Razor drove his own tank smoothly, he knew the layouts and controls like the back of his paw. The radio, set to the Enforcer's private frequency was full of chatter mostly about a red and blue tank plowing through make shift road blocks towards the metropolis of Mega kat City.

"Seems like they are not putting much of a fight up." Callie said.

Before Razor could reply a large explosion hit the tank, causing it to rock. The force felt like an NFL linebacker crushing a running back at the goal line. The controls and lights in the cockpit of the tank flickered like they were trying to say ouch in their digital and mechanical way.

"It would seem that they brought out the heavy artillery!" Razor exclaimed.

He looked onto his video screen and saw that a blockade of 3 Enforcer Peacemaker tanks had begun to fire a loose volley at his tank from their turrets. One of the "loose" rounds had smashed into the Mega Tank hard, although sturdily built, it could not withstand the punishment inflicted by a group of Peace keepers, a weapon that Feral had droves under his command.

Razor began to push a variety of buttons on the tank's console he looked up to Deputy Mayor Briggs with a slight look of anxiety on his face.

"I'm sorry Ms. Briggs." He said.

"For wha-"

The sound of jet blasts filled the cabin of the tank as the seat that Callie was sitting in almost instantly rocketed out of the tank. Razor thought he could faintly hear the screams of the Deputy Mayor as she rocketed out of harms way. He pulled the visor down on his flight helmet and activated his weapons panel. And scrolled through his inventory.

"Hacker Missiles Deployed." A synthesized computer voice said.

2 missile launchers raised out of the tank's small turret and launched 2 tiny missiles. They we're headed for the 2 tanks on the sides. They reached their target, instead of exploding they clung to the sides of the tank.

"Download in progress. Stand by." Razor's computer stated.

"Damage report!" The Tank commander in the Peacekeeper on the left ordered.

"Instruments report no damage, sir! Must have been a dud!" The driver reported back to his superior officer.

Within a fraction of a second his console began to flicker on and off. Unbeknownst to him, his onboard computer was being reprogrammed by the hacker missiles.

"What the hell is going on?" The Tank Commander ordered.

The driver looked over his controls, which seemed to be non-responsive. He fidgeted nervously in his seat. His helmet began to fill with sweat.

"WELL?" The Tank Commander asked.

Before his question could be answered their vehicle began to re position itself, the engine was roaring with life, as if it was possessed. It felt as if the vehicle was turning towards the tank in the center.

"We have lost control, Sir." The driver said, shrugging.

The tank on the other side of the formation experienced the same thing. Both of them had spun around facing the center tank and their engines were revving hard. The crew of the center tank oblivious to what was going on, fired another shot at Razors tank, barely missing.

Razor grinned and pressed a toggle forward. Through his video monitor he watched as the two tanks slammed into the center tank full force, a puff of smoke emitted from the center tank. The 6 Enforcers slowly exited their tank gasping for air, the smoke was thick.

"BINGO. Courtesy of Hard Drive." Razor stated.

Razor had confiscated most of Hard Drive's equipment on an earlier mission, almost a decade ago and had been working on the Hacker Missiles in secret for quite some time. Most of the weapons in the secret hanger were confiscated from enemies over the years. The Mega tank (MT) was in fact was assembled by Chop-Shop. Before Razor could reflect on his small victory he heard the rumbling of helicopters approaching.

"Attention Swat Kats! Surrender and exit the vehicle with your hands up!" A voice ordered over a loud speaker.

Swat Kats. There was a word that made Razor's heart sink like a boat smashing into an iceberg. There was now only one Swat Kat. Chance/ T-bone was AWOL.