Here's a quick epilogue to the story. I figured it would be cute, and I've been wanting to write a fic featuring Craig's little sister for a while now. This is also the prologue for another story I'm currently writing.

"Cassie…have you seen my Red Racer shirt? I thought I put…it…"

Craig abruptly stopped when he walked into the kitchen. There was something very wrong with this picture… Something very, very wrong…

There was Thorne, sitting at the kitchen table, helping his sister with her math homework. Craig stared at them for a moment before his eyes narrowed. Cassie was laughing, having a grand old time learning how to divide fractions and negative numbers. Thorne was laughing, too, looking at her like a dog looked at a bone–pun intended.

"Cassie. What are you doing? With him?!"

Cassie looked up, pale green eyes shining with delight. "James is helping me with my homework, Craig! He was very nice! I was talking with my friend Jessica after school about how I can't understand how to divide fractions and James overheard! He was so very nice and offered to tutor me!"

Thorne glanced over and winked at Craig real smooth-like, like a sly cat. "Yeah, Craig. I'm only helping her with her homework. It's not like we're on a date or anything…"

Cassie laughed and nodded her head. Craig's eyes narrowed further. "You f–" He closed his mouth when Cassie looked at him, eyes brimming with curiosity. "F-Folks have fun…"

Thorne laughed silently and Craig gave him the finger. Cassie just returned it and Craig rolled his eyes, walking out the door. He knew Cassie was a bit crass growing up in their home, but if there was one thing she would not learn before high school, it would be the F-word. At least not by his doing.

"Now then, where were we?"

Cassie giggled and spoke Thorne's name as if she were being tickled and the hair on the back of Craig's neck stood on end as a shiver ran down his spine. There was something way too seductive and sensual about it. He dashed back in, walking in on Thorne and Cassie in a major suck-fest.


Craig screamed, sweat pouring down his forehead as he sat up in his bed. He looked around the room, freaked beyond reason. When he got his bearings straight, Craig relaxed.

It was only a dream. James Cummings would never try something like that. He was a fucker alright, but he wasn't a pedo.

But, just to be sure–

The second he got to school, the Goth kid got a good beating before he even had a chance to flick the bangs from his eyes. Poor kid looked worse off than Kenny, and Kenny had gotten mauled by a bear on the way to school. It jumped in the bus and everything.

Craig was going to make sure those sick Goth kids wouldn't lay a finger on his sister. There was something funny about them–something he didn't like.