Summary: (This was supposed to be them texting each other and then Hibari calling Tsuna on the phone. Hibari decided he wanted to do something else)

Paperwork was so incredibly boring. Sighing, Tsuna ran a hand through his hair and set his pen down. There was no way he could continue anymore. Almost three hours had passed since he started on this giant pile of work and yet, the pile only seemed to grow instead shrinking like it should have. Not to mention all the words were starting to blend together and he had been reading the same sentence for the past two minutes. He really needed a break.

And then his phone rang.

Startled, Tsuna jerked in his seat and nearly let out a shriek as well. He quickly composed himself, hand clutching his chest. He just about had a heart attack. Shaking his head, Reborn would kill him for letting his guard down, Tsuna picked up the electronic and flipped it open. It was a text message and upon seeing the sender's name, Tsuna raised an eyebrow.

Hibari never sent text messages. It was always a phone call or a report in person. Curious as to what his Cloud Guardian wanted, Tsuna opened it.


Tsuna almost laughed. That was just like Hibari. Smiling, he quickly texted back, putting off the paperwork for now. It could wait.

Hibari-san, please stop calling me that.

He wasn't the old Dame-Tsuna anymore after all. He was the Tenth Vongola boss now. The reply came a split second later.


The Tenth Vongola boss snorted, covering his mouth slightly as he chuckled. He was about to type another response when his phone vibrated again, signaling the arrival of another text.

When are you free?

Raising an eyebrow, Tsuna stared curiously at the message. It was unlike Hibari to ask him something like that. He then glanced at his paperwork and grimaced. He had been hoping to finish everything in the next half hour but at the rate things were going, it would be another day of sleepless nights. He looked mournfully at an empty white mug on his desk. He had been running on coffee for about two days now.

Dejectedly, the Vongola boss typed a response, furrowing his eyebrows in concentration. Texting was harder than he thought.

I don't know, I still have to finish up some paperwork.

He would have abbreviated his words to save time but something told him Hibari wouldn't like that. With his strict and (mostly) rule-abiding attitude, the Cloud Guardian seemed like the type to care about pronunciation. Either way, Tsuna wasn't taking any chances. Hibari may be one of his Guardians now but that didn't mean the older man had changed. In fact, none of his Guardians had really changed. Tsuna was glad for that.

Except when they ended up destroying part of the mansion. Then he wished they would please, please, please become a little more mature and stop giving him more paperwork to deal with. Thinking about it now, about half of what he had to read through were damage reports. Why did his Family have to be so violent?

His phone vibrated again and Tsuna wondered just how fast Hibari could type.

Leave your windows open.


Tsuna stared at the message in confusion. Why would he want the windows open? Besides, if he did that, there was a chance the wind would start flowing in and then it would cause a huge mess. He still remembered the several sleep-deprived occasions where he forgot to close and lock the windows. The clean-up was terrible AND he nearly lost several very important documents. Reborn had nearly tore a new hole in his body for that.

Still, it wasn't a very good idea to disobey the rather ill-tempered male. It was always hard to predict what sort of mood Hibari was in and Tsuna would rather not pay for new windows. He still needed to replace the ones by the garden. An unfortunate accident involving explosives, explosives and more explosives. At least the hall hadn't been completely destroyed.

As a precaution, Tsuna took some paperweights and placed them on the stacks. Though he wasn't sure they would hold, it was better than nothing. Getting up out of his chair with phone still in hand, Tsuna walked over to a nearby windowsill. Unlatching the lock, he pushed the windows open and looked out. It was a nice and surprisingly peaceful day. He couldn't hear any shouting or screaming or explosions so Tsuna breathed in the fresh air for a long, long moment before turning back around to (reluctantly) return to his paperwork.

Only to be stopped by a presence behind him.

Instantly on alert, Tsuna spun around, Dying Will activating. He had long since figured out how to activate his Dying Will when he needed it and it had saved him in many dire situations. When he came face to face with the intruder, Tsuna froze.

Oh shit.

"You want to challenge me, herbivore?" Hibari smirked, setting his feet down from the windowsill onto the floor with his tonfas out and raised. His eyes were alight with anticipation and Tsuna panicked, quickly deactivating his Dying Will. He did not want to destroy his office nor the paperwork sitting neatly on his desk. That would be disastrous.

"Welcome back, Hibari-san!" he greeted, smiling nervously. At least he didn't stutter. Hibari hned and his tonfas disappeared back to wherever he took them out from. "So, where did you go?" As the Cloud Guardian, Hibari went where he pleased whenever he pleased unless he was given a mission. The dark haired male just gave him a look and Tsuna decided to leave it alone.

Mentally, he sighed. He kind of wished Hibari would open up a little more. He wasn't as unapproachable as he was when they were in their school years but the former prefect still kept to himself most of the time. However, despite his attitude, Tsuna knew he could trust his Cloud Guardian with anything. The thought was enough to put a smile on his face.

"What are you smiling about?" Hibari demanded, his voice snapping Tsuna out of his daze.

"Nothing," the younger was quick to reply. Hibari narrowed his eyes but asked no further.

Instead, he jerked his head toward the open window. "Come on. We're going out."

"Eh?" Tsuna blinked, confused. "What do you mean 'going out'? Hibari-HIIIIIIIIII!"

He shrieked, unable to finish his sentence as Hibari picked up his body bridal-style and leaped up onto the windowsill. "Wait, Hibari-san!" His Cloud Guardian ignored his cries and jumped down, landing safely onto the ground despite the three story drop. Tsuna clutched at his chest, heart beating rapidly as he tried to remain calm.

"You're too slow," Hibari stated, his tone clearly irritated. He paused and then added, as an afterthought, "Herbivore."

"Stop calling me that!" Tsuna snapped, glaring up at the older male. Usually, he would have just allowed the other to do as he pleased but Tsuna hadn't slept in two days and he still had paperwork to deal with under threat of torture at the hands of his old home tutor. "I still have work to do and Reborn's supposed to be coming back today! I can't just leave!"

Hibari smirked while walking away from the mansion. "Too late." Tsuna stared up at the man, at a complete loss of words. Of all the insufferable-! "We're going on vacation."

"Vacation?" He never heard of this.

"For about three weeks."

"Three weeks?" Was that even possible under the current circumstances?


"Wait, who else is coming?" Because other people were coming, right? Right?

Hibari looked at him and Tsuna could only bury his face in his hands. The two of them. On vacation. Together.

His face burned.

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