"Do I want a closer look?" Croaked out Jason.

"Yeah, do you want a closer look?" At that moment Elizabeth decided to be more daring, she has never been this open before with her sexuality but Jason just brought this part of her out. She started to open her legs more so he can see that she was smooth and clean and with her left hand she trailed her fingers into her slits and dragged her fingers up to pinch her clit. At that moment she looked into Jason's eyes and they were so dark and he was breathing hard. Let's see how far I can push him, Elizabeth dragged her fingers up slowly over her belly up her chest and with her right hand began to pinch her breast and put her two fingers that she just had on her clit into her mouth. She threw back her head and moaned, "Oh baby, I want you so much!" exclaimed Elizabeth

Before she knew it Jason was right in front of her. "How do you taste?" asked Jason in a near whisper.

"Sweet but a little salty…but I think you should taste for yourself." Stated Elizabeth

"Oh I will." Elizabeth yelped as soon as she felt Jason assault her pussy with his fingers. "Oh god baby your so wet, warm and so tight. I wonder if you're still as tight as I remember?"

Elizabeth grabbed a hold of Jason's shoulders to hold her up he was making her feel so good and weak in the knees. At that moment Jason grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to his body. "Jason, please."

"What do you want baby? I love you so much, god I have dreamt of being with you again but I don't know where to begin." Stated Jason looking at face with so much lust.

"I want so much baby and thank god we have all night, but right now you are wearing to many clothes. But I don't want you to stop."

Jason kissed her passionately and with so much love. He picked up Elizabeth in his arms and put her down on the bed. Jason was standing over her just admiring the beautiful goddess in bed. "YOUR MINE, YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT! I AM NEVER LETTING GO OF YOU OR OUR FAMILY!" stated Jason, he proceeded to take off his shirt and Elizabeth got up on her knees and started to caress his chest with her talented fingers and kiss her way down his chest. On her way down she paid attention to his nipple by licking and biting, when she heard Jason growl his approval and grabbed her hair to tilt her head up to look at him she smiled, "I am yours and you are mine forever and I am not letting go of our family either." Stated Elizabeth with conviction.

Jason kissed her nice and slow but it was so sexual, left them both lightheaded. Elizabeth grabbed Jason's belt and pulled it off and opened the button to his jeans and pulled the zipper down. His jeans pulled down to his feet and Jason kicked off his shoes and socks and stepped out of jeans. Elizabeth pulled his boxers down and licked her lips with anticipation when Jason's penis sprung out. She grabbed his penis and started to lick the head. Jason's hand voluntarily pulled on Elizabeth's hair so she can look up at him. "What's wrong?" asked Elizabeth

"Nothing, absolutely nothing but I don't think I can wait any longer baby. I need you now." Stated Jason

Elizabeth lied back down on the bed and opened her arms for Jason to join her. Jason went to her side and started to nibble on Elizabeth's neck and across her collarbone. He grabbed her breast and started to circle her nipple with his fingertips he smiled against her skin when she whimpered when he kept circling around her nipple. He knew that she wanted his mouth but she was going to have to beg. Jason kept going south kissing her and started to kiss around her breast and sucking hard to leave his mark on her. Neither cared, no one else was going to see it except for them. But he kept avoiding her nipple. "Jason, please." Elizabeth grabbed his hair to direct him to her nipple, Jason laughed, "Is this what you want?" Jason licked her nipple and started to suck on it, "Yes, oh god Jason I missed this, I missed you."

Still sucking on her breast he opened her legs with his leg and started to part her folds with his fingers, "God baby you are so wet, I just want to taste you." Jason went down on her and started to lick her clit and then went lower and licked and sucked. He entered her with his two fingers and the same time and started to finger fuck her while he sucked on her clit. "God you taste so good." Stated Jason, he looked up to see Elizabeth watching him assault her pussy and he got even harder. She was fondling her own breasts and pinching both of her nipples he growled his approval and went back to his assault on her pussy. She tasted so good he couldn't get enough of her. All of a sudden he felt her legs start to quiver and inner muscles tighten around his fingers, "Let go baby, I want to taste your sweet cream. I have dreamt about this moment, please baby let go." And she did, she watched Jason lick her folds and when he sat up he looked into her eyes and put his two fingers in his mouth and licked them clean.

Elizabeth couldn't take it any longer she pulled Jason to her and kissed him with so much passion, "Should it arouse me more to taste myself in your mouth and on your lips?" Elizabeth stated licking his lips. She was so wet again for him she couldn't believe it.

Jason could not take it any longer and entered her in one swift motion. They both growled their approval of the move and started to move as one. They were so in sync with each other, both whispered in each others ears about love and the promise for their future. Elizabeth clawed his back and grabbed Jason's ass with both of her hands making him go deeper. Jason was going back and forth from Elizabeth's breast, lips, and mouth. He couldn't get enough of her and would never get tired of her. Jason felt Elizabeth's inner muscles grip him like a vise and started to ripple around his cock, he was on the brink of coming also. He took his hand and pinched her clit a few times and they both came harder than they ever came before.

"Jason, that was wonderful. Better than what I remember, I love you so much."

"Yeah, it was. But what is better is that neither of us have to leave and know that we are together and have all the time in the world." Jason rolled them over still nestled inside her, he didn't want to pull out he loved being inside her. Elizabeth tightened her inner muscles to make sure that Jason did not pull out and elicited a moan from him. "What's wrong?" asked Elizabeth with a smirk on her face.

"Is it so wrong for me to want you again so soon?" asked Jason growing hard again, he had never been so aroused in such a short period of time.

"No, it is never wrong to want to make love again, especially when I get to be on top this time." Elizabeth placed a chaste kiss on his chest and started to ride him.

"Elizabeth, you are going to be the death of me. But what a way to go." Stated Jason helping Elizabeth ride him to pure bliss.