I love you, Ucchan…

1st attempt Ranma ½ Fanfic


"Ranchan! Are you really that stupid? I'm a Girl! Not a boy!!!" Chibi Ukyo yelled at her soon-to-be fiancée.

"Nu-uh! I'm not stupid!" Chibi Ranma yelled obliviously back at his best friend.

"Yes you are! You didn't even know I was a girl!"

"No I'm not you're stupid!"

"Don't call me stupid, Ranchan!"


The two children went on chasing each other, and calling each other names; while, in the bushes, their fathers were having a conversation, that would, unbeknownst to them, totally screw up the lives of their innocent kids….

"C'mon, Saotome, just look at them, they'd make a great couple! So, why don't you take my Ukyo along with ya, and make her Ranma's wife someday, huh?"

"Well, the thing is…" Genma Saotome was wondering whether he should tell his friend about Ranma's situation, but he hesitated for too long.

"Ah, c'mon, I'll even throw my cart in as her dowry!"

"SOLD! Er… I mean, deal!"

"Glad to hear it!"

Later that day, Genma Saotome left with, his son, the cart… but not Ukyo….

((Stupid Jackass….)) Ukyo's thoughts…

Chapter one:

Present: Chaos in the Tendo Training Hall… as usual…

The betrothed teens were having another 'Sparring Match', put simply, they were fighting again… The two were not on the friendliest terms to begin with, but the hostility was only fueled on by Akane's stubbornness, and Ranma's refusal to fight back…

"Ranma!!! How the hell am I supposed to get a decent work-out if you won't fight back?!" Akane shouted as she punched at the pigtailed boy.

"I've told you a million times, even if you are a stupid, uncute, tomboy, I don't hit girls!" Ranma spoke as he repeatedly dodged her rapid blows.

"HIT ME, DAMMIT!!!!" She screamed as she flew towards him, only to miss him as he jumped over her. Her Blow made contact with the wall behind him, and it exploded into a thousand splinters. One of them flew back at Akane, but she dodged it, and it continued flying back right across Ranma's arm, cutting him fairly deep.

"Aaagh!!!" Ranma cried from the sudden surge of pain. "What'd you go an' do that for?!"

"Omigod! Ranma! Are you okay?! You're bleeding!" Akane shouted as she ran to her fiancée who had made his way across the room before being struck by the large sharp chunk of wood. When she had gotten to his side, she was shocked at what he did.

Ranma just took a deep breath, grabbed his wounded arm to apply pressure so the bleeding would stop, and he just shrugged hwer off, simply saying, "Just leave me alone…" He didn't seem particularly mad at her, but Ranma didn't seem to be his normal, obnoxious self.

"A-are you okay?" She asked, genuinely worried.

"I SAID leave me alone!!!" he snapped at her, not even seeming to notice she was worried.

"Well excuse me for worrying!" She yelled at him. Seriously, what's wrong with him? I was only trying to help… but I did give him that nasty cut though…

Years of traveling with his father had taught Ranma Saotome some useful things, like how to treat his own wounds.

Stupid tomboy Akane! What the hell's wrong with her? She knows I won't hit her, but she always does the same thing! Man, I just wish I could have met a normal girl for once, not a stinkin' Tomboy like Akane, and not an obsessive maniac like Kodachi, And sure as hell not that damn Amazon!

Ranma finished dressing his wound, and decided he needed some time alone… Maybe I'll just leave this stupid town for a couple a weeks…

Having arrived in Nerima with nothing more than the clothes she was wearing, and a backpack with all of his worldly possessions, however embarrassingly few there were, Ranma easily packed his things, and left his room.

When Ranma passed the room where his father and Mr. Tendo played shogi, he was splashed with cold water and within a split-second, the old freak, Happosai, was clinging to her chest.

"RRRRaaaaaaanmaaaaaaaa!!!!!" the old pervert shouted with joy.

"I'm NOT in the mood for this, ya' old FREAK!!!!" Ranma-chan practically screamed at the ancient midget, as she ripped him off of her chest and threw him on the floor, face-down.

"R-r-r-Ranmaaaaa? Why are you so mean to me?" the freak whimpered with fake tears in his eyes, hoping to inspire sympathy in the gorgeous teen, but was answered with a different emotion, Rage…

"SHUTUP AN' DIE!!!" She screamed as she punted the old lecher through the wall of the training hall and over the wall surrounding it. She then spun around and pointed at her father shouting "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU SCREWED UP MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I'M LEAVING!!!!!"

"What is it now, boy?" Genma asked, trying to stay cool in the presence of his truly intimidating daughter, er… son.

"Don't play dumb old man! Everything you did ever since you started 'training' me has made things always go from bad to worse! And I'll say it again, I said I was leaving!" She delivered her last comment with a roundhouse kick in the face.

From there Ranma stormed out of the Tendo Training Hall, was gone for a few minutes, returned to splash herself with hot water, and then he finally left that madhouse that he called "home".

Somewhere outside of Nerima, a storm brewed, and a Spatula wielding assassin had but one thought on their mind

I'll find you, Saotomes… And when I do, you're gonna pay for ruining the last ten years of my life!!!


Author's note: There you have it, the first chapter of my first-ever fanfic! I know it seems weird right now, but I had to lay the foundation for my story, trust me, it will get better.

Preview of Chapter 2:

Genma Saotome comes face-to-face with a past mistake, and why didn't Ranma let Akane help him? The Fanged Pursuer finds himself the victim of his "prey", having caught him on a very bad day. Looks like things are spinning out of control again…