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Chapter 6.

Elliot left the cold air of New York and went back into the hospital. He'd been checked over, stitched up, been given some great painkillers that worked a treat, and had been given the all clear to leave, by himself, but non the less he was now an out patient but he still stayed around the hospital for someone else, actually two people now.

As he stepped back in, allowing the warmth of the building to wrap around his body, he was almost knocked off his feet from behind. He quickly dodged out of the way of the trolley that was being pushed down the corridor. The movement was agonising to his four broken ribs.

As he looked on the trolley he could just about recognise the woman lying there. He ran after the trolley and jogged after it along with the medics. "What the hell happened to her?" He asked the confused looking medic.

"Are you family?"

"No, this woman is a Mrs Thomas she's part of a case my partner and I are investigating at the SVU." Elliot informed.

"Would it have anything to do with Nora?" The medic asked.

"That was her granddaughter and carer she was murdered." Elliot said looking at the scorched woman lying before him.

"Figures, excuse the attitude but this woman has torched an entire building, trying to cook some food. Fire fighters are still at the place trying to put it out. Estimate 3 people dead already."

Elliot stopped in his tracks for a moment, all this destruction had happened because Andre and Todd had killed Nora, who was killed because of him, he couldn't help but feel responsible for all of this.

He followed the medics into the ER where they were already trying to hook Mrs Thomas scorched body up to different machines and help her in any way possible.

"How is this woman still breathing?" Elliot looked up at the Doctor who spoke, he had said what Elliot had been thinking, her body looked like a piece of meat left on the barbecue too long, he was glad that she wouldn't have been in any pain though.

Elliot walked over to her and for a minute went to pick up her hand but knew when he looked at her it wouldn't have been possible. "Mrs Thomas, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" Elliot said shaking his head and feeling the tears start to well up in his eyes.

"Detective Stabler, Nora never came home, I was just trying to make the tea, I don't understand she never doesn't come home…Find her for me, Please, Find Nora, tell her that I love her and she needs to come home, her foods ready…" Elliot struggled to understand her every word, what he did understand was spoken slow and so quiet that he almost couldn't hear her at all.

Suddenly a machine she was hooked up to started to beep. "We've lost her. All agreed that we should stop now?" Elliot looked around the room as they all nodded in agreement with the Doctor. This whole day had felt like one big nightmare he couldn't get out of.

- - - - - -

Olivia sat up in her hospital bed, she hated hospital gowns she always felt so exposed in them. She pulled the cover up over her chest feeling a little more comfortable. She let her head fall onto the pillow looking to the side of her she couldn't help but smile as she saw her daughter laying peacefully next to her in a plastic cot.

The nurse had given her a full bill of health she had told Olivia that she was lucky that the baby had been so big and well developed; she was doing great on her own, already a little miss independent just like her mommy. She realised she was still smiling but she couldn't help it, just thinking of herself as a mom brought a great big grin to her face.

The nurse came in, and she hadn't even noticed. "Are you still smiling?" She asked Olivia with a grin herself.

"I can't help it, every time I look at her I just, melt…" Olivia said, tears in her eyes.

The nurse looked in the cot. "Well she is beautiful."

"She takes after her mother." They both looked at the door to see Elliot. He looked like hell, but just seeing him made Olivia's day.

"I'll leave you three alone." The nurse said, squeezing Olivia's hand and smiling at her before she left, she placed her hand on Elliot's shoulder as she passed him.

Olivia watched him in silence as he walked over to the cot and looked in. "Can I have a hold." He practically mouthed it to her. Olivia nodded and mouthed 'go ahead' back to him.

Elliot picked up the small pink bundle and as soon as he had her nicely positioned in the crook of his arm, he started to sway slightly. "Hi, I'm your Uncle Elliot. Then you've got your Uncle Fin, he's cool, then you got Uncle Munch, he's crazy, don't listen to word he says, then there's your Aunt Casey, she's a little hard to read at first but when you get to now her she great, then you'll have Grandpa Don he'll be trying to feed you red twizzlers as soon as you have teeth.

Olivia laughed, at his introductions to the group who were going to be the only family that she would ever know. Elliot looked up at her and smiled, she looked so happy and that made him happy, he had came here to tell her about Mrs Thomas, but there was no way he was going to ruin this moment for her.

"This as I'm sure you know is Mommy." He said as he handed her to Olivia. He stood and watched her for a moment she looked so natural holding a baby. He loved seeing her like this, black eye aside. He perched himself up on the bed next to them.

"So Mommy" He smiled as soon as she did. "You got a name picked out yet?"

Olivia looked at her daughter for a moment she was fast asleep and snuggled into her, breathing peacefully in the safety of her mother's arms. Olivia started to nod then looked him in the eyes, his big stunning blue eyes.

"Isabelle. When I was growing up there was this woman who lived in our apartment building and when my mother was in one of her drunken stoops she would let me sit in her apartment with her and she'd bake me cookies and give me warm milk and we'd sit and watch old black and white films, she was more like my mother than my mother was." She said with tears in her eyes.

"When she died I was so low, I felt so alone, and I had no escape form my mother anymore." Elliot wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek.

"I think it's perfect." He said keeping his hand on her cheek.

He put his arm around her shoulders, she snuggled into him more and rested her head on his shoulder Elliot placed his other arm around her arm that was holding Isabelle. To anyone looking in they would have looked like the perfect little family. They both wished that was the situation but it had been a long day and it was no time for rash decisions, that they may or may not regret.

- - - - - -

Olivia answered the door, creeping across her apartment as she did. As she opened it she saw Elliot stood there. "Hey you!" Olivia said, smirking like a little school girl talking to her crush.

"Hey you! I'm actually not here to see you I'm here to see Isabelle." Elliot said with a sly grin across his face.

"Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but she's asleep, you'll have to come back tomorrow I think she's free between about 11.30 after her feed but just before her diaper change." Olivia said sarcastically.

"Are you gonna let me in." Elliot said smugly holding up a bottle of wine.

"You're such a cheese ball." She opened the door for him to walk in and walked off laughing to herself he followed her in closing the door behind him.

"So she got into a routine now?"

"Yea she sleeps like a log from about 7 till about 6.30, it's fantastic." They were both silent for a moment. Elliot looked at Olivia, she had a charcoal sweat pants on a baby blue tank top and a grey jacket that matched her trousers, her hair was down and hanging just below her shoulder, her loved the curly style she wore at the moment. She left him breathless.

Olivia was looking at Elliot, he had dark blue jeans on, a white t-shirt and a dark grey jacket, to her he was completely desirable. She wondered if he was aware she was staring at him, looking him up and down, then she met his eyes and realised he was doing the same to her.

Snapping out of the moment she shook her head and started walking across the room. "I'll get us some glasses for that wine." She said looking at the bottle that was on the worktop in the kitchen.

As she walked past Elliot he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him, he kept one hand on her wrist and the other he placed on her lower back, she looked a their hands they were resting on his chest, 'God he felt good beneath her hands'. She looked up at his face he was looking her straight in the eyes, the eyes he loved.

"Elliot..." She started to say but was stopped as his lips met her own, for a moment they just let them touch, then Elliot held her closer to him, and she allowed her hands to wrap around his neck, he slid his tongue into her mouth and she loved the way his tongue caressed her own. She let out a moan this was better than her dreams had ever been.

They broke apart and both gasped for breath, their hands stayed where they were. Olivia started to laugh, closely followed by Elliot. "Wow…" was all she could say…

"Yea..." Elliot said kissing her forehead. "I have been waiting to do that for so long."

They both laughed a little more. "You do realise that I come as a package now."

"Oh yea, you got one of those baby things haven't you."

Olivia laughed again. "Yea I saw one the other day and fell instantly in love with it and just had to get it." She replied sarcastically. Then they were silent again for a moment.

"Liv I want you and every little thing that comes with you, whether that be Isabelle or athletes foot." Olivia playfully hit him. "Gross, I don't have that."

They looked at each other again, then kissed again, this time was different it wasn't their first kiss anymore but it was the start of something new for all of them. When they pulled away Olivia turned and took Elliot's hand, she led him to her bed, where finally they would be able to show each other how much they really loved each other.