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Raptor Girl

It had been a long hike for twelve year old Destiny. Her family had decided to take a two week vacation to Isle Octavian, a once inhabited island which had once been inhabited by a group of scientists from the United States. Although her parents had called it a vacation, she knew all to well that they had been wanting to explore this particular island for years. She wasn't quite sure what the true names of their jobs were but she did know that they had written several books on famous mysteries. It was more of a hobby of theirs, and a very expensive one. They had hired a team of men and women who had knowledge of the islands in the area who had hiked ahead of them to set up camp at her father's request.

"Daddy, why did we have to wait for the men to get to the campsite?" Destiny asked, re-settling her bag on her shoulders.

"What's the point in being escorted to our location? It would be more adventurous to take the long way."

"Well, you go ahead; I need to tie my shoes."

"Very well, just don't fall too far behind."

Destiny bent over to tighten the straps on her boots and before too long, the sounds of her parents became silent. It was then when she heard a low growl from somewhere behind her. Quickly, she turned around to see two large cat-like eyes staring at her from a group of trees. She blinked once and the eyes were gone. Whatever it was, it had run off for some reason. Maybe it had just been her imagination.

Upon getting to her feet, she sprinted off in the direction her parents had disappeared in and soon caught up. "Father, you won't believe what I just…"

She was interrupted by her mother however before she could finish. "Not now honey, mommy and daddy need to go and meet the team. You can go get your stuff organized in your tent. It is directly beside ours." Her mother pointed over at a medium sized red tent not far from her location.

Disappointed that she wasn't able to tell her parents of her sighting, she sulked over to her tent and dropped her bag off at the entrance before disappearing through the flaps.

For several hours she stayed in the tent, wondering what was going on outside but not wanting to get in the way. Suddenly, her mom pushed through the tent flaps and sat down next to her.

"Honey, your dad and I going up into the mountains tonight. A search party went up yesterday and reported back with a discovery of an abandoned research facility. We are going to investigate. Would you like to come?"

Destiny's answer was an immediate yes. Anything was better than staying in a boring old tent all day.

"Very well, we are leaving now. You don't need to worry about packing your things, your father and I have already gotten enough for the three of us. Besides, we'll be returning later tonight."

Destiny got to her feet and followed her mother out to where a group of about ten men were walking up to the base of the mountain. One of them was her father.

The trip to the peak wasn't as fun as she expected it to be. Both of her parents were constantly in conversation with the leaders of the team. However, it wasn't long until her eyes fell on a large enclosure, seemingly abandoned. Most of its walls were covered with moss and there was only one entrance. A few of the men walked forward and her parents soon followed. However, when she tried to go after them, her mother stopped her.

"No. You will wait here while we return. There could be dangerous materials inside which we don't wish you to be exposed to. It won't take long. Don't go wondering around."

"I won't."

Her parents soon disappeared inside the structure and Destiny was left alone outside. So far, this had been the worst vacation she had ever had. It seemed as if hours had past and yet she had heard nothing of her parents. Eventually, she grew bored and decided to walk inside. Before she got a few steps however, a loud screech was heard from somewhere inside and was followed by the yells of one of the members of the team.

Now quite afraid, Destiny backed away from the entrance and turned to run. Instead of meeting an empty path however, she was met with a chest of scales. Looking up, she bore into the same eyes that watched her from before through the trees. The raptor opened its mouth to reveal many razor sharp teeth and released hot breath from the bottom of its throat. Something about the smell caused Destiny to become very dizzy and she slipped into unconsciousness. Before she hit the ground, the raptor stretched out his tail and caught her. Upon pulling her back to her feet, he gave her one last look and licked her neck affectionately before reaching his arm around her waist and dragging her off into the forest.

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