"Hello everybody, I'm Tink Tinkinson newscaster extraordinaire along with my co-newscaster Tim Doug Doug."

"A pleasure to be here on location on this marvelously ghostly day here at Luigi's Mansion. Is it just me Tink or is this a great day for ghosts and a bad day for racing?"

"You could be right about the ghosties Tim. Right now the racers will need a miracle, a priest and maybe some holy water to win this race."

"Right you are Tink. It's the third lap on the final race of the 150cc Flower Cup ladies and gentlemen. The stakes are low, small in fact. The Flower Cup was not really necessarily vital tothe long term victory of the Nitro Grand Prix. But it seems like things are about to take a turn to the competitive side."

"Third round of Luigi's Mansion had just begun and for the last two laps Princess Daisy Flora ofSarsaland has led the pack. Heating up her heels is Donkey Kong of the Kongo Islandsand behind him, Yoshi of the Yoshi Islands."

"Just take a look at the track Tink. It looks to me like there is another case of royal road rage andsome primal gung ho between the first and second racers."

"Butting heads and clashing bumpers to me Tim. Forget the standings in the race, the talk of the circuit are the intense competition involving Princess Daisy and Donkey Kong. For thepast four tours, Daisy and DK have thrown many an ill will and turtle shell at each other."

"Right you are Tink. All that frustration and tension between the two racers seems to be coming to a head here as they battle within Luigi's Mansion."


Daisy cut off DK as he tried to take the lead.

Passing the king of the jungle a teasing caustic wink, Daisy hit her mushroom item. DK sneered as Daisy sped up further with the help of her mushroom nitro.

Aiming with precision DK flung his banana just far enough in front of the princess so that she could not avoid slipping on it. With the banana in her way, Daisy could do little to avoid the 'naner peel.

The skid didn't slow her down very much, but just enough to where DK could slip into first.

The track led through the Mansion's back door and into the garden.

Flying out of the ghoulish mansion, Daisy was trying to regain her position as first while trying to steer through the haunted backyard. Faking her Dykes and doing her best offensive, DK was not going to allow Daisy so much as a window through.

Now the track led into a muddy area with walking trees behind the Mansion. Still Daisy and DK were basically stuck to themselves, both too stubborn to give their position away.

Seeing the last corkscrew turns to the finish line, Daisy knew that it was now or never.

To cut in front of the Kongo King, Daisy tried her secret move. Doing a bogus right offensive, DK would turn to cut her off. While he turned, Daisy cut left. The plan would have worked, if the princess had accounted on the gooeyness of the mud.

Cutting to the right, Daisy planned to fake it, but her back end kicked out, pushing her rear to the front and pulling her nose back. Still it looked pretty convincing. DK swerved to cut her off, only to find Daisy's car pushing his. The two racers sped off into the thick mud on the sides of the road.

They came to a stop, both very safe but their race was very ruined.

Daisy stood on her seat while DK watched from his as Yoshi crossed first followed by Bowser, Wario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Dry Bones and finally Mario.

"This is all your fault!" DK accused standing in his car, pointing at Daisy.

"MY fault?!" Daisy blurted out, throwing her hands in the air. "YOU are the one who decided to turn! I would have recovered if YOU hadn't turned into me!"

"Your stupid move cost me a WIN!" DK ranted.

"YOUR win?!" Daisy returned. "I was going to win if YOU hadn't launched that cheap shot with the banana!"

"CHEAP SHOT?!" DK fumed. "YOU would have done the same thing!"

"Says who?" Daisy crossed her arms. "I'm a lady and would do no such thing!"

"WHAT?! You pulled the same stunt on the Mushroom Cup!" DK shot back. "You're no lady."

Right there Daisy seethed. Taking the most plentiful ammunitions she could, Daisy scooped a huge handful of mud and threw it at DK.


The mud missed DK completely but hit the Rambler, his racing car. DK gasped.

"I wouldn't get too mad Donkey Kong," Daisy crossed her arms and looked away. "Your car was ugly way before it was dirty."


Daisy was knocked clean out of her car by a mud ball that beaned her on the head. On her hands and knees, elbow deep in mud and her dress ruined, Daisy got up.

"You nasty, dirty APE!" she cried, face red with anger. "I hate you! I never want to see you again!"

And she wadded through the deep mud to the track.

"Yeah?! Well, the feeling's mutual toots!" Donkey Kong hollered back from his car.



"'Yeesh' is right Tim. It's times like these you ask yourself, "Why can't we be friends?""

"Let's hope they settle their differences before they are either disqualified or partnered up for the Double Dash tour of the Nitro Grand Prix. This could get ugly Tinker."

"Well, knowing the way the universe works Tim, those two will be paired up."

"How could you accurately know the way the universe works Tink?"

"Haven't we all heard this "love/hate" piece? But working together can both parties learn their value and become friends. Only in this case we are at a race track."

"… You need to lay off the sappy fanfiction® stories Tink."

"On with the story!"

Back at the winner circle Yoshi was getting a huge applause from his fellow racers.

"Way to go Yoshi!" Peach cheered, giving the little dinosaur a big hug.

Yoshi purred his delight and gave Princess Toadstool a huge lick.

For Peach finishing sixth was not such a bad thing, since she had won the race before this.

"Great-a driving," Luigi said, hopping out of his kart to congratulate Yoshi.

But Peach sunk once she saw her boyfriend's face. A twist of "I can't believe I finished eighth" and "Don't look at me!" was on his face.

But the Mushroom Kingdom princess knew just how to make him smile.

"You did great Mario," she whispered before pecking him on the cheek.

"Great-a?" Mario asked, rubbing the spot where she had kissed him. "I-a finished eighth-a."

Peach gave him a knowing smile.

"That's fine," she stated. "Everyone has their off days."

Just then Mario and Peach heard hysterical laughter from behind them. Bowser, Wario and Dry Bones were in stitches as they watched a figure from the bog appear. Upon watching the figure for a long moment, Peach cringed.

"Daisy? Is that you?!" Peach questioned rushing up to the Sarsaland princess. "What happened?"

But when Peach reached out to touch Daisy, her fellow princess swatted away her hand. Then Peach realized the tears threatening to fall out of Daisy's eyes.

"You know how you told me that my competitiveness with Kong was going to get ugly?" Daisy asked as she passed.

"Yes," Peach answered, giving her friend a quizzical look.

"Well, it just did," was all Daisy said before stomping off to her racing trailer.

Peach could do little but watch her royal friend walk off.

"What did they do this time?" Toadstool asked herself shaking her head.

Just as Daisy slammed her trailer door shut, a pilot car with Donkey Kong in the back seat pulled up to the fellow racers. The king of the jungle looked ticked off.

DK hopped out of the pilot car, looking like he was embarrassed to even be in the vehicle.

"What happened?" Toad asked, moving up to DK.

DK looked at the little mushroom through the corners of his eyes.

"That bad?!" Toad echoed, gasping.

Donkey Kong nodded.

"Both the Royal Pain's and my kart went into the mud," DK said, looking into the sky, full of dissatisfaction.

"What did you two do to each other this time?" princess Peach asked, words heated and irritated.

DK grew defensive.

"Daisy pushed ME into the mud!" he blurted out, throwing his hands in the air. "SHE started it!"

"No, not that!" Peach explained. "WHY is Daisy all filthy?"

DK shifted his eyes and cleared his throat.

"She… she… she fell in," DK answered, lying with flying colors. "You know how clumsy Daisycan be."

The deep pursed lips and the unconvinced stare showed that Peach was not buying his story.

"From the top of her head down to her feet?" Toadstool hissed. "DK I believe you are lying to me."

"SHE threw the first mud bomb!" DK growled.

Peach's stare grew to astonishment.

"How could you throw mud on a girl? I thought you were more behaved than that!" Peach was offended.

"DK did-a what?" Luigi happened to catch the last of Peach's rant.

"DK threw mud all over Daisy," Toadstool answered, eyebrows raised high in the air.

"Actually, I hit her with the mud ball and she fell and…" seeing that this was not helping him, DK's mouth snapped shut.

Luigi's mouth hung open.

"You go apologize to her RIGHT NOW!" Peach commanded.

A disgusted scowl threatened to contort his face when DK clapped a hand over his eyes.

"No way!" he shot back. "We'll tear each other's head off! It's just a question of who gets who first!"

"GO APOLOGIZE NOW!" Peach roared.

DK had enough of Peach's commands and voice. He walked away with Peach still yelling at him.

"Are all women like this or just the ones I know?" he grumbled to himself as he shuffled to his racing trailer.


"Ouch. It looks like Donkey Kong was caught in a little white lie."

""Ouch" is right Tim. What is worse than beaning a girl with a mud ball? Beaning a girl with a mud ball and lying about it. Oooh. It may take some time for DK to get back his friends'respect."

"In the mean time, race arrangements have taken a strange turn. It appears that the big wigs, heading the Nitro Grand Prix have taken notice of our racers."

"Ooo, weird Tim. Belligerent competitors are to be paired up accordingly with their fiercest rival and ride as partners on this weekend's up coming Double Dash tour of the NitroGrand Prix."

"Gee Tink, you sure called that one."

"Sure did Tim. Now let's hope our favorite enemies will do well in the Nitro GP. Now I'm off to predict earthquakes and tax exemptions."

"Have fun with that Tink. Now it seems that things have cooled off enough for a few kind words."

The Power Flower kart had been towed back to Daisy's station. Besides having mud crammed all through its undercarriage, the Power Flower was in good shape. Daisy's pit crew cleaned the mud from the underside and offered to give the car a washing to prevent further damage to the kart's paint job. But Daisy dismissed them.

She felt it was partly her fault and that a big, ugly cleaning job would get her mind off of her ruined dress.

Spraying all the big clumps and gobs of mud off of her kart, all's that's left was the washing and waxing. Grabbing a bucket and a good amount of car soap, Daisy set to work.

Soon, the water grew dark brown. Changing the water, there was just a little more to be washed.

"Hey Dais," Peach came up behind her.

Daisy blew out a sigh, blowing her bangs out of her eyes.

"Hi Peach," she turned around to the Mushroom Kingdom princess. "What's up?"

"Nothing," Peach returned walking around the Power Flower, looking at Daisy's wash job. "How's your dress?"

Daisy looked to the ground.

"That was my last dress!" she hissed to the heavens. "I'm having them rush order me three more, and hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow morning."

"That explains the short tennis shorts and orange T-shirt," Peach scratched off a fleck of mud with her fingernail.

Daisy huffed and slathered more soap on her bumper.

"Did DK apologize yet?" Peach asked innocently as she peered over the backseat at Daisy.

Daisy stood, glaring at Peach like she had just blow-torched her hair.


The Sarsaland princess snarled and vigorously scrubbed her bumper. Peach was irritated.

"Technically DK's an ape," she ran her fingers through her hair.

Daisy snorted.

"If I see that ape again it'd be too soon," she growled.

Peach sighed.

"You guys used to get along so well," Toadstool voiced, going down memory lane. "Remember when we played baseball? Or when we all went golfing? Or when we played tennistogether? What happened?"

Daisy looked up at Peach.

"I said stupid stuff," she answered.

Peach raised her eyebrows, wanting to hear more.

"Let's just say he doesn't like losing," Daisy added. "DK is so competitive!"

Peach shrugged, and then sunk back into her seat.

"Well," she began. "You should make amends with DK. He's a nice, easy-going guy and would probably agree to make corrections. Because the issues you have between each other isstarting to ruin the good sport for the rest of us."

Daisy dropped her sponge.

"What?!" she demanded.

Peach stuck her nose in the air.

"You know exactly what I mean Daisy Floral," she answered. "Your incessant bickering is driving us crazy. We let you guys get into the lead so we don't have to listen to the arguing."

Daisy fumed.

"Thank you for your advice, but I think I can handle it," Floral growled.

Peach looked back at her fellow princess.

"You're welcome!" she pipped up. "But you really should apologize. It makes life a lot more easier."

Daisy stuck her tongue out.

"Says Peach Toadstool, president of the 'I hate Bowser' club," Daisy retorted.

Peach did little more that fluff her hair.

"I'll be in my trailer if you need me," she replied, getting out of the Power Flower and walking off.

Daisy's lip curled into a scowl.

"Man, does she do that just to watch me squirm?" she asked herself.


"Ahhh… Girl talk. Everything seems more clear now."

"… No it doesn't Tim!

"Note the sarcasm folks. This is sarcastic Tim Doug-Doug reporting to you live with the Double Dash partner-ups in hand. Oooh… It doesn't look good for Yoshi. Apparently he andWario Mario are going to be paired up for the Double Dash!"

"Wouldn't want to be behind Wario at all."

"That's right Tink. Bowser is with Luigi, Toad is with Mario, Dry Bones with sweet Princess Peach and Daisy with Donkey Kong. Pay good money for tickets or thumb-wrestle yourlittle sister for the best seat on the couch! We are going to the Double Dashes!"

"Hey everybody!" Toad came running from trailer to trailer. "The Double Dash team ups are …UP!"

In the blink of an eye, everyone was at the information boards, greedily reading who they were going to be partnered with.

"I'm with Dry Bones?!" Peach questioned. "I've always been good! I've never rear-ended or side-swiped anyone!"

"Chart says you did," Bowser pointed to a colorful chart, showing who with whom and how many times.

Peach hung her head and sulked away from the crowd. After a few colorful words by Bowser and Wario, the rest of the racers were fairly down with their new partners. Daisy and DK were late but found their way to the board.

Upon reading who she was paired with, Daisy stood in a silence as she contemplated its meaning. DK did the same, but stole a few glances at the princess' face.

"This has got to be a joke," Daisy finally spoke. "This is a joke. It's not? ...WHO'S PUNISHING ME?!?"

With that she stomped off. DK's reaction was quieter. He only asked to see his lawyer.

"The Double Dash tourney is only three days away," Daisy hissed to herself as her trailer door slammed behind her. "I have three days to get along with that ape."

At the thought of swallowing her pride and apologizing, Daisy's bottom lip quivered.

"But if I can't apologize, then there goes my shot at the Mario Kart Cup," she was at an impasse.

Daisy pulled herself together with a deep inhale. She was going to do it! Daisy Floral was going to apologize!

Over the stereo and banana rolling around in his mouth, DK heard a knock at his door. Stepping over the many banana peels and turned down his stereo, DK went to his door. When he opened it, he could barely believe whose eyes he looked into.

"What?" he blinked, the only thing popping out of his mouth besides banana.

A million scenarios running through his head as to why Daisy would be at his door, DK was hanging on her every word.

"I'm sorry," Daisy said after inhaling. "Truly sorry DK."

Thinking his ears were playing tricks on him, DK narrowed his eyes.

"What?" he asked.

Daisy bit her bottom lip.

"I'm sorry," she answered. "For everything. Every stupid thing I've said or any dumb thing I've ever done to you… I apologize."

DK just stood there, looking at her. The moment of silence almost made Daisy go crazy. Finally DK pushed the rest of his banana into his mouth.

"Why now?" he mumbled through the food in his mouth.

"We can't race together if we can't get along," Daisy replied. "If we can't race together, how can we win together?"

Oh… The Double Dash.

"Well," DK stated, after swallowing. "You should have apologized sooner."

Inside, Daisy was fuming.

"Yeah, I know," she answered, dropping her head.

"I mean, there was a day or two I really needed to hear that from you," DK continued.

He was using the guilt trip, Daisy was sure of it.

"I know it was a long time coming," Daisy almost growled. "I'm stupid."

It was nice hearing Daisy say that she was stupid and sorry, but DK knew she was only moved to apologize because of the race.

DK sighed.

"Now that you got passed that," he said, leaning on his door frame, "what are you going to do about it?"

Daisy raised her head.

"Let's race," she answered.

Ten minuets later they were back inside Luigi's Mansion, both on DK's Rambler. Daisy was driving since she won the coin toss. But now she was kinda regretting taking the wheel, because she had DK's criticism choking her driving skills.

"Put a little more torque into the turn!" DK said over the roar of the engine.

Daisy followed his instructions, pressing down on the gas as she tore around another corner. But she was going so fast she couldn't turn quick enough. The side of the Rambler slammed into a brick wall. DK was almost knocked off the back of the car as he stood, practicing standing for the Double Dash.

"What was that?!" he growled, throwing his hands in the air. "You almost killed me!"

Daisy scowled, gripping the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white.

"Get to the next turn and follow my instructions!" the ape barked.

Daisy didn't let a comment slip from her mouth as she put the racer back into drive.

She only had to suffer this indignity until she was kissing the Double Dash trophy.

Daisy took another turn, with as much speed as DK ordered. The same thing happened. The Rambler slammed its side into a tree though, making DK fly off.

"I wonder if you'd be more careful if we drove the Power Flower," DK gritted his teeth as he collected himself from the grass and bushes he was tossed into.

Daisy, on the other hand, thought the sight to be very funny. She watched with a very entertained smile as the ape stood and stomped over to her.

"I'll show you how to turn a turn!" he stated. "Out Princess."

He threw his thumb over his shoulder, gesturing for Daisy to get out of the driver's seat. The Sarsaland princess hopped out and straightened her hair and shorts.

"Let's see if you can live up to your own expectations Donkey Kong," she brushed off her T-shirt.

DK rolled his eyes as she climbed onto the Rambler's back seat. DK climbed into the driver's seat and passed Daisy a crazy glance.

"Hold on to your butt," he told her and put the car into drive.

Daisy made a face and tightened her grip on the bar. DK punched it. The Rambler took off, wheels squealing so loud it hurt.

Moments later, the Rambler exited Luigi's mansion, a feat that would have taken another racer five minuets. The Rambler did a donut before coming to a not so gentle stop. DK let out an entertained cackle.

"I NEVER get tired of that!" he cheered, pumping his fist.

Then he noticed the mosquito in his ear stopped.

"Daisy?" he asked, passing a glance behind him. "Daisy? Did I lose you back there?"

Daisy WAS still on the car, but still holding on to dear life even though they had come to a complete stop. She unclenched her eyes when she didn't feel her body being jerked in every direction. Daisy opened her eyes and saw DK smiling at her.

"THAT'S how you take turns princess," he gave her a cocky grin.

Daisy jumped off the Rambler like it was red hot.

"YOU'RE INSANE!" the Sarsaland princess accused, standing a distance from the crazy ape. "You drive like I'm not even hanging off your car!"

As Daisy straightened her crown and smoothed the wrinkles from her clothes, she heard DK laugh.

"I'll take that as a compliment princess," he chuckled.

"You call that driving?" Daisy asked. "I've never seen such a barbaric pilot behind the wheel."

That got DK annoyed.

"Hey now princess," the ape hopped out of the Rambler. "If we cut time in half, we could win the Double Dashes with our eyes closed."

"I wish you WOULD drive with your eyes open," Daisy commented, straightening her crown again.

DK scoffed.

"You could loosen up on the road," he retorted. "You talk, act and drive like you have a wedgie all the time. The only thing missing with you is signaling when you take a turn."

Daisy whirled around, starring down the ape.

"I do not!" she snapped.

"Listen," DK held up his hands, "all's I'm saying is to loosen up. Take a turn tight and ride the accelerator. When it comes down to the nitty gritty the other drivers won't give a care ifyou are a proper princess. They are going to drive by you like you were never there and take the gold out from under you. Take some advice: loosen up and go with it."

Daisy looked away. In her gut, she knew the ape was right and that she was too decorous on the course. If she didn't become more aggressive, Sarsaland might lose another trophy.

"Fine," she walked over to the Rambler. "I'll take this course again and this time, I will get the turns right."


"Wow Tim! I never thought I'd see so much interaction between the two. Doesn't it make ya want to cry?"

"Let's just hope that Daisy and DK can hold it together for two weeks. The Double Dash is said to be one of the most grueling race in the entire Nitro Grand Prix! Five tracks with eachof the four events and the forth match will be held against the first, second and third competitors, the others will be eliminated."

"I'm so excited!"

"As am I Tink. But the racers only have two days to practice! Will our favorite rivals have what it takes to win? Or will they be kissing dirt and any hopes of their friendship torn?"

The next morning, Thursday, all of the competitors were practicing being partnered up. Granted it was a lot harder to switch places mid-race or hang on while taking a sharp turn. Not to mention all of the new items and the new cars they had to master.

Just for competition sake and after a dare of sorts, Wario and Yoshi challenged all of players to a race.

"Yes-a," Wario Mario began folding his arms as he had the full attention of the racers, "why not-a have-a race to see who-a is-a really the best?"

Yoshi was a little less enthusiastic about challenging everyone to a race but complied anyway.

"We'll take you and that over-grown gecko to the cleaners!" Bowser declared, paired with Luigi.

"Yeah!" Toad pipped up. "Mario and I'll make custard out of you!"

After a waterfall of threats and bragging, the racers settled down enough for Wario to speak.

"Fine-a, pretenders," Wario grinned. "The race-a goes like-a this. There will-a be three-a laps around-a Loogie's mansion. Partners-a with-a the best-a overall score-a wins."

"Can we use the new cars and items?" Peach raised her hand from behind Dry Bones.

Wario nodded, a nasty, villainous grin split his face. Peach squealed, clapping her hands.

"YOU'RE ALL GOING DOWN!!" Peach threatened in her manly voice, pointing at all around.

Daisy and DK glanced at each other.

"You got-a five minuets!" Wario barked.

All the racers dissipated to their cars.

"Uhh…" DK began as he and Daisy approached their cars. "Which one do you wanna take?"

Daisy passed the ape a glance. Distaste and a little loathing was written on his face as he looked at her racer. The orange Heart Coach. It was a racer fit for a princess. It had great acceleration and reached top speeds, but it looked entirely too small for both of them.

"Yours," she replied before thinking.

"Sweet!" DK pumped his fist and jumped into the driver's seat. "Driver!"

At seeing his car, Daisy regretted it. It was nothing but a barrel with wheels.

"That's your car?" she asked, though she sounded more accusing than she meant to.

DK leaned back in his seat, one arm hanging off the top of his chair and passed the princess a cocky glance.

"No frilly carriage here," DK patted the steering wheel. "This is the DK Jumbo. Heavy, but reaches top speeds."

"Is it safe?" Daisy gingerly approached the rickety looking car. "I mean, will a wheel break or will it burst into flames?"

DK wasn't entirely sure.

"We'll soon find out," the ape replied. "Hop in, we're gonna be late!"

Daisy wearily climbed into the item partner position.

"Comfortable?" DK asked, smiling.

Daisy looked at him like he was crazy.

"GREAT!" he cheered. "Let's go!"

He slammed his foot on the accelerator and the barrel car took off like a dream. DK let out a laugh as he took off to Luigi's mansion. The acceleration was slow, but once Daisy felt the wind whipping through her hair, she knew she made the right choice.

Day turned to night as they neared Luigi's mansion. Dark clouds choked out the sunlight, making the grounds seem foreboding and cursed.

Rumors circulated that the manor was haunted, but it wasn't until Luigi "won" the house through a contest he didn't even enter the rumors were confirmed. After cleaning all the ghosts out of the mansion, Luigi allowed the place to be used in the Mario Kart.

When Daisy and DK arrived, only a handful of racers had yet to show. Their entrance didn't go unnoticed.

"Well, lookie here-a," Wario nudged Yoshi, who passed him an annoyed glare. "The-a princess-a and the monkey-a think they-a can win-a in a barrel."

Wario laughed, DK scowled and Daisy looked over at his vehicle.

The Wario Car? How original.

"This barrel will show up your pathetic ride Wario," DK retorted one arm hanging off the top of his seat.

The overweight Mario opposite laughed like they were stupid.

"Say that-a at-a the finish-a line Donkey," Wario said back, before ignoring them.

Donkey Kong gritted his teeth, sunk in his seat and gripped the steering wheel. "Monkey" and "Donkey" were not his favorite nicknames.

"You realize that I will have to get out and push," Daisy joked in his ear as she knelt down to him.

DK smirked and looked back at Daisy.

"I hope you took your vitamins princess," he stated back.

Daisy smirked.

"Don't call me princess anymore," she instructed. "Call me partner."

"Fine partner," DK answered, returning his stare to the course in front of them. "You can call me sir."

Daisy rolled her eyes.

She then heard the rest of the drivers pull up behind them. Bowser and Luigi pulled next to the DK Jumbo in their Koopa King while the other followed suit. Luigi, standing in the Thrower position, passed Daisy a warm grin.

"Good luck-a princess," he smiled kindly.

Daisy felt her cheeks heat just a little.

"You to Luigi," she replied.

Bowser and DK followed their comments with mocking them.

"You to Luigi," DK batted his eyelashes.

Daisy glared at him.

"Stop it Donkey Kong," she growled. "You're embarrassing yourself."

DK laughed.

"You make a fool of yourself without me," the ape pipped.

Daisy slapped her forehead in exasperation.

Just then Latiku came floating down from nowhere, holding the go sign.

"So sorry it took me long time!" he said through a thick Japanese accent as he straightened his glasses. "Great big cheep cheep just caught!"

Latiku held out his arm span eyes big. The little flagger was an expert fisherman as all the racers knew.

"Just-a start the-a race all ready-a!" Wario shouted at Latiku as the Throwers took their positions behind the cars.

Latiku shot Wario a glare before pressing the power button to the starting sign.

DK looked back at Daisy as she readied to push the vehicle.

"You remember how to start?" the ape asked, entirely serious.

Daisy nodded, making starting blocks for her feet in the dirt.

"Too much," the flagger sighed, pressing the button on the go sign.

As he did that, the count down for the beginning of the race commenced.





In a squeal of tires and in a puff of smoke, the racers took off.

DK and Daisy took the lead while the other racers choked at the starting point. The Sarsaland princess had a hard time getting into the back of the car. But with a pull from DK, Daisy got onto the car.

"Hold tight partner!" DK hollered over the roar of the engine.

The first lap was candy and DK and Daisy ate it up. They did surprisingly better than their past practicing rounds, but the second lap meant a new problem. All the items the other racers spent were now littered all over the track. Bananas, rouge green turtle shells, upside-down question marks and other items Daisy and DK have never seen.

"Hey look!" DK stated as they entered the gate to the mansion. "A Yoshi egg."

Daisy only guessed at DK's reasoning. Maybe he thought it was full of extra nitrous mushrooms or something. But it wasn't. As soon as the DK Jumbo's tires hit the egg, Daisy and DK went spinning.

It took a moment for Daisy's world to stop spinning, opening her eyes she saw that they were knocked off course. DK was dazed.

"Switch!" Daisy said to him. "DK! Switch with me!"

The ape tried to shake the stars from his head.

"No, I'm fine!" he said back, slamming his foot on the gas.

They sped back on course, but a little out of control. Daisy was being jerked around as DK fought the dizziness in his head.

"DK!" Daisy called to her partner as she fought the swinging of the car. "Switch!"

"I said I got it!" DK snapped back, shaking his head again.

But DK wasn't fine, not with the way they were swaying and sliding over the track. Daisy could only hang on as DK hit the accelerator.

Then came the worse part of the course. The sharp turns through the mansion's garden and graveyard. In the ditches on either side of the road, the mud was still thick and goopy. One wrong move and they could get stuck.

The DK Jumbo tore through the backyard and graveyard, coming up fast was the garden with the roving trees.

"You're gonna crash!" Daisy was wide-eyed at how close DK was getting to the sides of the roads. "Let me drive!"

"No way!" DK returned.

Miraculously DK and Daisy made it through the garden and started the final lap way in front of the other racers. DK seemed to have beaten the dizziness in his head because the rest of the final lap, they did excellently.

DK and Daisy crossed the finish line, coming to a stop in front of Latiku.

"Winner! Winner!" Latiku cheered as he waved his victory flag.

DK hopped out of the driver's seat and whooped.

"That's how you drive!" he shouted and doing a small happy dance.

Daisy hopped out of the Thrower's position and marched over to her partner.

"Come here," Daisy curled her finger in a gesture for DK to come closer.

DK gave her a funny look but leaned in closer. Daisy clasped his head in her hands and began searching for the whelp on his melon.

"What are you doing?" he asked flustered and trying to pull away.

"You don't have even a bump," Daisy said holding his head firmly. "No sign of even the slightest head trauma. SO WHY DID YOU LOSE YOUR MIND?!"

Daisy let go of DK and put her hands on her hips waiting for his answer. DK rubbed his head where Daisy had put her hands before answering.

"I said I could handle it," he returned. "And I did."

The Sarsaland princess sighed.

"We spun out and when you couldn't shake the rocks from your head, you refused to let me drive," she glowered.

"But we still made it!" DK threw his arms in the air. "First place!"

DK held up the number one sign on his finger. Daisy pushed his hand out of her face.

"On a practice round DK," she stated. "If we do not start acting like a team, we will not win."

DK scoffed.

"You couldn't drive in there anyway," he commented. "If I let you drive, we'd be in the ditch, stuck up to our wheel wells in mud."

Daisy narrowed her eyes at him.

"You didn't even give me a chance," she replied.

DK's face fell.

"Take me to my trailer Donkey Kong," Daisy huffed, getting back into the Thrower's position.

After they had gotten back into base camp Daisy hopped out and walked to her trailer.

DK watched her go with a frown on his face.

"Sorry partner," he whispered as Daisy slammed her trailer door.

"I'm all tingly from the melo-drama!"

"That's nice to know Tink. I'm starting to see the bone-crushing competitiveness in our favorite king of the jungle."

"The Double Dash is for partners only. If DK doesn't pull his act together, he won't only have Princess Daisy breathing down his neck but the Mario Kart big wigs as well."

"Will Donkey Kong and Princess Daisy be able to pull off the Double Dash? Or with Daisy slip on one of DK's bananas of competitiveness, figuratively? Or will DK be choked out byPrincess Daisy's weeds of needing to be first, figuratively?"

"……. Figuratively Tim?"

"Yes… or something like that…"

All the racers returned from the race to find DK and Daisy waiting for them. Most of the racers were happy to touch ground after that long race.

Dry Bones jumped out of the Thrower's position to kiss terra firma.

"Come on Dry Bones," Peach said sweetly as she gingerly stepped out of the Heart Coach. "You're all ready dead, you shouldn't be afraid of my driving."

Mario and Toad were satisfied with their race, coming in second. They gave each other a high-five as they hopped out of Mario's car.

Luigi and Bowser came in third. The younger Mario brother was fine with third, but King Koopa was fit to be tied. Bowser hated coming behind Mario.

"You cheated!" Bowser hollered at Mario and Toad before stomping off to his trailer.

"Gee," Daisy walked up to Luigi as he hopped out of the Thrower's position. "You might have to get rid of him Luigi."

Luigi chuckled.

"How-a was-a your race princess?" he asked, leaning on the Koopa King car.

Daisy sighed, looking over to DK's trailer.

"I sat in the back the whole time," she answered glumly crossing her arms. "Yours?"

Luigi shrugged.

"Same-a here," the younger Mario brother answered putting his hands in his pockets.

The Sarsaland princess passed Luigi a grin.

"Did you master your new item?" Daisy asked, eyes brightening.

Luigi looked up into the sky for a moment.

"Not-a really," he returned. "I'm-a not accurate enough-a yet."

Daisy nodded.

"It's different from the standard turtle-shell, mushroom, 'naner," she added. "Anyway… I know I'm not gonna get any practicing done with my partner."

She threw her thumb over her shoulder at DK's trailer.

"I'd like to learn how to use my item," Daisy continued. "So I was wondering if I could practice-"

But Daisy was cut off.

"Then why don't we go practicing?" she heard DK's voice from behind her.

Princess Floral turned around seeing DK munching on a banana.

"Umm…" she returned, trying to think a way out of this. "Well, I was just going to ask Luigi if he would like to practice with me."

DK's eyes went wide before he grinned. Daisy glanced over at Luigi for curiosity sake. The younger Mario brother was blushing like a tomato. Daisy tried to shake the image.

"Okay," the ape gave a very entertained grin. "But what about practicing together Daisy? Don't forget that we're partners."

Daisy blinked.

"But," the Sarsaland princess gestured toward Luigi, "I know I'll actually be able to practice with Luigi. He and I will take turns."

Then DK frowned and narrowed his eyes in uncertainty.

"I'll let you drive," he blinked. "And I'll let you practice."

Daisy sighed.

"Like you did today?" she asked honestly. "During the practice race?"

DK groaned, rolling eyes dramatically.

"Don't tell me you are still stuck on THAT!" he voiced, exasperated. "I said I was sorry!"

"No you didn't," Daisy growled. "I'd just like to practice with my item and actually get a chance to drive!"

DK rolled his eyes again.

"FINE!" he threw his hands in the air. "You wanna drive? Fine! I still need to practice with my item. Let's go."

The ape turned on his heel and walked to the DK Jumbo.

"No DK," he heard Daisy object. "I would like to practice with Luigi."

DK turned hands across his chest.

"Also fine with me!" he retorted. "Take your boyfriend, practice with him, and let the goodie-two shoes learn all your secrets. Lose the Double Dash trophy! I don't care!"

With that Donkey Kong stomped back to his trailer, leaving Daisy alone with all the stares from the other racers.

Daisy slumped.

"Sorry Luigi," she turned to him. "I guess my partner's right. We can't practice together."

Luigi looked less disappointed than her.

"All right-a," he let. "I guess-a I'll see-a you-a around then."

Daisy gave an apologetic grin as she watched Luigi walk off. The Sarsaland princess made a mental note to strangle DK when she got him alone. But until that time, Daisy was going to take a drive by herself.

Running over to her trailer, getting a jacket, Daisy hopped into her Power Flower. Gunning the engine, she took off in a roar, heading to the Coco Mountain.

The drive was for clearing her head and just getting away from that opinionated partner of hers for a while. Heading up the twisting and narrow roads to her favorite quiet spot on the Coco Mountain, it was refreshing not to hear his voice in her ear.

DK was a talented driver, Daisy'll give him that. But he wasn't too good at sharing the driving part of the Double Dash. It felt like metal grating on metal when she argued…no… when she SAW the ape.

Daisy was such a perfectionist on the race track. And now that she thought about it, DK was an uncompromising racer, thorough-type person too… Maybe riding with someone else just like her, she'd begin to understand how she hated herself. Or something like that.

Daisy couldn't help but wonder if the Mario Kart big wigs were out to get her.

Daisy soon came to a lookout, higher up the mountain than the usual traveler would go. It was HER spot. A spot she could come and look over the entire Mushroom Kingdom and parts of Bowser's realm. Daisy saw the smog coming in from Koopa land as it was pushed by the wind. The sky darkened with the incoming pollutants, but now Daisy could see just a sliver of Sarsaland.

Turning the key in her ignition, the Power Flower turned off and all that was heard was the wind.

Call it being homesick, Daisy called it therapy.

"This rambling by the director/producer/writer/cliff-diver is giving me a headache."

"It's putting me to sleep Tink. But we're here to liven things up! It seems that DK has a jealous streak! Will he keep a possessive grip on the steering wheel as he does on his partner?"

"At this rate, DK and Daisy have a spot in the losers circle. Pass the popcorn, this is gonna get ugly!"

Evening fell and it was now pretty much dark out. At first DK thought himself a chump to even worry about the overly dramatic Sarsaland princess, but when he saw Peach pacing around the base camp, he wondered.

"Hey Peach," DK greeted, meandering over to the Mushroom Kingdom princess, "what's up?"

Peach spun on her heel at the sound of his voice.

"What did you say to her now Donkey Kong?" she pointed an angry finger in his face.

"Nothin'," DK answered crossing his arms. "Absolutely nothin'."

"Nothing huh?" Peach repeated, and then looked at the gate with concerned eyes. "I hope she's all right."

The Mushroom Kingdom princess held to silence as she looked off into the darkness.

"How long Daisy been gone?" DK asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Five hours…" Peach quivered. "Five hours… I so hope she's all right."

FIVE hours?

The thought made DK's face contort into a worried/annoyed grimace.

"Doesn't she know we have a race in the morning?" he asked out loud, almost growling.

DK slapped his hands over his mouth.

It was too late. Peach whirled around at the ape, an unnatural fury in her blue eyes.

"You have a lot of nerve DK," she scolded. "Treating Daisy like a one-way ticket to another trophy. Last I checked, she was a person, not another kart attachment."

Peach huffed, crossing her arms at him.

"The whole base camp heard the way you two carried on today!" she continued. "Maybe if you give Daisy a little more courtesy, she would not hate you so!"

The princess growled, face darkening with the bad thought.

The thought of being nicer and more… considering to Daisy flashed across DK's mind, though it never took root in his thinking process. He figured it was just a brain fart.

"Ooooh! I see headlights!" DK heard Peach cheer as she bounced up and down.

Sure enough the Power Flower's distinguishable headlights and purring was heard. Daisy pulled in to the base camp, passing DK and Peach, looking unharmed. DK sighed in relief. At least his partner will be here for the race.

Daisy stopped her car in front of her trailer and pulled off her racing helmet, gloves and goggles. Shaking her flat hair, the Sarsaland princess sighed. It was good to be back.

"Daisy Petunia Floral!" she heard Peach's angry voice from across the camp.

Daisy immediately hopped over her car, putting some distance between her and the psychotic Mushroom Kingdom princess. She watched Peach stomp over to her.

"Where do you think you've been?" Peach hissed.

"I was on a drive…" Daisy explained. "To… clear my head!"

Try to sound cheery, maybe she'll go away.

Peach was still angry.

"FIVE HOURS," she whispered in all fury, holding up her lacy, five-fingered hand. "You were gone for five hours Daisy Floral! What were you thinking?!"

Here we go.

"You could have been hurt and no one would have known where you were," Peach altered to a teary, hurt ball of mush. "What if you were captured? What if you broke down?"

Daisy held up her cell phone by its antenna, peeking out from behind her car timidly.

"What if your cell phone didn't work?" Peach sniffed. "What would you do then?"

Peach probably didn't know her phone was a satellite phone.

"I'm sorry and I'm back," Daisy said. "I won't do that again."

"Good," Peach then yawned like nothing happened. "I'm going to bed. See you tomorrow Daisy."

With that the Mushroom Kingdom princess wandered over to her trailer and shut the door behind her. Daisy let out a sigh of relief. That nutsy Mushroom Kingdom princess would be the death of her.

DK quietly walked up to the Sarsaland princess as she put a cover over the Power Flower.

"Where were you?" he tried to sound caring, though he was annoyed Daisy almost skipped out.

Daisy looked up at him.

"At my secret spot," she simply said. "Thinking I guess."

"We were worried," DK pointed out.

"Yeah," she returned, smoothing out the canvas cover over her car. "Worried that I wouldn't be back for the race maybe."

DK sensed an aggravated tone in the princess's voice.

"Who wouldn't?" DK asked. "My partner disappears off of the world for FIVE hours, not telling anyone where she was going. That gives me ground to be worried."

Daisy almost blew out a raspberry.

"I took the cruise to get my mind off of the current blot on my landscape," she turned, leaning on her car as she looked at him.

DK didn't need to do long division to figure out who that blot was. He narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm the one who should be hopping mad right now partner," DK voiced. "Call me a blot, but like it or not… We are in this together. If you want to win, you're gonna have to do it withme."

"I realize that," Daisy answered, keeping calm features. "But that doesn't mean I like the ride."

"Who said I do?" DK pointed at himself. "But we have to do this as a team. That means no more sudden cruises… And no more hogging the driver's seat."

Daisy's eyes fell to the dirt at his feet as she shrugged.

"I guess that's right," she agreed. "So I have to let you know where and when I'm going for a cruise?"

She looked up at him. The question kinda caught DK off guard.

"Just as long as we're partners for this race Daisy," DK answered. "But after the race, you have your own life."

Daisy giggled. Now that giggle caught DK off guard.

"Fine," she said. "Anyway. I better get some sleep for tomorrow's first Double Dash race."

She took a step toward her trailer, then Daisy turned.

"You know the Coco Mountain course isn't really that hard?" she said over her shoulder at DK. "It's actually quite easy."

DK's eyes went wide.

"You-? At the-? You went driving over the Coco Mountain course?" he said on a whisper, glancing over his shoulder. "But that's off limits until it's authorized! Daisy we could getdisqualified for cheating!"

Daisy leaned on the doorframe of her trailer, giving DK an easy smile.

"Let's hope they don't find out," she giggled, then disappeared into her trailer, closing the door behind her.

"This is one of those "one step forward, two steps backward scenario" if I have ever seen… Tink, WHAT are you doing?"

"Peach scares me!"

"Is that why you are under the desk?"

"Shhh! She'll hear you and FIND ME!"

"But until that dark and very entertaining day, this is Tim Doug Doug and my phobic co-anchor Tink Tinkerson with another Double Dash update. The first official Double Dash race ofthe Retro Grand Prix begins at 9 am sharp! Beginning with Peach Beach! Bring your loud Hawaiian beach towel and tanning lotion because Peach Beach is a tourist's dream!"

"Great! I can try on my new European swim trunks… Look! It has the British flag on it!"

"And as we wait in dying anticipation for fun in the sun and see Tink squeeze himself into his fun shorts, we have been told that the Double Dash will have five courses that thepartnered competitors will have to win."

"That's right Tim! Peach Beach is the first course, but they only get harder from there."

"Just scratching the surface there Tink. Next is Waluigi Stadium, with its dirt track, nose bleed jumps and hairpin turns this course will challenge reflexes and wit."

"It seems that the Double Dash tour is giving favor to our favorite Mario brother opposites. Wario Coliseum is lucky number three! Designed with cage racers in mind, the WarioColiseum course consists of daredevil turns and mind-boggling jumps!"

"Bowser's Castle takes up our number four spot. If you don't like fire or Bowser, this course is your worst nightmare! With its foundation laid deep in capturing princesses, battling acertain Italian plumber and lava, this course epitomizes Bowser's need for speed!"

"The final and most challenging course is the infamous Star Road. Star Road has a little of everything that will make a racer lose their mind! Racers must battle hairpin turns, tricky jumpsand deceiving boost squares to get the gold. The team who has the most points at the end of Star Road will receive the coveted Double Dash trophy!"

"Not only a shiny trophy Tink, the racers that do win the Double Dash will be placed in first with quite a point lead, which in the big Nitro Grand Prix picture is an extremely big prize."

"I can't wait for tomorrow Tim!"

"That's right Tink. And tomorrow we will watch all the Mario Kart fans scream until they turn purple."


Morning came, big deal there… Wait! That is a big deal! It's the first race in the Double Dash of the Nitro Grand Prix. Peach Beach was perfect. The sun was shining, the sea birds were singing and the waves were caressing the shoreline… Too bad the serenity was going to be broken in half by roaring Kart engines!

On the other side of the warp pipe, the air was hot and muggy. The sun was welcoming the Double Dash racers with a friendly 86 degrees. Emotions and moods were mixed.

"It's just SO good to be back at the beach!" Princess Peach cheered, hugging Mario. "I just love this beach resort!"

The oldest Mario brother blushed under her crushing bear hug.

"Hey," the ever informative Toad began walking up as he slathered himself with sunscreen, "I heard there's gonna be ten more competitors entering the Double Dash tour."

The little Toad had everyone's attention.

"Seriously?" Peach's eyes grew a little wide. "Where'd you hear that and who are the new racers?"

Toad shrugged squirting another liberal blob of sun block.

"From the information board," he remarked. "Maybe you guys should read it once and a while."

"Who's-a the new-a racers Toad-a?" Mario inquired cocking an eyebrow in concern.

"Oh…" the mushroom drawled, honestly trying to remember who the competitors are. "I saw Petey Piranha, King Boo and Toadette for sure. Waluigi, Diddy Kong, Parakoopa, Koopa,baby Mario and baby Luigi and… Birdo I think."

The rest of the competitors must have been competing in their own series of races. The racers were predictable but the event move wasn't.

"Petey Piranha?" Peach asked her forefinger pressed thoughtfully to her lips. "Where have I heard that name?"

Toad exchanged a quick glance at Mario.

"He's the only Piranha plant that can actually move around princess," Toad stated.

Peach giggled.

"That's where!" she cheered. "I thought I heard of him!"

Mario blinked at the Mushroom Kingdom princess while Toad just shook his head. But Peach was still giggling.

"I'll have to tell Daisy her admirer will be racing in the Double Dashes too!" the royal laughed. "Waluigi's got it bad for Daisy."

Both Toad and Mario shuddered.

"Lucky-a Daisy," the plumber remarked sarcastically.

"But that doesn't mean it's not gonna be fun to watch!" Toadstool was still giggling. "Daisy can't stand the guy, but Waluigi doesn't get the hint!"

Just then Daisy, Luigi, Yoshi and DK hopped through the warp pipe. They were wearing the proper beach gear, including sunglasses and the ever fashionable sunscreen.

The Sarsaland princess was happily laughing as DK insulted the intelligence of King K. Rool, the ape's enemy back on the Kongo Islands. Leave it to Peach to break up the moment with something Daisy didn't want to hear.

"Daisy! Daisy!" Peach was very cheery this morning, even for being on the beach. "Guess what?"

By that time, the Mushroom Kingdom princess had everyone's attention.

"What?" Daisy flexed an eyebrow in slight concern. "What happened?"

Peach held her hands over her mouth, trying to muffle a big laugh. This was a very bad sign.

"We're not the only ones in the Double Dash tourney," Toadstool managed before clapping her hands back over her mouth to prevent herself from laughing.

"What-a do you-a mean Peach-a?" Luigi asked.

But the Mushroom Kingdom princess could answer over her laughter.

"She means there's gonna be ten more competitors entering the Double Dash tourney," Toad spoke up walking to the group with Mario. "Toadette, Birdo, Waluigi, Parakoopa, Koopa,Petey Piranha, King Boo, baby Mario, baby Luigi and Diddy Kong."

"No kidding?" DK was surprised. "Diddy? Even King Boo?"

Toad nodded.

"The producers kept the twenty of us in two groups of ten," the mushroom held up two fingers, "probably to keep it simple."

Yoshi cheered, happy to know his girlfriend Birdo was in the same race as he was.

"Easy lady-killer," DK said to the dinosaur as he crossed his arms. "Don't get too excited and let me win today."

Yoshi giggled.

"Speaking of lady-killers," Peach pipped up at Daisy. "You caught that Waluigi's going to be in the Double Dash too?"

Daisy eyed her fellow princess with surprise. Daisy was now certain Peach lived to make her squirm.

"Yes, I caught it," the Sarsaland princess crossed her arms.

Luigi and DK looked at Daisy, trying to read her face.

"You're not happy your boyfriend is racing too?" Peach chuckled.

Daisy sighed, rolling her eyes before shutting them tight.

"Why do you have to bring him up Toadstool? In front of everyone too?" she glared at the Mushroom Kingdom princess.

Peach giggled happily, if not a little sinisterly.

"Because it's funny!" she answered like Daisy was stupid.

"Waluigi's your boyfriend?!" DK blurted out, eyes wide in both disgust and shock.

Daisy gave DK a cold glare.

"Not at all," the Sarsaland princess stated at the ape. "He's got it bad for me and Peach enjoys embarrassing me, using Waluigi as a weapon."

DK gave Peach a sicken stare. But the princess still didn't stop laughing.

"Well," Daisy spoke up. "I'll drive just a little faster knowing Waluigi's breathing down my neck."

DK snickered.

"At least he's useful for something," the ape stated.

Daisy, Luigi, Toad, Mario and DK let out a loud laugh.

"Does anyone know where our karts are?" Peach asked scratching her head. "And where my partner is?"

The Mushroom Kingdom princess looked around her shoulder like she was expecting to see Dry Bones behind her.

"The rest of the racers are coming," Toad informed the princess. "And our Double Dash karts are yet to be delivered. The head honchos probably didn't want anyone to get thetemptation to run the course before the race."

Daisy got a sour feeling in her mouth about that, since the Sarsaland princess ran the Coco Mountain course before it was open for racing.

"That Dry Bones," Peach giggled. "Since I've been paired with him, he's shown me a side I really haven't seen. Did you guys know he LOVES to scare me?"

After the first few Bloody Mary screams out of the Mushroom Kingdom princess and then Dry Bones doubled over in laughter, the other racers came to such a conclusion.

"He'll hide anywhere," Peach added. "Last night before the race, he hid in my sock drawer. Scared me half to death when my feet got cold."

DK let out a quiet laugh.

"Well," the ape began, stretching his large arms, "I don't know about you guys but I like to start my day with a banana."

DK started over to a nearby smoothie bar to see if something could cure him of his deprived potassium levels.

"Can you get me something DK? Please?" Daisy called after her partner.

DK looked back at her and shrugged.

"Waddya want?" he asked.

Daisy thought for a second.

"Something sweet!" she cheered.

The ape gave her a thumbs-up in reply and continued on his way to the fruit stand.

"So what-a do you-a think of-a the races so-a far-a?" Daisy heard Luigi's voice from behind her.

The Sarsaland princess turned and looked at the younger, shyer Mario brother.

"Well, I was in the zone back when we were doing singles," Daisy smiled sinisterly. "Statistically, I have a good standing in the winner's circle… but now I'm not so sure."

Daisy passed DK a glance as he bought himself a bushel of bananas.

"With this Double Dash slice of the Nitro Grand Prix, it's a big risk being partnered up with your racing rival," she mused. "I mean, if DK and I can't get along, then I might as well kissmy good standings goodbye."

Luigi nodded and gave a small knowing smile.

"I wish we could have picked our own partners," Daisy added. "That would have been so sweet."

"Who would-a you have-a picked-a for a partner-a?" Luigi asked.

Daisy looked at him with a smirk.

"You," she returned. "I think it'd be interesting to drive with you, Luigi."

Immediately Luigi blushed and pulled his hat down over his eyes. Daisy giggled at him.

"I dig your style," she told him, making the younger plumber's face redden further. "If we were teamed up, I bet we'd make the other racers beg for mercy."

Now, Luigi had pulled his hat completely down over his face.

Satisfied, Daisy smiled.

"I'd love to drive with you… maybe next year," she finished and with that, she walked off to a nearby bench.

Daisy loved to see Luigi blush and she'd go out of her way to make the shy plumber's face flush. It made her feel powerful, like she had the power over men… though she never tried her powers of flirtation with the other guys. Maybe she could challenge herself and see just how many men she could blush…

"Here," Daisy heard DK's voice and then an apple was tossed into her lap.

Daisy looked up at her partner.

"Thanks DK," she returned and wiped her apple off with the front of her skirt.

DK shrugged and sat next to her, peeling a banana. Daisy took a bite of her apple and began to think.

"Hey DK," DK heard Daisy say to him.

The ape looked up at his racing partner.

"Sorry for ruining your race the other day," Daisy looked into his eyes. "I didn't think about the mud when I tried to get around you."

She took another bite of her apple.

DK watched the Sarsaland princess munch on her apple with a sad look in her eye.

"Could have happened to anyone princess," he told her, swallowing his mouthful. "But thank you."

There was a pause from Daisy as she swallowed too.

"Did you mean that when you said I wasn't a lady?" she asked.

DK stopped. He looked up at Daisy. It plucked a few of his heart strings to see that sad look on Daisy's face, but swallowing his pride was more difficult than swallowing his banana.

"No," the ape squeezed out, avoiding her eyes as he peeled another banana. "I just said that to get you mad."

Even though she didn't say anything and he wasn't looking at her, DK could tell Daisy was smiling happily.

"And do you still hate me?" DK heard himself ask.

"Not at all," Daisy immediately returned.

Then DK felt Daisy kiss him on the cheek.

"Sorry about that too," the princess stated. "I shouldn't have said that. It was the heat of the moment."

DK blinked and put his hand where she kissed him. He looked up at his partner.

"You're the most competition I've got DK," Daisy point-blankly told the ape with a smirk. "But don't let that go to your head. You may be in the second standing to me, but that caneasily turn if you lose a race or two."

In a swift motion Daisy grabbed the banana out of DK's hand and took a big bite out of it.

DK could only blink at the princess.

Daisy and DK sat in silence from there as they enjoyed their breakfast.

"Ooooohooohoho! The plot thickens!"

"Doesn't it make you want to hug? This is Tim Doug-Doug saying that everything looks a whole lot easier now that Princess Daisy and Donkey Kong are on good terms."

"Gotta love an ape."

"But enough about the crazy racers' lives, there's gonna be more racers joining the Double Dash."

"Woo! More mayhem to the madness! Yay more action! More craziness, more messes, more tire squealin', rubber burnin', painttradin', bone crushin', explosive action! I can't wait!"

"And more to lose as we go straight to the starting line."

It was ten minuets until the race was suppose to begin, but no one had seen wheel or tire of their karts or other competitors.

Some of the racers were getting impatient.

"I hate the waiting game," Bowser growled tapping his claws on his arm. "If these organizers are SO high and mighty, let's see them make our karts appear out of thin air."

"Shh!" Toad snapped, looking like he'd seen a ghost. "The organizers have eyes and ears everywhere! Do not mock them!"

Everyone quirked an eyebrow at the mushroom racer as he looked wearily over his shoulder.

"Maybe you-a should stop-a reading-a the information board-a Toad," Mario stated.

"They know things Mario!" Toad zipped into Mario's face. "They know who's being bad and who's being good. How could they so accurately have paired us up with our bitterest of competitors?!"


The voices in Toad's head were now bothering the other racers.

As the racers observed Toad's spaz-out, they all heard the loud horn of a big boat. They all glanced to the harbor and saw a huge ocean liner pulling into dock.

"I can't see," Peach complained. "I left my glasses in my trailer. What's the banner say?"

""I saw the Double Dash races and all I got was this lousy banner"," Bowser read looking through binoculars that appeared out of no where. "Oh yeah and "Good luck Double Dashracers!""

"That wasn't so bad," Peach smiled. "That's actually kinda sweet."

"Oh yeah?" Bowser said. "Just look who's getting off that swanky ocean liner."

And with that there was a mad scramble to see who could yank those binoculars off of Bowser's head the fastest.

"Why-a those-a no good, rotten-a-!" Wario growled climbing on Bowser's shoulders and thus getting the binoculars first. "That's-a Waluigi! And there's-a King Boo!"

"WHAT?!" Peach shrieked, pushing Wario off of Bowser and taking his place. "I TRAILER ACCOMIDATIONS AND THOSE LOSERS GET A FLIPPIN' BOAT?!"

"We-a drew the-a short straw," Luigi pipped up.

"SEE?!" Toad blasted with the zeal of an Apocalypse evangelizer. "This is what happens when you mock the Organizers! Repent! REPENT!"

"Cork it-a Guru Von Doomsday!" Wario snarled at Toad. "I'll-a beat the-a answers out of-a Waluigi."

Bowser tore Peach off of his head.

"That is so unfair," Peach sniffled. "I'm royalty and I'm staying in a rickety trailer at a dusty trailer park with stupid neighbors full of their inconsequential problems!"

"You have two other royals here too Peach," Bowser growled at her. "I want my attorney!"

"Look! They have-a our-a karts-a!" Mario pointed out.

From a distance the ten racers watched their karts being wheeled to the starting line. Then, the other ten competitors came walking up to them.

"Wazup?!" Diddy cheered, the first to run up to the group.

The hyper little monkey was met with mixed emotions.

"Diddy!" Daisy greeted, arms open wide. "Look how much you've grown!"

"Daisy!" Diddy chimed with a beaming smile and jumped into the princess's arms.

The two shared a big hug.

"How's my favorite little monkey?" Daisy asked looking down at Diddy.

"A little less than perfect, breaking hearts twenty-four-seven!" the little baseball cap, T-shirt wearing monkey responded. "Who you partnered up with?"

The Sarsaland princess gave the monkey a big smile.

"None other than your uncle," Daisy turned to DK.

DK gave the princess a sheepish smile. On the other hand, at seeing his favorite person in the world besides television, Diddy bolted out of Daisy's arms and plastered himself on DK's face.

"Uncle!" Diddy cheered. "HI!"

While DK wrestled Diddy off of his face, more racers walked up.

"Birdo," Birdo purred, her eyes half open in her signature seductive manner.

Peach, Daisy and Mario gave a pity chuckle and waved.

"Hello Birdo," Peach strained. "Welcome to Peach Beach."

"Birdo," the Birdo returned with a nod and walked past the group to Yoshi.

"I have no clue what that girl says," Peach whispered to Daisy.

Daisy nodded.

"Yeah, her accent is so thick half the things she says, I can't understand," the Sarsaland princess stated back.

Then the two princesses heard an otherworldly cackle. The two girls craned around to see King Boo floating right behind them. Daisy felt her eyes get wide in surprise.

"Hello Princesses Peach Toadstool and Daisy Floral," the king of apparitions grinned, bowing. "And my greetings to you too King Bowser."

Bowser crossed his arms and smirked.

"I like how you scare the princesses King Boo," the Koopa king told the ghost.

"Thank you," King Boo returned. "I take great pride in scaring individuals."

But then his eyes came to Mario and Luigi, and King Boo's eyes went wide with a little surprise and a whole lotta fear.

"Well if it isn't Mario Mario and Luigi Mario," Boo stated, taken off guard. "I was not aware that you two gentlemen would be racing as well."

Luigi smirked while Mario grinned at the ghost.

"Look alive-a Boo," Mario stated with his arms crossed. "Because-a my brother and I-a will be breathing-a down your-a neck."

King Boo gave a quick grin at the plumber brother before making a hasty retreat behind Bowser.

Another peculiar sound reached their ears. Looking down the path the other racers saw Koopa, Paratkoopa and Toadette laughing and chatting. But everyone's eyes came to baby Mario and baby Luigi's baby carriage and who was pushing the two infants toward the group.

There was whom they all assumed was Petey Piranha pushing the baby carriage. Petey Piranha was a towering, mobile Piranha plant with a pair of red and white polka dot shorts.

They heard Peach gasp as she clapped her hands over her mouth.

"Get away from baby Mario and Luigi you monster!" Peach cried running toward the Piranha plant.

"Peach!" Daisy went running after Toadstool. "Hold on!"

Daisy grabbed Peach by the arm and swiftly yanked the Mushroom Kingdom princess to a halt before she could rip Petey Piranha to shreds.

"It's okay Peach," the Sarsaland princess told her fellow royal.

"Get them away from that plant before they become an appetizer!" Peach blurted out, tears at the corners of her eyes.

"All right, all right," Daisy returned.

The Sarsaland princess gated up to the giant, mobile Piranha plant.

"Hello Petey," Daisy said with a smile. "Do you mind if I take the babies off of your hands?"

The giant plant paused for a long second, passing his eyes between the giggling babies and Daisy before he shook his head.

"Thank you," Daisy returned. "Do you happen to know if the babies have been fed?"

Petey Piranha took the baby bag off of his shoulder and handed it to Daisy.

"All right," Daisy took the baby carriage with baby Mario and baby Luigi. "Looks like its lunch time for the two babies."

Baby Mario and baby Luigi giggled, making Daisy smile. The Sarsaland princess ran her fingers through baby Mario's hair and the infant gave a delighted squeak. Daisy then tickled baby Luigi's feet making the baby laugh. But before Daisy could get very far with the carriage, Peach grabbed the babies and baby bag from her hands.

"I'll take care of them Daisy," Toadstool hurried and dashed off with the two infants.

Daisy frowned. Peach was going to have to learn a little more tact and courtesy even with the more intimidating characters.

"Daisy-a!" she then heard his voice.

The Sarsaland princess turned. Looking past Petey Piranha and down the path, Daisy saw Waluigi approaching. The Luigi Mario opposite gated up to her, twisting his finger around in his ear before using the same digit to pick something out of his teeth. Daisy gagged.

"What's-a shaking baby-a?" Waluigi gave Daisy a suave grin as he took his hat from his head.

Daisy's face contorted into that "I-feel-like-puking-every-time-I-see-you" expression.

"How's-a my favorite-a princess-a?" Waluigi winked sliding his arm around her waist. "You wanna-a see-a my kart-a? It's-a-"

Before he finished his sentence Daisy brought her heel down on his foot. Waluigi yelped.

"I will see you and your kart in the losers circle you nasty mother-hoper!" Daisy spat before she slapped him.

Waluigi shook off the pain.

"Don't-a fight-a your feelings Daisy-a," he smiled again. "I know-a you dig-a me."

Daisy glowered at him, crossing her arms and giving him a pure venom glare. With that, she turned on her heel and walked back to the group.

"C'mon-a my little-a flower," Waluigi persisted. "You-a want-a me-a."

Bowser, Wario, King Boo, Dry Bones, Diddy, Toad, Toadette, Koopa, DK, Paratkoopa, Mario and Luigi were all doubled over in laughter.

Minuets later, all racers were lined up according to standings, at the starting line. DK and Daisy and King Boo and Toadette were the two teams in the lead. DK finally broke down and allowed Daisy to start the race while he pushed the kart off of the starting line. Toadette was also driver with King Boo in the thrower position.

"Good luck Daisy," Toadette gave the Sarsaland princess a thumbs up and a friendly smile.

Daisy smiled back at the female mushroom.

"Won't need it," Daisy joked.

Toadette shook her head as she giggled. Daisy turned in her seat and looked at DK. DK was leaning on the kart, his back to her as he glanced over the other racers.

"Whaddya see?" Daisy asked quietly.

DK glanced at her.

"Toadette and Boo are for sure the leaders of the new bunch," the ape answered under his breath. "But the Koopa pair seems formidable, not counting the baby Mario brothers. Yougotta watch out for the small ones… they'll pass you in the blink of an eye."

Daisy nodded.

"I'll keep that in mind," and she ran her fingers through DK's cute little curl atop his furry head.

DK turned and cocked a brow at his partner.

"I hope you've got enough potassium in you Donkey Kong," Daisy grinned, using his full name to annoy him, "because I want to rocket off the starting line."

DK passed his hand over his head, smoothing out the frizz Daisy created with her fingers.

"Just be sure to keep your eyes open and your hands on the wheel," DK returned with a smirk.

"And you better hold on," Daisy said. "I don't want to leave you behind."

The ape gave a laugh, but then he turned his eyes back to their opponents. He fell silent all too soon.

"Aw c'mon DK," the Sarsaland princess pouted. "Why ya gotta be all serious? This should be fun!"

DK passed a glance back at Daisy.

"If we don't place first within the first couple races," the ape returned as grave as a cemetery. "We will spend the rest of the Double Dash trying to catch up lost points. That is nearly impossible Daisy. We'd lose."

Daisy raised her eyebrows. No wonder DK was serious. If they do not place high in the first races, then they'll be playing a hopeless game of catch-up.