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Which one did she love?

She thought about that as he pinned her down, his unmistakable red eyes piercing into her own. Kyo made her heart beat at a rate she never thought possible...heat surged throughout her whole body. It scared and excited her at the same time. He made her tremble...made her want to surrender to him.

But he wouldn't accept her. He wouldn't acknowledge or look at her, except when she was in danger.

She cast the thoughts aside, looking up at him as his body weight prevented her from moving. His cruel eyes had changed. Now he seemed somewhat...confused.

And her heart rhythm accelerated, breath stopping in her throat. He was so close to her...perhaps once he would discard his cold demeanor and feel. Demonstrate that he was more than Kyoshiro's cruel, battle-thirsty side.

But he backed away from her, getting up. Without a word, he slid the door open.

I hate you.

Kyoshiro was different...at least the Kyoshiro she knew. So kind and innocent...everything Kyo was not. Her eyes turned to the symbol of yin and yang that he wore on his back. There was no better way to describe them...

So which one did she love?

They seemed incomplete without each other. Whereas she had no problem punching Kyoshiro when he was coming on to her...she would never dare do that to Kyo. Not that he'd ever do that...no matter how much she wanted him to. Whenever they got close, he'd pull back, like her touch burned him.

"Coward." she spoke and Kyo's hand froze on the door.

She was still lying down in the same position he'd forced her into. He only did that to show her that she still had to be afraid of him. And she knew she was as his crimson eyes turned to her, threateningly.

God...why? Why does he stir these feelings inside of me?

"What did you say?" his voice was rough, nothing like Kyoshiro's.

Tears were threatening to sting her eyes. Because the normal thing to do was to despise him, or at least ignore him like he ignored her. She should love the gentle Kyoshiro...

But love wasn't something to be commanded and she knew why her heart beat so fast whenever he was near. She knew why her breath stopped when he was in danger. But she didn't know how he felt. He was always there to save her, just to turn into a block of ice afterwards...

"Why do you always turn away from me?" she asked him, her green eyes tearing up.

He seemed shocked at the question and his unusual red eyes widened in disbelief.

Looking at him, Yuya realized something that should have been obvious a long time ago. How can you choose one...if they're the different sides of the same person?

"Am I...your weakness?" she tried, looking at him with an intensity he had never seen before.

Kyo remained silent for a few moments, looking at the woman in front of him. Her eyes were green and widened. Pure. He never remembered being pure...he never was. And he never thought she could have such an effect over him. But she was naïve.

"Foolish woman." he spoke in his usual tone and saw the disappointment on her face. "My weakness?" he looked at her with a grin. "I have none."

With that he slid the door open and left her there, broken and miserable.

You're my strength.

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