"talking "



Wishing Well

The first cool chill of autumn's rapid approach hangs in the air, as a girl slowing emerges from her Cram School tutelage. Snatching her massively crammed bag and slipping into her tattered shoes, she prepares to head out, heading for home. Clad in a traditional sailor uniform, this one in blue and white, her knee length skirt swishes in the breeze. Nearly knee high socks and before mentioned worn down old shoes complete her ensemble. As with most girls her age, her hair is long and straight, ending in a semi-point near her mid back. Unlike most, however, she does not possess the typical raven tresses but instead Sepia with nearly coppery red highlights throughout.

On most days, she would be ridiculed mercilessly for this unusual trait. However, today was not such a time. Thinking back on today's proceedings, she cannot help but to touch her cheek absentmindedly where a dark bruise is now forming.


A resounding smack can be heard as a solemn girl stands staring blankly where her head was forcibly shifted. "You stupid girl! Why must you be so utterly incompetent in EVERYTHING you do!? Do you enjoy making a fool of not only me but my entire classroom as well!?" She stands unmoving and unflinching, though tears are now forming in her firm features. "You will look me in the eye when I am addressing you, disgraceful wench!" While stating, he roughly grabs hold of her chin and forces it painfully so she is looking directly at him. "How difficult is this!? Have I not made myself clear enough!?" The girl remains reasonably stiff, until he releases her chin from his iron hold and addresses her again. "Maybe I should just stop wasting my time and tell your parents of your recent failure. Maybe they could deal with you better than I have managed." At this the girl's eyes well with already unshed tears and she starts pleading hopelessly with him. "NO! Wait, please don't! I'm sorry!" she begs. "I'll do better and I'll study more, I promise!" By this point, she is on her hands and knees, sobbing openly, as on lookers pass by them. "Hm. See to it you do Kusanagi, Taki. The next time I find myself unsatisfied with your performance, I will not hesitate to kick you out. Now leave," he sneers. "You're presence is most dishonorable for one of your age."


Cheek still stinging, the girl Taki snaps out of her pitiful reverie and continues her slow trek back to her 'home'.

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