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Author's Note: Another drabble I wrote for the 31 Days Challenge on LJ

"Study Tips"

Ayano choked on her mouthful of cake and gulped her water. She slammed her glass down, never taking her disbelieving eyes off of Kazuma. "You speak how many languages?"

Kazuma sipped his coffee and simply replied. "About six. Well, technically seven, but my Russian is a bit rusty."

Ayano gaped. "How? How could you possibly speak that many languages?"

The wind mage raised an eyebrow and leaned in. "Why are you so shocked? I spent the last few years travelling around the world. It's only logical to try to learn the local dialect for my line of business."

Ayano frowned. Alright, that made sense. Still, she found it hard to swallow that this lazy oaf had mastered seven languages in such a short amount of time. Kazuma didn't seem to be the scholarly type. The image of him studying and memorizing in a library just didn't compute.

"Which languages?" she asked, daring him to prove it.

Kazuma yawned and stretched. "Not including Japanese, there's English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and some Russian on the side." Ayano shook her head and Kazuma leaned back. "If you want me to prove it I will." He grinned smugly. "It will cost extra, but I can tutor you in English so you won't fail your class."

For the second time that day, Ayano choked. "Who told you I was failing English?"

Kazuma continued grinning. "Yukari happened to mention it."

Ayano twitched, making a mental note to quiz her friend later on what else she might have been blabbering about to Kazuma.

"Mind you," Kazuma continued, "there is a much easier method to learn a foreign language than just studying from a book."

Aha! So there was a catch to all of this! Ayano knew Kazuma must have cheated somehow. It was the only logical explanation. "So, what's your secret, oh wise one?"

Kazuma closed his eyes. "Learning a language is more dependent on where you study it, and that I can help you with." He eased back, with his hands tucked behind his head. "The best place to study a foreign language is in bed."

On instinct, Kazuma ducked as Ayano threw her piece of cake at his face.