai then looked at each struggling Naruto in turn before speaking once more.

"Tarek and yourself did very well, your teamwork was flawless, and your Taijutsu is excellent, better than I expected from a Rookie Genin. However, beating me to the ground isn't going to get you the scroll."

Plus they both have yet to enlist the aid of Hinata and Shino. Kurenai thought to herself.

Kurenai then turned to walk away only to stop at the sound of laughter. She turned around and noticed the Naruto to the far left laughing with his eyes closed. His eyes then suddenly snapped open and he stopped laughing. He gave her a foxy grin and his eyes glinted with a shine that suddenly made Kurenai very nervous.

"One word sensei…Boom." Naruto said in a voice that only made Kurenai even more nervous. Suddenly the four Naruto's went rigid and all shouted "Release!" at the same time. Kurenai went hurtling out of the forestry as the four Naruto's exploded. She crashed in to the middle of the Training field, her body aching all over from being caught in the blast radius of four exploding Shadow clones. Luckily, she had been at the edge of the blast radius, so the most she was going to get was heavy bruising. After a few moments Kurenai finally recovered enough to get back to her feet. She looked around the area, checking for any signs of her students. After seeing no sign of them, Kurenai sighed and pulled out a soldier pill, a pill used to restore the energy of a person. She popped it into her mouth and waited for the pill to take effect. Truth be told, the beating she had received from Tarek's and especially Naruto's attacks had left her tired, and she didn't know how much more she could take without more energy. Kurenai closed her eyes and waited a few moments, but frowned when she didn't feel the Soldier Pill taking effect.

It should have taken effect by now why- She was interrupted from her thoughts when she felt a presence behind her. Kurenai ducked and watched as Hinata flew past her, landing gracefully on her feet and turning to face Kurenai. She slowly got into the Jyuuken stance and activated her blood limit, the Byakugan. This was a different Hinata than the one Kurenai was used to seeing. This Hinata had a look of unbreakable resolve on her face, and Kurenai knew she was in for a tough time.

This just really isn't my day…Kurenai thought ruefully as Hinata rushed forwards and tried to strike her with an open palm to Kurenai's stomach. Kurenai jumped back and retaliated with a swing kick to Hinata's head. She watched in astonishment as Hinata just leaned backwards, the kick flying over her.

She's very flexible. Kurenai noted, blocking Hinata's counter attack, being careful not to let Hinata's palm contact her body at all. Hinata threw her other palm at Kurenai's chest, but Kurenai grabbed the girls arm tightly. Realising she was not getting out of Kurenai's hold, Hinata arched her body backwards and sent a spinning kick to Kurenai's head. Not expecting it, Kurenai was sent hurtling to her left. She was sent hurtling back in the same direction she had come however when she felt something painful connect with her back. She hit the ground with a thud, but amazed herself when she managed to get back on her feet once more. She turned and looked in the direction she had come and saw Naruto walking towards Hinata, that famous foxy grin of his on his face. Hinata blushed briefly as Naruto stopped beside her but was able to control it, her expression returning to its former resolve. They both settled into their combat stances, and Kurenai gave a start as she recognised Naruto's Taijutsu stance.

He was taught by Kakashi? That wasn't in his file! Kurenai thought as she mentally cursed the Cyclops Jounin.

"Sword Art Element: Flametongue!"

Startled, Kurenai acted on pure reflex as she dived to her right, avoiding Tarek's downward slash. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of Blazing Phoenixes blade completely covered with fire. Tarek stood up from his crouch and faced her; his heavily tinted sunglasses were off, showing Tarek's Shimmering Silver eyes. She had been told about them, but she had never seen them until now, and she couldn't see how anyone could be repulsed by them. Pushing away the surge of anger she felt at the Villagers, Kurenai assessed the situation quickly. It didn't look good for her. She realised now that the three had been working together throughout the entire test, Naruto acting as a distraction when the test first began to give Tarek openings to attack her. She was sure that if her skills had been any less than they were, she would have lost, or even worse, she could have been killed. When she was in the forestry, Hinata must have told Naruto where she was with her Byakugan, and then Naruto proceeded to send his Shadow clones in after her. Then a few moments ago, Hinata and Naruto had worked together to subdue her, to give Tarek enough time to come at her. The three worked together perfectly, and she now could see the wisdom the third Hokage and Iruka had shown by putting the three together. The one thing she was worried about however was that Shino had yet to make an appearance. She had no time to consider the thought further however, as Hinata and Naruto were rushing towards her. Naruto reached her first, with the intent of using a clothesline on her, however, Kurenai grabbed his right arm and threw him to her right, and then did a reverse leg swing kick while his back was turned sending him face first to the ground. She noted with satisfaction that it was the real Naruto since he didn't burst in a cloud of smoke. She turned her head back and ducked Hinata's palm strike throwing a quick punch into the Hyuuga girl's stomach, winding Hinata. Then while Hinata was bent down, gasping for air, Kurenai proceeded to kick her in the head, sending Hinata reeling backwards. Kurenai couldn't help but feel a little guilty for doing such a harsh move to Hinata but knew it was better this way. Kurenai turned only to get kicked in the face by Tarek, followed quickly by a downward slash from Blazing Phoenix. Too dazed, to do anything, Blazing Phoenix cut open her left shoulder. Kurenai hissed in pain as she felt the wound sting and burn at the same time. She realised with agonising clarity that her shoulder was on fire and rolled to put the fire out. Once it was out, Kurenai got back to her feet and barely jumped back from Tarek's next strike, only to hiss in pain again as she felt a burn developing on her stomach. She realised that she could not let that sword near her at all while the fire was surrounding the blade and began doing hand seals for the Genjutsu she used on the Naruto clones only to suddenly realise she didn't have enough chakra to use it.

What? But I took a Soldier Pill earlier; I should have plenty of Chakra! Kurenai mentally yelled. She saw Tarek rushing towards her again and tried to move back only to realise she couldn't move.

What? She thought in shock looking down at her legs. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the black swarm of what could only be insects quickly covering her legs.

"Give up sensei, there's nothing you can do now." A familiar voice said to her left. She looked in that direction and saw Shino walking calmly towards her, his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah, there's nothing you can do now." A voice she recognised as Naruto's said from behind her, the cold steel of a Kunai being placed against her side. She looked in front and saw Tarek and Hinata standing in front of her, Tarek with Blazing Phoenix pointing towards her, the fire surrounding the blade slowly fading. It was then she realised that the four had worked together throughout the whole test. Sometime, probably during the beginning of the test, Shino had placed some of his chakra absorbing bugs on her, which explained why the Soldier Pill hadn't worked. The bugs also acted as a beacon for Shino, so with both Hinata and Shino both tracking her, it was easy for Naruto to track her while she was in the forest. Then Shino must have placed his bugs on the ground near her while she was putting out the fire on her shoulder from Tarek's sword. Naruto and Hinata had earlier served as distractions so that Tarek could gain an opening. Kurenai couldn't help but smile slightly with pride. She had a Genin team that had understood the concept of the test immediately.

If they were able to beat me now using their Teamwork, what would they be like with even more training? Kurenai wondered mentally.

"Hinata, would you do the honours?" A grinning Tarek asked her, indicating Kurenai with Blazing Phoenix. Hinata blushed slightly but smiled and nodded, walking towards Kurenai. She stopped directly in front of her then bowed slightly.

"E-Excuse me." Hinata stuttered shyly as she reached into Kurenai's pocket and pulled out the red scroll. Kurenai sighed ruefully then looked at Hinata and smiled.

"Alright…congratulations Team 8, you passed the Test. You all understood the point behind the test, which is Teamwork. Just remember this; Ninjas who break the rules are called scum-"

"But those who don't take care of their friends are even worse than scum." Naruto and Tarek interrupted quietly, finishing the quote.

Kurenai nodded in satisfaction. Obviously Kakashi had drilled the quote his long-dead team mate Obito Uchiha had told him into them.

"Remember those words always. Again congratulations Team 8, you are now officially a Genin cell, and we begin Missions tomorrow." Kurenai said with a proud smile.

She felt the Kunai against her side being removed as Naruto whooped for Joy, running over to Tarek and Hinata. Tarek was smiling widely as he cleaned his sword and put it back into the Scabbard on his back. Both he and Naruto high-fived each other, and Tarek turned to Shino who was recalling the bugs from Kurenai's legs. She watched as Tarek's smile immediately dropped and his hand went to his face, feeling for his glasses.

Cursing quietly, Tarek stared at Shino with a stoic expression on his face. Shino stared at Tarek for a few moments before walking towards him. Tarek tensed up, as if expecting a blow of some kind. Shino stopped in front of Tarek, stared directly into his eyes, and then held his hand out. Tarek, startled at first just looked at Shino's hand. Then slowly and hesitantly, took it into his hand. Shino shook it, nodded to Tarek then moved over to Naruto and Hinata, the two whom were holding each other in a tight embrace, laughing with joy. Kurenai then noticed Naruto's mischievous look in his eye and he suddenly picked Hinata up and spun around on the spot.

"Naruto!" Hinata gasped as he spun her around.

Kurenai smiled and made to move towards them when suddenly her vision went blurry. As her vision darkened she heard Tarek shout "Kurenai-sensei!" before darkness took her.

Kurenai glared at her best friend and fellow Jounin, Anko Mitarashi as she burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

"This isn't funny Anko!" Kurenai snapped.

"Ha! Not funny? It's absolutely fucking hilarious! Kurenai Yuhi, the Genjutsu mistress of Konoha, had her ass kicked by four rookie Genin!" Anko managed to say before breaking out into laughter once more.

Kurenai groaned and covered her face in embarrassment, her mind drifting back to earlier that morning, to the test which had led her to her current predicament. She hated to admit it…but she had completely underestimated her Genin team. If word got out about this, she'd be the laughing stock of the village!

Kurenai lifted her head from her hands and glanced around the room she was in with distaste. After she had collapsed, her Genin cell had quickly rushed her to the hospital. It turned out she had passed out from a combination of her injuries and Chakra exhaustion. From the test, Kurenai was suffering with a third degree burn on her left shoulder as well as a deep cut, a second degree burn on her stomach, a small concussion and heavy bruising. The Doctors and Nurses were baffled at how she could have received such extensive injuries from a simple Genin test, and found it hard to believe that a Jounin was beaten this badly by four Genin.

Kurenai's thoughts suddenly froze as she heard Anko say something she dreaded.


Oblivious to Kurenai's ominous tone, Anko repeated what she said.

"I said just wait until I tell Asuma! I can't wait to see his face when he finds out about this!" She chortled.

Suddenly Anko stopped laughing, becoming very aware of a massive killing intent leaking from the person next to her. She turned her head slowly to face Kurenai, whose hair covered her face in a very ominous way.

"Asuma isn't going to find out about any of this, right Anko?" She said in a deceptively calm voice.

Now there is very little in this world that could scare Anko…having been the student of the traitorous Snake Sannin Orochimaru tended to harden one against many things that 'normal' people would fear. However, of the few things that could scare her, Kurenai in this mood was one of them.

"O-of course Kurenai…I-I was only teasing, Asuma won't find out about this. In fact, I don't even remember why you're in the hospital at all!" Anko said waving her arms about in an erratic manner and backing away from Kurenai's bed slowly.

Kurenai, unnoticeable by Anko, smirked slightly as she saw the fear in her friends face. She would never admit it, but she really enjoyed scaring her rather sadistic friend. Plus it had the positive effect of reigning Anko in when she was in her more…'excited' moments.

Kurenai's inner musing was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Turning to see who it was, she suddenly stiffened as the Third Hokage entered the ward, Kakashi casually following behind him.

"Lord Hok-" Kurenai started as she tried to stand to attention.

Chuckling, the Third Hokage raised his hand. "It's alright Kurenai, be at ease…No need for formalities" he said with a smile.

"A certain blonde told us that you were in the hospital…and that you and I quote 'Got your ass whooped by the best Genin team in the history of Konoha!'" Kakashi said, struggling to hold back his laughter.

Scowling, Kurenai decided then and there that Naruto was going to receive some personal Genjutsu training…the fact that it was his weakest ninja field only gave her a good excuse.

Yes…poor Naruto won't know what hit him Kurenai thought as she cackled mentally. Glaring at Kakashi, she asked "Why wasn't I told that Naruto has received training from you?"

He shrugged "You never asked?"

He shall feel my wrath! Kurenai mentally yelled. Physically, she just smiled sweetly and clenched her fists ever so slightly.

"Kakashi is Naruto and Tarek's official guardian. In his spare time, he trains them. Although, since he has a Genin team now, it will be left to you to train them Kurenai."

Kurenai sighed and put her fingers on her head. I didn't think to check who their Guardian was…I just assumed the Hokage was like all orphans.

Anko stood up and yawned "I still have trouble getting over the fact that Kurenai got beat by a team of Genin. Ok sure, the Swordstalker and Aburame brats would be a challenge, even at Genin lev-"

"Tarek and Naruto aren't Genin level." Kakashi interrupted.

This made Anko and Kurenai pause. Eventually, Anko demanded what he meant.

"He means" The Third said slowly "That Tarek and Naruto, through training received from Kakashi, are at mid Chunin level in skills. As far as Chakra is concerned, Tarek has the level of a high Chunin, while Naruto…well let's just say that Naruto has more chakra than a high Jounin, but only slightly less than I did in my prime as Hokage."

Stunned, Kurenai and Anko could only stare in shock. Tarek's level was unusual for a fresh Genin, yes. But Naruto…How could Naruto have such high levels of chakra?

Ignoring their reactions, the Hokage continued. "It is the reason why Naruto can't perform Genjutsu or the normal Bunshin jutsu. He just can't control all that chakra."

"Whenever he tries' to do the academy floating leaf exercise, he just ends up destroying the leaf, no matter how little chakra he uses. Tarek can perform the exercise perfectly and has a lot more chakra control, but nowhere near to the level of say Hinata." Kakashi added, as he leaned against the door.

Anko snorted. "Well that's no surprise…it's hard to match a Hyuuga in chakra control."

Kurenai nodded in agreement "I've seen evidence of Tarek's chakra control already…did you know, he can perform elemental manipulation?" Kurenai asked.

Kakashi had to hold himself against the door, while the Hokage didn't show any outward reaction except for widening eyes.

"He performed a jutsu called Sword Art Element: Flametongue. I found it odd that he used it like a jutsu instead of just covering his blade in fire like Asuma does with wind manipulation…though I didn't even know that was possible with fire." Kurenai explained.

"That's because it isn't possible. Only Lightning and Wind chakra can be safely used on weapons. What Tarek used was a Swordstalker jutsu. It isn't true elemental manipulation, because the Swordstalker's could perform Sword Art Elements with no training in elemental manipulation. My theory is that the swords used by the Swordstalker's are the key to performing Sword Art Elements." The Hokage explained his surprise fading.

"Though that bring us back to the long asked question…how is Tarek performing Swordstalker jutsu? No one knows how to perform them, and they didn't leave any scrolls behind." Kakashi asked, rubbing his hair in frustration.

The Hokage said nothing as the two Jounin and Special Jounin debated over the issue. He had a suspicion on how Tarek was learning these jutsu, and the Swordstalker fighting style. However, he didn't know enough about how it was possible, and asking Tarek could prove to be a mistake. He had decided to do more research on seals, before confronting Tarek.

"As interesting as this debate is, I have many tasks to perform today, so Kurenai; I want your verdict on Team 8." The Hokage commanded.

"Yes of course Lord Hokage." She said straightening up, before adopting a formal tone.

"Kurenai Yuhi, Jounin Sensei of Team 8, declares that the Genin under her care have passed, and are ready to begin missions and official training. Each member understood the point behind the exercise, and they were able to defeat me using a well thought out plan of action." Here Kurenai blushed. "Also, I would like to note that I underestimated the team, and their abilities, and was unprepared to counter their plan. Had I been more prepared, I would not be in hospital right now, and the Genin would not have defeated me so easily. I will be sure to be more prepared in future exercises."

The Hokage nodded, as he barely held back a smile.

"Very good, I shall add Team 8 to the active Team roster. I expect a report on my desk in two days time Miss Yuhi."

"Of course Lord Hokage"

Tarek opened the door to his apartment, smiling happily. He had just spent the last four hours training with Tenten, although admittedly, they did more talking than training. Tarek wasn't afraid to admit that Tenten fascinated him, both in personality and in her skills as a Ninja. He enjoyed spending time with her and getting to know her better.

"It seems that my Grandson has a crush."

Instantly, Tarek's smile turned to a frown as he paused in closing the door.

I do not have a crush on her! He yelled at his snickering Grandfather.

"Oh please, now who's in denial?" His Grandfather said pointedly referring to the talk Tarek had with Naruto yesterday.

That was different! I barely know Tenten!

"Ah Tarek…you don't yet understand that the heart is a mysterious thing. You will learn though my boy, you will learn. Now when's the wedding date? I want Grandkids!"

Grandfather! A blushing Tarek yelled. Ignoring his Grandfathers laughing, Tarek closed the door then made his to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He suddenly felt the need to cool down. As he was filling up a glass, Naruto came out of his room dressed in, to Tarek's surprise, jeans and an Orange t-shirt.

I didn't know Naruto had anything other than those hideous jumpsuits in his closet. When did he get those? And why is he wearing them? Tarek thought as Naruto moved towards him, a nervous grin on his face.

"Hey Tarek, I'm glad your back…uh…what do you think…do you think I look good?" Naruto asked quietly as he rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Well yeah, it suits you. But why are you dressed like that?" Tarek asked, confused

Naruto mumbled something that Tarek was unable to hear which set off alarm bells in Tarek's head…Naruto never mumbled!

"Naruto, what's wrong? Why are you so nervous?" He asked concerned.

Naruto sighed, thinking that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. This was Tarek, his brother; he wouldn't make this harder than it already was when he knew how important it was to him. Naruto took a deep breath, and then gave his brother a foxy grin.

"I'm taking Hinata out on a date!"

Tarek, shocked at first, slowly smiled and patted his brother on the shoulder. "That's great Naruto! I can't believe your actually going through with it. Did you ask Hiashi's permission?"

"Of course, I did, I walked Hinata home from the Hospital remember? Actually where did you go off to after we dropped Kurenai sensei off at the hospital? You kind of took off in a hurry. Did you have more training with your Grandfather?" Naruto asked, with one eyebrow arched.

"Something like that." Tarek replied evasively, with a small grin. Naruto, obliviously nodded, then checked his watch.

"Well, I'd better go. Otherwise I'll be late meeting Hinata. Catch you later Tarek!" Naruto said as he rushed out the door.

Tarek chuckled and closed the door behind Naruto, staring at it for a few moments.

"Sweep her off her feet bro…" he whispered.

"Remind me again why we are hiking up this big ass mountain?"

The Cloud-nin sighed and glared at his team mate. "Because the Raikage received reports from the locals about strange lights appearing on this mountain yesterday, and wants us to check it out."

"Yeah, but it was probably just a small lightning storm, nothing to worry about." The complaining Cloud-nin whined.

"All the same, the Raikage thought it was worth checking out, so quit your complaining and march!" The second Cloud-nin ordered.

Grumbling under his breath the complaining Cloud-nin continued the difficult trek. For the last four hours, the duo had been searching the Raikou Mountain for any disturbances after the locals reported seeing strange lights originating from the mountain. Most wouldn't have found this all that strange, and would have passed it off as a lightning storm. However, the Raikage was a paranoid man, especially after the third Great Shinobi War, and ordered the two Chunin to check it out. So far they had found nothing, not even the strange lights that the locals had been so concerned about.

After 20 minutes, the complaining Cloud-nin sighed in annoyance. "Look there's nothing here, let's just-"

"Quiet!" The second Cloud-nin whispered harshly as he held up his hand to stop his partner.

Immediately on guard, the complaining Cloud-nin tensed as his partner scanned the area. After a few moments of nothing but silence, the second Cloud-nin relaxed.

"I could have sworn I heard some-"

Suddenly the two Cloud-nin were thrown back as a visible wave of energy appeared from ten feet in front of them. The two rolled to their feet and got into fighting stances, ready to defend themselves when they caught sight of what had appeared in front of them.

"What the hell…" The second Cloud-nin whispered as he stared in disbelief, his guard dropping.

In front of them was some kind of distorted window. It was surrounded by a blue, visible, aura and the two Cloud-nin could sense how wrong it was. Like this shouldn't exist in their world. Their instincts screamed at them to run away, but the two just couldn't pull themselves away, as they peered into the window. What they saw was chaos. Rocks floating there, in an endless void, the sky constantly shifting as huge lines of energy flew past. But that was only the background; in front of all that was a shrouded figure, shaped like a human, yet they sensed that the figure was far from human.

Finally finding the courage to speak, the complaining Cloud-nin stepped forward.

"W-who are you? Wh-what is your purpose in Lightning country!"

The figure said nothing for a few moments as it seemed to stare at the complaining Cloud-nin, when suddenly it held out its palm.

"Ich Moi, Vickari, Sect!" it growled out in a guttural hiss.

A ball of blood red energy formed in the figures palm, and then shot towards the complaining Cloud-nin. Unable to dodge, the ball struck the Cloud-nin and sent him flying backwards. The second Cloud-nin watched in horror, as his partner screamed and writhed, his chest disintegrating, his internal organs now visible as the energy ate away at his chest. Hearing the figure shout out the same what he thought was jutsu; the second Cloud-nin shook off his horror and spun around. Seeing the ball forming, the Cloud-nin dodged to the right then began doing hand-signs.

"Lightning Art: Lightning Ball!"

Forming a ball of Lightning in his hands, the Cloud-nin launched it at the figure. The ball of lightning nearly struck the figure, only for the figure to grab it in his palm. It then threw it back at the Cloud-nin twice as fast, where it struck him in the chest, killing him instantly. As the second Cloud-nins body shook from the effects of the Lightning jutsu, the figure stepped out of the distorted window, which was actually a planar portal. The figure walked towards the suffering Cloud-nin, whom was still alive, despite the Disintegrate spell continuing its work. The figure then pulled out a Sword of shimmering silver from underneath its cloak and stabbed the Cloud-nin in his visible heart.

"He is here." The figure hissed as it stared at the disintegrating body. "The Kalach-cha is here!"

If anyone can guess what the figure is, then congratulations. My only hint is the place the figure came from is the Astral Plane. Also, Im changing the title to The Wielder and the Container: Genesis, since I am splitting this story into three stories. First will be Genesis, next will be either The Wielder and the Container: The Water Dragon, or Jade Empire, and lastly will be The Wielder and the Container: Shippuden, though that is subject to change. Anwyay, please leave a review, and if anyone who was reading this story previosuly is still interested, please take a look. Buh bye!