Crash and Burn

The Turbokat's VTOL engines gently lowered the dark plane onto the cement rooftop. The canopy hissed open, and the two kats jumped out, almost in unison landing on the hard surface.

"It's over Viper!" T-bone roared.

"It's not over till itsssss over, Sssssswatkat!" Viper said, flinging a vial of acid toward T-bone.

T-bone just barely jumped out of the way. The glass vial hit the cement and instantly began to eat through it. The acidic smell was sickening, T-bone wondered what it would have felt like had Viper hadn't missed.

"Big mistake!" T-bone hissed, pouncing onto Viper.

The large kat felt rage building in his system. Viper was always playing God. He flooded the city turning it into a large swamp. He made turned him into a mutant and nearly murdered his partner, and best friend.

"I should break your damn neck while I have the chance, Viper." T-bone said.

Viper spat into T-bones face. T-bone let out an incoherent roar, and began to continuously punch Viper in the face. Green blood began to ooze out of the mad scientist's nose.

"T-bone! Stop!" Razor yelled.

"Don't you get it, Razor? Feral will take him, and he'll just get out and kill again!" T-bone yelled.

"And we'll stop him! Let's just tie him up and leave him for the Calvary, buddy." Razor attempted to reason again.

T-bone wouldn't stop; Razor pulled out his glovatrix and felt a feeling of guilt rise in his stomach. He resisted at first, but than aimed it at T-bone.

"Sorry buddy." Razor whispered.

He fired the weapon at his friend. A net wrapped around T-bone, knocking him clean off of Dr. Viper. He lay in the net like a caged beast, his eyes burning while looking at Razor.

Before anyone could speak, Lt. Felina Feral burst through an access door. She had her weapon pulled and at the ready. She looked at Razor, the bloodied mess that was Dr. Viper and T-bone entangled in a net, angrily trying to get out of it.

"What the hell is going on up here?" Feral demanded.

"Dr. Viper was trying to put acid in the buildings water main. Good thing we got here or you'd have the worst case of explosive diarrhea ever!" Razor remarked.

"Fine. Looks like your aim is a little off, Razor." Feral said, holstering her weapon.

Dr. Viper waited for his chance. The big kat was still tied up, Feral had just put her weapon away, and the small kat had just taken his eyes off of him. He let out a small moan, his face hurt badly. He slowly inched his way onto his feet, and in the flash of an eye grabbed Feral by her neck with his lizard like tail!

"I'll ssssqueeze the life out of her!" Viper threatened.

"Calm down, Viper. Let the Lieutenant go." Razor pleaded, aiming his glovatrix at the horrible creature.

Dr. Viper's eyes went emotionless. The yellow tint of them glistened in the afternoon sun. Foam began to form at his scaley lips.

"You are in no position to make demandsss, ssswatkat." Viper hissed, tightening his grip on Feral's neck.

Feral felt her oxygen supply begin to dwindle. The rough skin on his tail was slicing through her neck. She couldn't hold out much longer. She looked at Razor just standing there, waiting for his next move.

"Shoot him" She mouthed.

Razor tried to line up a shot, but Viper blocked his sight line with the Lietuant. He had a shield, that was more inpenatrabatle than one of Dark Kat's force fields. Razor lowered his weapon.

T-bone struggled to get out of the net. He was more enraged than ever, but the net seemed to resist more and more with every move. He felt helpless.

"Game over, Ssswat Kat, you looosssse." Viper said, flashing his sharp teeth.

He flung Lt. Feral over the edge of the building, all the while keeping his eye on Razor, who was in a state of shock.

"NOOO!" T-bone yelled. He frantically began pulling at the net, but to no avail. A faint scream could be heard as Felina Feral plummeted to her doom.

Commander Feral pulled up to the entrance of the MegaKat Tower. Reports had been indicated there was a Swat Kat sighting. Just as her turned off his engine, a large object fell onto the hood of his car, splattering blood all over his windshield. He opened the door and got out to look at the item. He was shocked, laying in a bloody heap on his squad car was his niece, she laid there, dying.

"Uncle….." She moaned.

"Shh. It's ok, your going to be ok." Feral said, taking off his trench coat and covering her up.

"Kats Alive! What the hell is her father going to do to me?" He thought to himself.

"It's ok, Felina, help is coming. Hang on, please hang on!" Feral said, grasping her paw.

He took out his radio and began ordering for help, he also put in a request for a chopper backup.

"Damn you Swat Kats. You will not get away this time!" He roared after he placed the orders over his radio.

He felt the hand of his niece go limp. He checked her pulse and for any signs of breathing. There was none. He new CPR, but her body was crushed. How she managed to hang on for that long was a miracle in it's own right.

Razor was just finishing cutting through the net with a buzz saw on his glovatrix. When T-bone was free he got up and swiftly punched Razor in the face. The smaller kat's flight helmet flew off his head and bounced onto the cement rooftop.

"What the HELL are you doing, Razor?" T-bone let out.

Before Razor could answer, T-bone shoved him, he fell to the ground. T-bone was about to kick him, but remembered, Dr. Viper was still on the rooftop, or was he? The large kat scanned the rooftop, all that was left was a few puddles of that grotesque green blood. Viper had left. Once again the Swat Kats had been outsmarted, and the mutant doctor had gotten away, but this time there was a much bigger loss.

"Commander Feral is going to have kittens when he finds out his niece is dead, Razor. Why the hell did you freeze up? You had the shot!" T-bone said, taking off his helmet and throwing it down to the ground in a rage.

"No I didn't. He would have blocked it with her, I would have shot her, not him you asshole!" Razor said, getting up and dusting himself off.

"It never would have happened if you wouldn't have stopped me! Now she's dead and he got away! You don't get it, for a genius you're a total jack ass, you know that Jake? I told you, he would just come back and cause more grief. NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!" T-bone said, shoving Razor in the chest again.

T-bone walked over to the ledge Feral had been tossed over. Maybe she had caught a flagpole like in the movies, or something. He looked down from the 40 story building. His gut began to swell when he saw that Commander Feral's personal squad car was parked at the entrance of the building. An ambulance was making it's way up the street, a crowd began to gather.

Two on lookers began a conversation.

"What happened here?" A construction worker with a tray of coffees for his co workers asked.

"I dunno. I think the Swat Kats lost it, and threw and enforcer off the roof! Isn't that Commander Feral? A kat in a business suit asked.

"I think it is, damn he doesn't look so good. Isn't his niece on the force? You don't think that's her do you? The construction worker asked.

"God, I hope not. You know his brother was a judge, I used to work in his office. He wanted her to be a lawyer, never really cared much for the Enforcer's, he felt they were too militant." The kat in the suit went on.

"I never knew that. What happened to him, I don't remember a Judge Feral." The construction worker, now deeply interested went on.

"He went crazy about a decade ago, got put into an asylum outside of town. He busted out, nobody has heard of him since." The kat in the suit said, taking off his glasses and wiping some dust off of them.

T-bone turned away from the ledge and walked back toward Razor, who was still laying on the ground. He sighed, and helped Razor to his feet.

"Come on, we need to get the hell out of here. Feral is down there, I'm sure he doesn't want to see us." T-bone said, more calmer in his tone.

"You don't think that he is going to blame us, do you? Razor said, dusting off his flight suit and picking up his helmet.

"I don't know Jake. Let's not stick around to find out. Come on." T-bone said.

The two walked back to the jet. T-bone paused and looked toward the ledge again. He sighed and continued on to the jet. Moments later the engine was running and they lifted off.

"She could have lived. I've read that kats have fallen from really far up and lived to tell about it." T-bone went on.

Jake hesitated. There had been 1 or 2 events, but never from that far up. She had to have died. There was no way in hell she could have survived. "Yeah, I heard that too. She is a tough kat, she's probably ok." Jake lied.

Feral watched as the medics loaded his niece onto the ambulance. He heard a distinct engine roar from above, and watched as the Turbokat bolted off away from the scene.

A group of children, on their way home from school pointed and looked in awe at the departing Turbokat. They conversed about how cool the Swat Kats were and how they always saved the day.

The talk of the Swat Kat's being heroes sickened Feral, more than anyone else at this very moment. His niece was dead, and they had just left the scene. It didn't take a great detective to figure who was responsible.

Feral took out his radio and pushed the transmit button, this time he wouldn't let them get away so easy.

"This is Feral. Put all choppers in the sky, scramble any jet that is in service. Take down the Swat Kats, I repeat, take down the Swat Kats. If possible, bring them in alive. Have a chopper sent to the roof of MegaKat tower to pick me up. Feral out." The commander said.

Feral made his way through a group of onlookers and headed inside the building. He made his way to the elevator and headed for the rooftop. The cheap elevator music began to anger him, he ripped out the speaker projecting the music and threw it to the ground. The elevator car reached the rooftop, and the doors slid open. He walked out and began to search the rooftop for evidence. Evidence of the two murderers that killed his niece. Evidence of the two vigilantes falsely labeled as heroes, and not murderers.

To be continued…..