The Beginning…

Do you ever wonder what if Elizabeth would have told the truth as soon as the paternity test came back what would have happened?…I do, one shot! Liason fic.

Elizabeth is standing outside the hospital with the envelope holding her baby's future in her hand wondering if the father will be Lucky, a man that she once loved and wanted a future but no longer or Jason, a man who has always been there for her and that she was madly in love with. As she looked at that envelope she remembered that beautiful night she had spent with Jason and how much she wanted to tell him that she was in love with him but scared like usual.

Frustrated of the thought a gust of wind blew the envelope out of her hand and when she went to reach for it there was Sonny picking up the envelope.

"So I guess this is it, who is the father of your child?" said Sonny.

"I haven't opened it yet, I am a little nervous because I know who I want the father to be but I am scared that it won't turn out the way I want it to." said Elizabeth.

"Well we will only find out when you open it." Said Sonny.

"Where's Jason?" asked Elizabeth

"I had to send him out of town but I told him that I would be there with you to find out the truth." Said Sonny.

"Ok, well here is goes." Said Elizabeth

As she opened the envelope she was nervous and anxious all at the same time, but when she saw the name on the results she smiled with such excitement that anyone could see that she just won a million dollars.

"From the look on your face I can see that your wish came true, Lucky is the father and it's for the best." Explained Sonny

"Why?" questioned Elizabeth

"Don't get me wrong Jason would make a great father, but the life he leads is very dangerous and he is not ready to be a father." Said Sonny

At this moment Elizabeth started to get angry why is this man judging Jason's life when he has three children and lives the same lifestyle that Jason does.

"Sonny, I want you to look at the test." She handed him the paper, Sonny read the results and a little grin came on his face.

"Don't I feel like an ass, all this time I thought you wanted to have Lucky be the father but you really wanted Jason, you love him don't you?" questioned Sonny

"Yes, I do. I always have and that night we spent together meant everything to me, and I thought it meant a lot to Jason but I guess not because he got back with Sam." Said Elizabeth

Elizabeth started to feel the tears come out and she tried to keep her control but he saw her expression and just gave her a hug and he said "I know it meant a lot to him and I know that he really loves you he always has, he has never gotten over you. I just think that he needs a little push." Sonny said

"I don't want Jason to feel like he is obligated to be with me because of the baby, I want him to love me and feel excited to be with me. I have lived my life knowing that I was just an obligation to my family, I don't want that for my child or for myself." Said Elizabeth

"Don't worry Jason and you will come to an agreement but you have to be totally honest with him about your feelings." Said Sonny, "I plan too!" exclaimed Elizabeth

"Can I ask you something?" questioned Elizabeth


"Why did you say that it was for the best for Jason not to be the father because of his lifestyle when you have three children of your own?"

"I am not going to lie but our lifestyles are very different from what you are accustomed to and everyday I wake up and pray that my children will be safe, we live scary lives but we protect our own and you don't have to worry your family now like it or not!" A little grin came across his face while he pulled Elizabeth into a hug.

"Can you please not tell Jason? I would like to tell him myself in person and another thing can you help me out with Carly?" explained Elizabeth

"I won't tell him, and what do you want me to do with Carly?"

"Just ask her to try and give me a chance, I will talk to her personally but I just want help from you. It's going to be really hard at the beginning everyone finding out and I would like for her to be on our side."

"I'll try but you know Carly is stubborn especially with Jason."

"I know, and thanks for everything."

Sonny smiled while he looked at her put the envelope in her purse and went back into the hospital. He was excited for his best friend; he was going to get the greatest gift in the world…a child.

The next day Elizabeth was at work like usual doing her charting, when Carly walked in. She looked smug like usual and thinking like she knew it all. As Elizabeth watched her step out of the elevator here it goes my one shot to call a truce with this woman, have patience…help me little one while she rubbed her belly.

"So I guess Jason is not the father since you are working, I guess you can't cash out after all."

"Hey, Epiphany can I please take my break now?"

"Sure, why not Webber, you have 20 minutes. You need to go in the OR with Dr. Drake."

"No problem, I'll be there." While turning to Carly. "Do you have time to have some coffee or tea with me for we can talk?"

Carly looked shocked for the invite but was intrigued and said "ok."

They did not speak a word all the way down to the cafeteria, Carly ordered a coffee and I got myself a tea. She offered to pay but I told her that I get employee rate so that I would pay.

"Yeah, I forgot since Jason is not the father of your child you better count every penny." Laughing Carly

As Elizabeth looked at Carly she took a deep breath and said "Carly I want you to know that I apologize for whatever I did to you that made you so upset at me, I really don't remember if I did anything to offend you, but I just want you to know that I am a different person now and wish that you can try to make peace and find the time to get to know who I really am."

Carly was in shock she was not expecting this at all, where was this coming from?

"Ok, did I hear correctly, you are apologizing to me and want to become friends? Why?"

"For Jason, I am carrying his child and you are his best friend and I really don't want you to fight with him or me the next couple of months and give us grief for that wonderful night I had with him. I don't know if you know this but I am madly in love with Jason and have been for years but because of everyone telling me that Jason is no good for me I never really followed my heart. But what people don't realize is that Jason is too good for me he has a wonderful heart and I am proud to say that he is the father of my child." Tears started to come down Elizabeth's face, "I just want you to be there for us, our child, and be a family. I don't know how Jason is going to react to the news and what he is going to do. I know he loves Sam, so don't worry Carly I will not make him choose and I will not use this child against him, but I am going to tell him the truth about the baby and how I truly feel about him." Explained Elizabeth

Carly just sat there absorbing everything in her mind and at the same time she thought I can't believe that I hate this woman with all my heart and now she was carrying my best friend's baby. What do I do, do I forgive her, do I tell her why I have hated her all these years…at that moment she realized that Elizabeth would make Jason happy and she was not going to stop it. All she wanted from Elizabeth was the truth and she finally got it.

"Do you want to know why I have hated you all these years?"

"Sure, since we are being honest."

"I was and still am jealous of the way Jason looks at you, he loves you and I always thought that you took him for granted and felt that you believed to be superior to him. But now I see that I was wrong, and I will try. It will not be easy but I will try."

"That is all I can ask for and if you want to know something just ask me I will tell you the truth." Said Elizabeth

"By the way I don't think you have to worry about Sam, Jason does not love her. He feels obligated to her."

"We will see I am waiting for him to get back into town for I can go tell him myself. I hope he will be excited because I am."

"He will be, you are a great mother and you are having his child."

"Thanks Carly, I should have done this years ago." They both started to laugh and then Elizabeth realized that she was going to be late for the OR. "I'm sorry Carly but I have to get back to work before Epiphany has a fit."

"Don't worry Elizabeth you have Jason's money now to live off, just kidding."

"By the way, just in case you were wondering I am keeping my job with or without Jason's money."

"I knew you would." Laughed Carly "Maybe we could do this again, what about bringing Cameron to play with Michael and Morgan."

"Cameron would like that, thanks Carly for trying. Bye"

Jason just came back into town and he walked into the penthouse wondering what the results of the paternity test were. Hoping and dreaming that the baby was his. What better mother could I have for my baby? Elizabeth was beautiful, smart, and understanding. God how I love this woman.

At that moment Sam came down the stairs and was watching Jason, wishing she knew what he was thinking.

"Hey handsome."

Startled he was so into his thoughts about Elizabeth that he forgot all about Sam, "Hey."

"When did you get back?"

"Just right now, what have you been up too?"

"Nothing, like usual. I was thinking that I need to find a career and do something with my life."

"That's a great idea, why don't you start now." Jason realized what he had just said but it was the truth. The truth was that he wanted to go back to daydreaming about Elizabeth and that wonderful night they spent together.

"Wow, I can't believe you just said that to me. If you remember I have been busy with getting pregnant with Sonny's baby, loosing the baby, getting sick, burying my brother and almost dieing, getting shot and now I can not get pregnant because of you, and finding out that Alexis Davis is my mother." She new that making that statement would always get Jason to feel sorry for her and then she can have her way.

She did it again, sighing Jason. He didn't know when it happened but it did and he has known for a long time now that he did not love this woman anymore but he felt obligated to her, he felt pity for her not love. Did she forget that she was too busy screwing her mom's husband on the floor?

"I'm sorry; I had a long flight and have not been sleeping well."

"Have you heard from the whore?"

"What? Who?" he realized who she was referring to but he was not going to give her the satisfaction of admitting that he new.


"No, and by the way she is not a whore!"

"Really, so why did she come over hear and sleep with you while she was still married to Lucky."

At that moment Jason was getting furious he felt the anger boil up. Look who was talking.

"You really shouldn't talk. Remember when you first came to Port Charles you were sleeping with Sonny when he was still married to Carly and you knew. And by the way Elizabeth was not the one that was rolling on the floor with her mom's husband!" Jason laughed

Sam got so upset that she started to throw things in the penthouse and started to cry. Jason felt bad that he went there but she really should not have called Elizabeth a whore.

"I am going out don't follow me."

"Bye" Jason said.

Elizabeth got on the elevator to go straight up to the penthouse and started to get nervous and her mind was going a hundred miles per minute. She hoped for everything to go well. As she stepped out of the elevator walked towards the door she stood there frozen. Wanted to run, but she knew that she could not run anymore.

Jason heard a knock on the door and was hoping that it was not Sam. He was actually hoping that she would loose his key and address. Smiling he went to the door. When he saw Elizabeth his heart started to race and he could not contain himself.

"Hey, please come in."

"Hey, how was your trip?"

"Boring, so did you get the results?"

"Yeah, Jason can we sit down." As they moved to the couch they both remembered that night they made love on the couch, it was wonderful.

Elizabeth grabbed his hands and looked in his eyes. "Here it goes, Congratulations your going to be a dad!"

A big smile came to his face and he hugged Elizabeth and did not want to let go. Elizabeth sat back and looked at him and caressed his cheek and at that moment decided to tell him.

"Will you marry me?" Jason asked

Surprised, but not really she knew that Jason was just doing that as an obligation. Not out of love.

"Wow, I can't marry you. First of all you don't feel the same way that I do for you. And you don't have to feel obligated to marry me. The next time I get married is because it is right for the both of us and we are in love. Jason, I really need to get this out before I explode. I love you! I am madly in love with you, I have been for a very long time but was scared to admit them to you."

Jason just sat there taking in the information and froze looking at her intently. Jason realized that he was scared to admit his feelings for her and get hurt again.

"I know you are with Sam and that you love her, don't worry I am not going to take the baby away from you. You can see or be with him or her whenever you want."

He just sat there shocked. He just found out that he was going to be a father with the one woman that he had always dreamt to be with and that she was in love with him, but he could not say anything. He knew he had to say something. But what?

Jason stood up running his hand thru his hair thinking. "I don't know what to say. I'm confused, nervous; a lot of things are running thru my mind right now. But please know that I do care about you more than I can explain right now. You have had a couple of days to think and put things in perspective, I only have had five minutes."

"I understand" Elizabeth stood up and hugged Jason and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said "call me when you want to talk."

"Where are you going now?"

"I am going to have dinner with Nicholas, Luke, and Lulu and tell them the truth and find out if they want to wait after Lucky finishes rehab or tell him now. He went into rehab because of the baby, but I want to run it by the family and let them make the decision. And then afterwards go home and tell my grandmother. Hopefully she will understand."

Before walking out the door, she stopped and looked at Jason watching her leave. "I am glad that I told you the truth about my feelings and when you're ready call me, but know this I meant every word. I love you more than you can imagine."

Jason stood there and watched her leave and suddenly rage of fury rushed him. He could not believe that he could not admit his feelings for this woman. He knew that he loved her and wanted more than anything to be with her.