HolyMistress: This is basically a series of one-shots that I thought up for the HibariXTsuna fandom, or the 1827 fandom. Here's the first one. Some of them might be related, by the way. I hope you enjoy!

One-shot: Jealousy

It had all began as a peaceful morning. Peaceful meaning, Reborn waking him up with a new shock treatment that nearly killed him. Lambo and I-pin ended up messing up breakfast for him again because Lambo just HAD to take I-pin's eggs. Haru walking to school with him, latching onto his arm and chatting animatedly to him while he himself was still trying to get over the shock treatment. Gokudera chasing after Yamamoto, screaming at him and throwing explosives with Yamamoto laughing, thinking it was a game. And Ryohei trying to recruit him for the boxing club again.

It was amazing how he survived it all.

But the bright side was, he got to talk to Kyoko!

Though, Tsuna was beginning to feel that she was probably better off as a friend. . . .

Anyway, the school day was almost out and it was lunchtime. Gokudera, Yamamoto and Tsuna were walking down the hall, chatting happily. With Gokudera giving Yamamoto a yell or two while he was at it of course. It didn't really help the silver haired boy's temper much with the athlete just laughing it off though. They were walking past a classroom when it happened.

Tsuna found himself on top of a random girl, his lips on hers.

As soon as the situation registered in his head, he scrambled off of her, apologized profusely while bowing rapidly before dashing down the hall with his face beet red. He didn't look back to see if anyone was following, they were probably still in shock.

It was his first kiss too.

Peeking out of the boy's bathroom, Tsuna let out a sigh of relief. He had been hiding in the bathroom for the past hour, not even able to come out for fear of seeing the girl and what she might do to him. Or what his friends might say. He couldn't even find the strength to peek out until now. Highly embarrassing but luckily for him, no one had seen him. He slowly stepped out, glancing around one more time. Maybe it were best if he went home now since the school day was almost over. And saying here any longer was probably not going to be very good for his health.

Turning, he stepped forward only to stop as a voice, a familiar male voice, reached his ears.

"Cutting is against the rules."

Oh, he knew that voice. He wouldn't? It was the voice of impending doom. Whoever heard it knew they were in big trouble. Or going to die. Either way, it was not a good sound. Tsuna could already see his life flashing before his eyes and sweat begin to gather at his forehead. Ah, he had lived such a short life only to have it end this way. How unfortunate.

Wait a minute, what was he thinking!? There was still a chance he could get out of this! Or at least, say alive. After all, didn't he stay alive despite all their previous encounters? Well, he did get a few scratches here and there but it was never fatal. Er, most times. Taking a deep, deep breath, Tsuna ever so slowly turned around, eyes wide in fear, to face the President of the Disciplinary Committee.

Hibari didn't look very happy. Nope, not at all. In fact, he looked ready break every bone in Tsuna's body before dumping it into a river. In Tsuna's mind, of course. If anyone else saw it, it was the same emotionless look as always. Though, the pitch black aura radiating from him would have sent anyone running.

Too bad Tsuna was too busy trying to breath. Hibari had that effect on people. It was like if you made even a sound, he would rip your throat out before feeding you to the dogs.

Scary thought. Tsuna wanted to cry. But even his tears were too scared to come out. Sadly, his thinking was keeping Hibari waiting.

We all know how he hates waiting.

Tsuna suddenly found himself slammed into the nearest wall. Hibari had his tonfa out and was pressing him against the wall with it. When did he get those out!? Tsuna quickly made a note to kindly request Dino to stop teaching Hibari. It was dangerous for him. Very dangerous. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt Hibari's hot breath against his face. Tsuna then realized just how close the other was to him. Blood rushed to his cheeks and he was horrified to find himself blushing.

"I saw what happened in the hall," Hibari casually informed as if he didn't have someone pressed against the wall like he did now.

"Y-You did?!" Tsuna squeaked, now beet red. He felt he was going to die from embarrassment. But why was Hibari telling him this?

He was, again, broken from his thoughts by Hibari.

Or more specifically, Hibari's lips against his.

Tsuna felt his mind crash into an invisible wall and blow up.

He was being kissed.

By Hibari.

What's more.

He liked it.

Suddenly, Hibari released the boy, watching the shorter fall onto his bottom. Tsuna was shaking visibly, eyes still wide, pupils dilated and breathing harsh.

"H-Hibari-s-san?" Tsuna stuttered out, still in a state of shock. He looked up at the taller only to gulp at the look in his eyes.

"You're MINE," Hibari hissed. "Deny it and I'll bite you to death." With that, he turned, his coat flapping behind him, and walked away, leaving little Tsuna on the floor.

As Tsuna began to regain his ability to think, he slowly brought a shaking hand to his lips, still feeling the warmth the other had left behind. He had just been kissed. By Hibari. His face felt like it was going to burst from all the blood rushing to it. That was his second kiss today! He couldn't believe it. Suddenly, his eyebrows furrowed as a thought came to him.

Had Hibari been jealous?

Shaking his head frantically, Tsuna knew that couldn't be true. Hibari couldn't get jealous. He was just. . . just. . . . Tsuna let out a sigh and got up unsteadily, still trying to get over what just happened. This was probably all just a dream and he would wake soon enough. Yeah, that had to be it. Quickly, he turned and began to run down the hall toward the exit.

A certain girl smirked from where she stood, snickering quietly with a camera in her hands. That was way too easy. Who knew such a small accident could bring out the beast in Hibari? And she had gotten what she wanted. Humming softly, she turned and began to walk down the hall with camera held possessively in her arms.

Today was a good day.

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