Welcome back! I've had the idea for this sequel since chapter 6/7 of the last one and just couldn't wait to write it! So here is chapter one, please enjoy and please review! I hope you all like it as much as the last one.

The Firehouse

"Where are we?" Vince asked as soon as the Tardis had settled itself, the Doctor had a mad grin on his face and was looking directly at him.

"Go take a look." The mod hopped up and ran for the door. The Doctor half expected a surprised reply or maybe a scream of excitement but he got neither.

"You brought me to some public toilets?"

"What?" He stuttered as he headed for the door. Vince hadn't lied, they were in fact in some toilets, the walls were covered with graffiti and there was loud music coming from the other side of the door "Oh…Well…I had to park the Tardis out of view didn't I?"

"In a toilet…Anyone who comes in here will notice it!"

"Nah, they'll all be too drunk, come on…The surprise is behind that door."

"It's not gonna be another set of toilets is it?"

"No." The Doctor laughed gently and pushed open the grimy toilet door to reveal a bar full of young students, Vince's face had lit up immediately even though he stood out a little in his mirror ball suit "Take a look at who's performing."

"Is that…No way!" He gasped as he stood on his tip toes to see the stage "That can't be? What year are we in? Where are we…That…Oh my god!"

"Lost for words?"


"Finally…The year is 1962…Nineteen years since Jagger was born and there he is, performing on stage in The Firehouse…A local bar in London, popular with students…I promised you one trip so enjoy it!" The Doctor turned to face Vince but he had wandered off like a child. He spotted him at the bar; the Doctor shook his head and leant against the wall watching the performance. He only wished he had Rose with him to watch it with, she would have loved to have been here too.

When the performance was over and Vince had drunken more than enough at the bar, the Doctor decided it was finally time for his one trip to come to an end. The bar keeper had warned them he was locking up in five minutes so would get a big shock when he went to explore the toilets to kick the two out only to find it empty.

"Awh do we have to go? Can't we just stay here?"

"No, come on, get inside the Tardis! I'll take you to one of the rooms where you can sleep off the alcohol." The Doctor looped an arm round Vince's waist and supported him whilst he walked down the corridor of the ship "Looks like you had fun."

"I had a blast! Let's do this every day!" The Doctor grinned whilst struggling through a door with the drunk mod.

"I'd love for you to be my companion Vince! But…I don't think it would work out…"

"Why not? I can change!"

"Because I don't want a companion that gets drunk all the time."

"I don't get drunk all the time…Just tonight." He shrugged agreeing with the drunk.

"Here we go." He let Vince crawl onto the bed in the corner of a large room "Get some sleep then come find me when you're a little more sober. I'll keep the ship in flight for now." He ran out the room to get the Tardis out of the public toilets.

Vince tangled himself up in the furry blanket that was spread across the bed and soon enough fell asleep with a drunken grin on his face.