And here is the final chapter of this story!

Buttons and levers

"Do you even know what you're doing?"

"Yeah! I've seen the Doctor do this plenty of times, he just runs round and pushes random buttons all the time." Vince shrugged as he gazed at all the buttons, dials and levers "Then he pulls the handbrake. Easy!" Howard watched as his friend began pushing any button that was within his reach, he turned a few dials and even glanced at the monitor, which he knew Vince couldn't read because it only displayed strange symbols. Finally the mod stopped at a lever "Ready?" Howard didn't reply and simply let Vince pull the handbrake sending the Tardis into a rage of fits sending both men flying "It's ok, it'll all stop in a minute!" But the minute passed and still the ship was shaking violently. Vince managed to crawl towards the console, he gripped its edges and pulled himself upwards nearly falling backwards again as the whole room jerked violently, he reached for the handbrake and pulled it back up making the ship shake one last time before starting to settle.

"What did you do?" Howard demanded as he stood up carefully, bracing himself in case the ship decided to have a fit again.

"We stopped." The mod stated as he ran towards the doors and flung them open revealing swirls of colour, stars and planets. A belt of comets were hurtling past in the distance.

"We nearly flew into that!" Howard pointed at the rushing comets as he appeared behind Vince who was simply staring open mouthed at the beautiful scene before them.

A couple of shooting stars flew past the ship narrowly missing the two friends who both simply gazed at them not realising they could have died if Vince had put the handbrake back on a little later.

"Hang on, how are we breathing?"

"The ship is protecting us." The electro poof whispered, he was still gazing at the beauty that was space "I've always wanted to see space." He carried on "But I never thought I'd be able to…Not like this."

"Come on, shut the doors."

"No, I just wanna watch the stars for a while." Vince sat down on the floor with his legs dangling out over nothing. He subconsciously wrapped his fingers round the metal grating on the ship's floor and swung his feet like a child.

Howard however, retreated to the console where he leant against it watching the Doctor then turned his attention to Vince making sure he hadn't fallen into space. He switched his attention back and forth until finally the Doctor had woken up. It had been a few hours since they had left Old Gregg's cave and the traveller had been out cold the whole time.

"Ahh my head." He moaned as he sat up and first noticed Howard "Hello there, Vince got you out then."

"And you."

"What happened?"

"You drank the mint Baileys with Gregg and passed out."

"Ah." The Doctor paused as he stood up and straightened his suit "What the-" He glanced towards the doors and made his way over to where the young man was sat with Howard following "How did you get here?"

"Pushed some buttons." Vince stated calmly as he turned to face the traveller "Are you annoyed with me?" His voice had a hint of upset and apology.

"No, I'm amazed!"

"Really?" Vince grinned madly as he turned his attention back to space.

"Yeah, you got my ship all the way out into space just by pushing buttons?" The mod nodded but suddenly felt himself being yanked back from the doorway "Now we have to get out of here." The Doctor ordered as he flung the mod backwards and slammed the doors, as he ran to the console he pulled Vince up to his feet "We're getting a little too close to that comet belt. Hold tight." He punched buttons while running round the controls, Vince shot Howard a 'I told you so' look before they were thrown to the floor again.

The Doctor landed in the shop and was the first to leave the Tardis; he found Naboo and confronted him about the sleeping dose he had slipped into the Baileys with mint.

"Well how was I to know you were gonna drink it?" Naboo retorted throwing his arms up into the air. The Doctor simply smiled and shrugged it off.

After a final cup of tea in the flat with his new found friends the Doctor was ready to leave once again.

"Where are you going to go now, Doctor?" Howard asked as he collected the mugs and cleared them into the sink.

"Wherever my ship decides to take me I suppose." He got up and pulled on his long brown coat "I hope it leads me to you lot again though. We had fun, didn't we Vince?"

"Yeah, it was mental! Please come back and visit?" The mod begged, he looked like a little lost puppy the way he pouted and pleaded.

"Maybe I will." The Doctor assured him with a hug goodbye "Maybe I'll see you in the future."

"Or the past."

"That's right Vince, you'd make a fantastic companion you would."

"Really?" The mod's eyes lit up brightly at the thought of becoming the Doctor's companion.

"Yeah! I'd never lie about something like that."

"Awh thanks. Look; if you ever need one just come find me in the future. Or the past, whichever time period you find yourself in." Vince laughed slightly as the Doctor unlocked his ship and pushed the door half open.

"I will. Thank you." He smiled "I'll see you around then."

"You better." The Doctor stepped into the Tardis and a few seconds later the ship dematerialised out of the flat leaving the friends to get on with their lives.

The Doctor had never been good at goodbyes but he couldn't run from them forever. He pulled the handbrake slowly and let the ship leave Naboo's flat, suddenly the Tardis jerked violently and an alarm sounded through the console room. A red light flashed above his head as he hurtled towards a distress signal.

Finally everything settled down, he straightened up and left for the door, he pulled the wooden doors back and crept out of them. He was in a small room and someone was sat at the table staring madly at him.

"What?" The Doctor stammered as he furrowed his brows and let the Tardis doors shut behind him.



"Yeah, how did you know that?"

"Look at you! Don't you look young? Don't you remember me?" Vince looked slightly blank and shook his head.

"Should I?"

"Obviously you haven't met me yet…"

"Obviously." Vince laughed slightly as he set down his magazine and got up from the table "Vince Noir."

"Rock and roll star." The Doctor finished and held out his hand "Nice to meet you again!" He grinned and shook his friend's hand hard.

"Uhh yeah, who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor!"

The end