Like I Had a Heart


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That low chuckle is all he needs to know that he's watching again.

Roxas lets out an irritated sigh, eyeing the chair that scraped back to teeter on two legs, balancing a redhead with a wide grin and a narrow leer. The darkness parts around him like a black leather cloak, and Roxas knows the older Nobody hadn't been there when he'd started.

"What's wrong, Roxas? Can't do it if I'm around?"

"Shut up." He curls a hand around Riku's cock, feeding it into his mouth and re-rousing it to fullness. Beneath him, Riku utters a low groan, dry mouth spluttering with white as he instinctively tries to shrink back. Roxas simply digs the keyblades in, a little deeper on each side. Riku's back arches off the bed, straining against steel. It's maybe seconds before he goes still, his mouth a grim line.

"Ouch." It's not Riku who's saying it. Roxas doesn't bother to glance at the man on the farthest wall.

"Jealous?" he asks, faintly amused. Axel doesn't reply. Roxas scoffs and efficiently lifts Riku's legs, catching them on the bedposts. A flinch is all that he gets, that, and a little trickle of pink-stained cum dribbling onto the vivid red sheets.

"You'll kill him, yanno." The observation is in tones of a Nobody's disinterested cold.

"What do you care? A couple of hi-potions and he'll be ready for another round. Besides, even if I killed him," Roxas laughs lowly, laying his cheek against the smooth underside of Riku's thighs, the blondeblonde-angelic hair falling over one blue eye, "I'd still fuck his dead body over you."

"No difference, huh?" The Flurry's tone is dry. "…Why?"

Did you leave, say no, did you say yes-- to him?

Roxas pulls away, his cheek coming away crimson. He puts a finger to his lips, licking off a drop of blood. "Isn't he sweet," Roxas purred obligingly, spreading Riku's legs to an uncomfortable width.

"He has a heart and it's corrupted. He has love and he denies it. He's such a stupid, beautiful porcelain doll." With a sweet smile, he sinks his stiff length into Riku, going deep. "And every single time I take his sweet, tight ass, he doesn't say a word. Not that it's easy to get him worn down enough, of course. But it's worth it." Riku's the picture of passive agreement, his eyes blinded to cover any truth and his tight-lipped mouth muffling soft cries.

"That so?" Axel's boots clunk on the bedside table and his eyes rove over Riku's body by default. It drifts over the planes of his collarbone to the ridges on his taut stomach, the smooth ivory expanse of his long legs to the sweat-soaked, blood-clumped mercury hair. He can see Roxas' dick flashing in and out of Riku's ass, steadily thrusting. Axel licked his lips reflexively, a warmth curling in his stomach. The youngest smirks, noticing.

That had always been part of his dispassionate cruelty. Axel feigns disinterest and crosses his arms. "And?"

"And?" Roxas repeats, breathless if he had breath. Axel has that face on, the one that says 'I'm not buying it. There's more.'It's getting a little annoying, having him there, but it's a little thrill to have an audience all the same.

Roxas is a little lightheaded and his grin is lopsided. And he's his mission partner, the one he spurned. That's why he tells. " When I go down deep, really deep, and I look into his eyes, you know what I feel? He pauses and he smirks.

"Like I had a heart."


A/N: ...This is a speculative piece based on a sketch of voyeur!Axel watching Roxas and Riku. Flames will be laughed at.