I Love you, Ucchan…

Author's Note: Thanks everyone, I'm glad you all enjoyed the Story so far! Remember, this Chapter is based on the episode "Am I… Pretty? Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood"; So, if you want some background on this episode, I suggest you go watch that episode, its in season three. Enjoy the new Chapter


Part One: Breakfast Chaos

Ah, another fine morning in Nerima, the locals enjoy their peaceful sleep while they can, seeing as it was still quiet, good thing it was a weekend, huh?

"READY OR NOT, RANMAAAAA!!!!!" the senior martial artist announced his attack as he charged at his son; this was followed by a battle cry, and the swinging of bow staves.

Well, it was quiet at least until the sun rose, anyway, but this was like the neighborhood wakeup call ever since the Saotome's moved in, either this, or the sound of Akane shouting at her fiancée.

"Pop, you've gone soft in your old age!"

"Think again, Boy!"

"Get ready, Old Man! I aint holdin' back!"

"I'm Ready any time!"

A passerby walking their dog glanced up and thought, Is it just me, or does the roof of that place always look like something out of an action movie? At that thought, they continued walking, not wanting to get caught up in some sort of crossfire.

"If that's the best you can do, then it looks like I've got nothing to worry about" Said Genma, catching and holding Ranma's staff. Ranma just growled at him.

Meanwhile, in the Kitchen:

Kasumi was making breakfast, and currently tasting it to see if it was done, it apparently was, she opened the window and called out to the two sparring Saotome's.

"Time to wrap it up, breakfast is almost ready!"

Back on the Rooftop:

The two paused at hearing this, and Genma responded, "Thank you, Kasumi dear, we'll be along in a moment!" he then used Ranma's own staff to launch him onto another part of the roof with enough force to crush the ceramic tiles below him.

In the Kitchen (again):

Seeing this, Kasumi commented, "That Hurt.." Then turned to her sister and asked, "Akane, why don't you go check up on Ranma?"

"DON'T distract me! … Oh! Don't burn! Don't Burn!" Akane was cookig what resembled an omelet.

Outside (again):

"NOW who's getting soft, boy?! The problem with you boy is you're too easily distracted! ONE bright, shiny object and your mind takes a hike!"

"Which wouldn't be if you didn't use such dirty tricks!"

Blah blah blah, Ranma insults Genma, Genma criticizes Ranma, the usual, right?

In the Dining Room:

Mr. Tendo sat reading his paper while Akane set down what was supposed to be omelets, at least I think that's what they were supposed to be…

"Akane! Look at this!"

"Japanese Style Omelets! My own special Recipe!"

"Is that so?" He commented, starting to twitch.

"I saved the biggest piece just for you, Dad!"

"Oh, thank you Akane…" Dear God, don't make me eat it! Seeing the huge piece she served him, he chuckled nervously.

"Have Some!" Offered a happy and oblivious Akane.

Just then, the two took their fight inside, knocking over Akane and her 'omelets'. "RRRAAANMAAAAAAAAAA!!!" growled Akane.

Outside (again):

Ranma had backed the panda-man right up to the edge of the koi pond, and Genma was trying nervously to calm Ranma down, before he got turned into the panda again.

Ranma, not being quite as stupid as his father thought he was, knew he was trying to lure him into falling into the pond, and for them, whoever fell in first, usually was the one to lose. "Look! A hundred yen Coin!" (About $0.93)

The Greedy old man, was as stupid as Ranma though he was. Ranma tripped himas he bent down looking for the nonexistent money, knocking him into the koi pond. And then the Panda emerged.

"Just trying to show you the holes in your training…" Ranma used the Panda's excuse against him.

"RAAAAAANMMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Akane screamed swinging the frying pan at him, knocking him into the koi pond to join the panda, but, Ranma hit his head pretty hard on his way in, knocking him out cold, and he just sunk like a stone.

Seeing the Redhead just floating there snapped Akane back into her senses, "R-Ranma!" Akane actually looked worried for her. Uh-oh…

Part Two: Are you… Okay?

Ranma-chan lay unconscious in her bed, Kasumi looking after her. Finally she opened her eyes, though her vision was blurred for a minute.

"Are you awake?" Kasumi spoke softly.

Ranma-chan's vision returned and she sat up quickly, but then the spot on the back of her head started to hurt again, so she moaned in pai for a second.

"Maybe you should lie back down, I need to disinfect---"


"Poor Ranma, when she's that angry, Akane just can't control herself, can you forgive her?"

"Sure, it was an accident, right?" Ranma-chan replied in a much more breathy voice than she had ever made, and somehow sounded totally sincere, which almost shocked Kasumi.

"I'm glad you feel that way…. … huh? Ranma? Are you feeling alright?"

"I've never felt better, I guess what I mean to say is, that I feel at peace, for the first time ever! Its like… Like waking up from a very long dream"

Moments Later…

Akane, her father, and Genma burst into the room, Akane asked, "Ranma! Are you okay?!"

Ranma-chan immediately tried to cover herself screaming "eek! Don't looook!"

Genma and Soun stepped back at this unexpected command, covering their eyes.

"W-we-we're really.." started one

"s-s-sorry!" finished the other.

"What if I hadn't been clothed?! Please! Remember to knock next time!"

"Yes, of course!" they answered in unison.

The men, now including Happosai, were shocked at what they heard.

"So its true! You really are acting weirder than usual!" spoke an angered (or was she worried?) Akane.

"Oh? Am I acting weird? I'm sorry."

Kasumi spoke finally, "Ranma dear, how many fingers" she held up three.

"Three fingers!"

"Do you know who this person is?"

"My dear Uncle Tendo"

"And this is?"

"Octopus face!"

"Good, and him?"

"An Oompa-Loompa!"

Kasumi Giggled, "She seems perfectly normal…"

"Yes dear!" Agreed 'Uncle Tendo'

"Why am I the Oompa-Loompa?" whined Happy.

"WHERE IS HE?!" a demand came from the other room.

"Oh my, it seems Ukyo is here…" Kasumi rose to go greet their guest.

All were shocked save Kasumi who brought Ukyo in to join the group.

"Oh, Ucchan! What are you doing here, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Oh, Ranma honey! I came as soon as I heard what happened! Are you alright?" She asked, casting a glare at Akane as she spoke.

"Yes, I'm fine, I just bumped my head, but it was an accident, so no harm was done." She explained, smiling sweetly.

Yeah, right! Like hell you're fine! "Well, that's good. Um, Ranchan? Can you walk?"

"Yes, but I need to get dressed before I can go anywhere."

"Okay, Um, could you guys leave for a moment? I'd like to speak Ranma alone."

Everyone left, but Akane didn't budge an inch. "And why should I leave?!" asked an indignant Akane.

Ukyo got up from her kneeling position, walked over to Akane, and in a very low, serious, and intimidating voice, she said, "You will leave because I cannot risk you trying to kill my fiancée again, now, you've been warned, I don't want to have to use force, but I will if I have to!"

Akane went pale feeling the sincerity of her words, defeated, and in need of a new pair of underwear, she left.

Ranma-chan had just finished putting on some clothing; she was standing up, but had a curious look o her face.

"What's the matter, Ranchan?"

"Oh, its nothing, I was simply wondering where Akane went, I'd have liked to have thanked her for letting me borrow her clothing, oh well, I can thank her later."

"Okay, well, Ranchan, I don't doubt that you're fine, but I'd like to have Doctor Tofu take a look to make sure."

"Um, okay, I don't think that would be necessary, but I guess you're right."

"Well the, shall we go?"


Part Three: Um… Ucchan?

"Okay, Ranma, stay still while I disinfect this"


Doctor Tofu parted her hair where she had been injured, and then got some peroxide and a cotton ball. Ranma inhaled sharply when it made contact with her scalp he quickly finished, then did some simple tests like finger thing Kasumi did.

Once finished, he asked Ranma to wait for a moment while he spoke with Ukyo.

"I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, Ranma seems to have a mild concussion, the good news is, it looks like there will be no long term damage."

"Well, I guess that's better than it could have been, so how long do you think this will last?"

"That's hard to say…"


"Well, cases like these come and go on their own, it could end overnight, or it could last for weeks you'll just have to be patient. But, given her state of mind, if this lasts too long, I can give you a note to give to his teachers excusing his absence."

Ukyo gave a defeated sigh, "If it comes to that…"

"Just come see me."


Ranma and Ukyo were exploring the mall because Ranma-chan wanted to go window-shopping. Ranma-chan looked like she was enjoying herself, and Ukyo was glad she was happy, but deep down, she was embarrassed at how overly feminine she was acting.

How did my fiancée, turn out to be such a cute girl? I guess its karma, I become a boy, he becomes a girl… Damn I had this coming…

"Oh, hi Akane! What are you doing here?" These words brought Ukyo back into the land of the living, there stood Akane with a few other girls Ukyo assumed were Akane's friends. She can't make a scene in public, can she?

"Oh, Hi Ranma, hey Ukyo, my friends just invited me to come shopping, but I didn't expect to see you here."

Ukyo cast Akane cold stare as she muttered, "Funny how that works, huh?" She had already thought up an excuse to be alone with her fiancée, "Oh! Ranchan! I can't find my wallet! Um, I think I left it at the food court, can you come help me find it?"

"Sure, Ucchan. Um, I'll see you later Akane!" Said the new more feminine Ranma-chan.


After searching for about three minutes after parting ways with Akane, Ukyo 'found' her wallet. (apparently old habits die hard)

When they had been sitting in silence for almost a full minute Ranma finally spoke up asking, "Um… Ucchan? Do you think Akane actually meant to hurt me?"

"Ranma, if I came after you swinging my spatula at you, do you think I'd have meant to hurt you?"

"But Kasumi said Akane can't control herself when she's angry, and I'm pretty sure that's true."

"Ranma… Akane was willing to hurt you over her cooking, Haven't you ever wondered what our first meeting in ten years would have been like if things didn't play out the way they did? I hate to admit it, but you'd probably be dead." No long term damage, my ass! I know Ranchan isn't that stupid…

Ranma-chan sat in silence next to Ukyo, who now felt bad for telling her best friend, no, for telling her fiancée that she almost tried to kill him.

Part Four: Sorry! Later That Evening at Ucchan's Okonomiyaki…

Ukyo had suggested that Ranma stay at her place, for her own safety, of course. Why else would Ukyo want to be alone with Ranma all night?

About Half an hour after Ukyo went to bed, she heard knocking on her bedroom door, knowing that the only other person at her home was Ranma, she simply sat up and said, "Come in, Ranma…"

Ranma-chan entered holding a pillow, "I'm sorry, I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Nah, I couldn't sleep, whatsup?"

"Um… I couldn't sleep either… I just can't stand being alone for some reason, I hate to intrude, but… can I sleep with you?"

Normally, Ukyo might have thought 'Score!' but after the events of that day, Ukyo snapped. She threw open her window, practically ripping it out of the wall, she grabbed Ranma by her shirt collar, and threw her out the window saying, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"

It wasn't until Ranma's head collided with a telephone pole, that Ukyo regaind control, and realized what she had done. "OHMYGOD!" She ran downstairs and out into the street where Ranma had landed, she was relieved when she heard the familiar voice ask "What did you do that for?!" the female embodiment of her fiancée tried to stand up, instead, she was lifted up into a full embrace by a crying Ukyo.

"Thank god!"


Author's Note: I know what you may be thinking, "What the hell?" But this is what I thought of when I thought about an alternative to the actual version with Akane. I hope you enjoyed reading it, at least.

Preview of Next Chapter: We all know greedy old Genma made a few engagements for his son, but what if Ranma's Mom had made one for him?

All I can say is, there may be a lot more chaos in Nerima when she arrives… Or will there be? See for yourself…