∞ Scene change ∞


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Near death experience

A whole month passed and nothing serious occurred. Taki had exceeded her two months of living in the warring times of old Japan and was beginning to settle down nicely. No demons had attacked her in her second month, no humans had either. She was more accustomed to the old traditions and their surroundings (for the most part, for they tended to move frequently).

Rin had become even more attached to her, as did the puppy they had named Tama. He, as they realized, was a white Kishu Inu and boy did he have energy. With Rin they made quite the pair. Often enough Jaken would get caught in the middle of their "playtime".

Jaken too, had come to a grudging alliance with the girl. Though he was far from being 'friends' with her, he no longer cursed her existence; at least not while she were present.

Sesshoumaru would disappear, sometimes for a couple days, trying to discern the evil hanyou's whereabouts. After their little "discussion", the girl and he never fought again; mostly because Taki could not find fault in his actions. Why would she; he is perfection itself.

No, she was far too smitten with him to be angry. Dare she think it, on late nights with him far from her, she would even say she were in love with her Lord; though such a notion as bold as that was a dangerous omission, indeed. He was a Lord after all, a powerful Demon Lord as it were; and she was nothing but a simple maiden, nowhere near as fair as he. Such a concept between them just could not be.

As it stood now, he was away; presumably on his never ending search for the spider hanyou. While they had time, Taki took to teaching Rin different things, such as songs and games, or the names of more of the precious flowers she so loves, and often enough stories from her time. Mostly the stories were children's stories that she had read as a child and could be recounted easily to Rin.

"Then she picked up all the toothpicks, even those that were at the very bottom of the cracks, and threw them all away. That night the warriors did not come because there were no tiny swords for them. And they never came again.

Soon the princess became healthy again because the warriors no longer kept her awake. She became very neat about everything, and pleased her father greatly by even sweeping the garden every day. 

She never forgot the tiny warriors, and if she ever used a toothpick again, you may be sure she was very careful to throw it away properly."

After her telling, Rin was silent but for a moment before her joyous laughter and clapping rang through the forest's clearing.

"I really liked that story, it was very funny."

"Oh, that's great! I also like this story. It was one of my favorites growing up."

Smiling brightly at the child, the older girl playfully ruffles her hair, earning a huge smile in return. The pup Tama wagging his tail furiously sits in Rin's lap, curious but happy nonetheless.

Ah and Un having also been listening to the girl's tale with seeming rapt attention, now watch the girls, large tail sweeping the ground behind them.

A loud crash followed by the strangest hum draws all occupants' attention to their left, as demon wasps rush the peaceful clearing. Knowing by now that any sudden appearance of anything is usually a bad omen, Taki grabs Rin's hand forcefully, dragging her behind until they are safely hidden by Ah and Un.

The dragon's twin heads swivel in different directions as they fend off the now swarming bugs, unleashing strikes of lightning disintegrating the ominous wasps.

Noting the toad's loss at the moment, Rin inquires "Where is master Jaken?" not really giving him much thought Taki cannot respond, merely shaking her head. Abruptly Rin jumps up a look of epiphany on her face.

Running away from the safety of their 'shield' she yells "Be right back! I have to make sure Master Jaken is alright".

Terror filling her body, Taki runs after her, dodging the growl of warning and the buzzing hindrances still overhead.

Panic setting in after several unsuccessful minutes she spots the child and the snoring imp the girl is roughly shaking. An unknown sigh escapes her parted lips at finding them both unharmed before an ugly head attached to an equally upsetting body presents itself. Taki in blind abandon launches herself at the pair knocking them down and rolling away a meager foot. After a few seconds the bundle of arms and legs collectively right themselves to a sitting position.

Checking for injuries the girl finds all is well, minus a bruise here and a scrape or two there. Relief fills her veins as she giggles in her stupor. Just as quickly a sharp pain floods her senses, before all begins to shut down and she tumbles backwards hitting ground with a thud.

If she were a little more coherent she might have heard Rin and her shriek of horror or have seen the protruding stinger of the now lifeless insect lying nearby. However that was too much consciousness for her as her clouded eyes roll to the back of her head and all is black.

∞Scene change∞

After a rather unsuccessful outing the Demon Lord was frustrated and far from pleased. The last he wanted upon his return was to find all inhabitants missing and to smell the stench of those damned insects from hell.

There was a struggle as made obvious by the scorched grass and burned trees. The faint scent of Youki hung in the air. Ah-Un has done their job.

Presently he could hear the pitiful cries of his ward and the awful screeching of his retainer. Both were unharmed. What of the girl?

Then the smell of contaminated blood assailed his superior nose and he knew what had transpired. Strong lean legs carried him in the direction he knew them to be. Jaken shall be unhappy to see me he thought vaguely.

∞Scene change∞

Mourning over her mother-like friend, Rin did not notice her Lord's tall looming form till he spoke her name. Turning her attention to him she wails "Lord Sesshoumaru! Taki won't wake up! I'm scared!"

As if adding emphasis to this statement, her large doe eyes filled with tears spill over soaking the unresponsive form below her. Her small shaking hands cling to the girl's yukata, still seeking comfort though she is the present reason for Rin's tears. Her tiny lips quiver as she sniffles, making her distraught exterior complete.

Glancing to Taki's right he sees the pup futilely licking the girl's hand, which he now notes with a grim certainty, is turning a pale shade of blue due to the toxin coursing through her. Further up the demon Lord can clearly see the hole where the insect's stinger went in, just below her shoulder in the gap of flesh devoid of bone.

Looking around, the Taiyoukai sees the imp known as Jaken miserably cowering behind Ah and Un, in a feeble attempt of not being beaten within an inch of his toady life. Eyes narrowed, he steps just in front of the dragon, all the while glaring down at the pathetic urchin.

Timidly he steps out from behind his 'barrier' only to be met with a cold, unyielding gaze. Quickly prostrating himself before his Lord, he violently bobs his little head up and down while sputtering nonsense, in hopes that his Lord will find pity, though inwardly he knows it will do no good.

"Jaken" is all the Dog Lord need say to stop his little bobbling and have him back to cowering in seconds.

"I find myself highly displeased with your pitiful excuse of performance when it comes to your duties as a retainer." The imp cowards more if it were possible.

"Unfortunately I have not the time, at the moment, to punish you for your failings."

Breathing a hasty sigh of relief the toad lifts his head to thank him, only to greet his master's leather clad boot.

Returning to the two females the Lord contemplates his next course of action. Humans and their frailties was not something new to him, however, remedies of their maladies was vague at best.

What was he to do now, what were his options? Consulting a demon physician was quickly banished for even if he did seek another demon's aide (which was highly unlikely, as would be seeking any form of help from any being), the demon in question would pose more of an unnecessary danger to her already failing health.

As for finding a suitable human healer, the only things forthcoming were that of a miko, and the only one he knew was ill-clad, untrained, and in the company of his uncouth, hanyou half brother; a disgrace to his fine lineage. No, going to them would be the worst possible option. He would not be indebted to that mongrel and he rather them not know of his newest addition. Having one human was odd enough.

Where then did that leave him? As he was carefully calculating his choices, the Dog Demon did not notice his ward's gaze settle onto his person in a most quizzical way. Jaken too, had regained consciousness long enough to stare after his Lord, noting his more hardened features.

It was only when Rin's tiny hand tugged at his hakama that he broke his thoughts and glanced curiously down at her.

Waiting for an explanation, he was a little taken back at her frank response.

Jinenji. Why had he not thought of this?

True enough he knew of the demon, or more precisely half demon. It was he that Rin went to, he later discovered, when Jaken had been poisoned. Even though the plant needed had not been there, it was possible that a remedy for the girl could be procured.

Though Jinenji was a half demon, he was not his brother; that alone was a step in a better direction.

Plan of action decided the Demon Lord bid his company leave and gave a stern glare in the toad's direction, before delicately moving the girl's prone form into his sturdy grasp and setting off in hopes of an antidote for the small quivering bundle in his arms.

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