Pjcool's Christmas Day

(Music Background: Jingle Bell Rock)

Today is Christmas Eve and everyone is getting ready for the holiday. Everyone except Pjcool. He was disappointed since Sally and him broke up. He has been lonely for 6 months. (A/N: That happened at my next story "The Big Mistake".) He went to get some mail. But there was no mail from Sally.

Pjcool: Not again! She hasn't been giving me a mail ever since our fight. I know she hates me.

He went talk to Sally. When he got there, Sally locked her bedroom door. Pjcool was mad.

Pjcool: Sally, get out of your room!

Sally: Don't tell me what to do!

He went to talk to Sonic. But he was to busy to talk. He was putting up some lights on the tree. Pjcool went back home and quickly got ready for the holiday. He finished for 1 minute and 30 seconds. He got the hot chocolate ready. He send his Christmas card for Sally one more time. He invited everyone for the party. Sally's mom was not happy about Sally's behavior. She told her to go to the party. Sally had no choice but to come.

At 7:00 p.m., Everyone came to the party. Sally was not happy at all. She did not wanted to go. But her mother forced her to. Sally faked the smile to trick him. Sonic did not find that funny.

Sonic: SALLY!!!

Sally: Dang.

Pjcool: HA! Nice try.

Bunnie: Get use to him for once, Sally.

Tails: I agree.

Erinbubble92: This is just crazy.

Sally: Shut up!

Ash: Hey, knock the behavior off!

Mina: I'm getting annoyed here!

Fiona: Sheesh!

Pjcool: Lets stop complaining and enjoy the party.

Scourge: Rats, I was enjoying this complaining!

Fiona: Shut up!

The music came on and everyone enjoyed the food. Sonic found a missal toe on the tree and he had an idea. He got Pjcool and Sally close together. Sally did not like this at all.

Sally: Sonic, there is no way your are gonna make me kiss him.

Sonic: Sally, this is the last time I'm gonna tell you what to do!

Sally: Fine!

She finally kissed Pjcool right in front of everyone. Lien-Da giggled with laughter. Amy laughed loudly. Sally blushed with in shock and Pjcool fainted to the floor. Scourge growled with jealous.

Sally: (yelling) OH MY GOD!!!!

Pjcool: Yikes!

Sally hugged Pjcool until he turned blue. Sonic laughed and Erin giggled.


Everyone sang "Hark! The Harold Angels Sing" while Sally and Pjcool went outside to talk.

Pjcool: I'm sorry about...

Sally: Shut up and lets kiss.

They kissed together as the North Stars glows in the sky a Bethleham.

The End.