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Raptor Girl

Chapter II

Several hours had past since the raptor had knocked Destiny out and she had not yet awoken. At the moment, she was being carried underneath one of the raptor's scaly arms. Suddenly, the raptor stopped and sniffed the air. The others that were with the girl weren't anywhere near his location, which was exactly what he wanted. The long trip had caused him to grow tired however and he curled up into a ball in a small clearing. To make sure Destiny didn't wake up, he wrapped his whip-like tail around her waist and closed his eyes.

Miles away, Destiny's parents and the survivors of the attack were walking along a path that led off into the deep jungle of the island.

"What were those things?" One of the men asked Destiny's father.

"Oh come on. You've never seen a raptor before, Dennis?"

"Well, I have, just not outside a book. Aren't they supposed to be extinct?"

"That's what's what we thought. When I told you to bring guns, it was to use against any thieves or intruders we encountered, not a pack of dinosaurs."

"Where exactly are we going?" Another man asked. He had short blond hair with dark sunglasses covering his eyes.

"To find my daughter, Shawn. One of those beasts must have dragged her off. I've never read anything about this sort of behavior. I doubt she's hurt. There are no signs of a struggle."

"It's getting late, maybe we should set up camp. If that raptor ran off with Destiny and there's no sign of a fight, maybe she got away." Dennis said, shrugging.

"Unlikely, but we do need to set up camp unfortunately. We'll make two hour shifts on who keeps watch. Who knows what else could be lurking out thereā€¦"

Early the next morning, Destiny opened her eyes to find herself pinned down underneath the raptor that had kidnapped her the previous night. She opened her mouth to scream but was silenced by a claw being placed on her throat, sending a clear warning to her not to make a sound. Destiny understood the message and watched as the raptor stretched its neck down and nuzzled her chest affectionately. It slowly moved over her body, feeling every spot it could reach. Then, Destiny shivered as the raptor rolled out its tongue and ran it over her belly and up to her neck before nuzzling her lips and cheeks.

Suddenly, the raptor lifted its head and sniffed the air. Destiny took this opportunity to slide out from underneath the large talons and get to her feet. She struggle to start running but was quickly stopped by a large pair of jaws clamping down between her neck and shoulder. The raptor didn't bite hard enough to leave any marks, but made sure Destiny couldn't struggle free. He then released her and stared her directly in the eyes before released the aroma that had knocked her unconscious before. This time however, it wasn't as intense and Destiny lost control over her body. She was still conscious, but her body was limp. The raptor then picked her up under his arm and walked off into the woods. Destiny could only guess where she was being taken.

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