Me: Hey, it's me again! I recently started getting into Fruits Basket, and at Volume Seventeen, I came up with this idea. That's as far as I've read, so I have no idea if any of this stuff is gonna be true or not…

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Ah, well! My Fruba/Digimon Crossover fic!



Dedicated to Josh and Dylan, the two guys that I absolutely adore for being cute and a good friend. Also dedicated to Becka, my fellow Fruits Basket fan. I luv u guys!


The Prologue

A figure walked through the drizzle to the "outside" home of Shigure Sohma and company. He approached the door and knocked.


Shigure was in his room working on a new book when the door opened and Yuki's head poked inside. "Gure-nii, you have a visitor. He says he's our cousin Gennai. Is that right?"

Shigure waved Yuki out without an answer and went down to the living room where his guest was waiting.

Gennai was dressed in a very Jedi Knight-esque way, with his brown robe tied around his waist with rope. He smiled meekly. "Shigure. Long time, no see."

Shigure grinned. "I've missed you, cousin Gennai. So what brings you here?"

Gennai looked around the room, making sure that they were alone. "It's about the Chosen Children. They're Zodiac members," he said in a hushed tone.

Shigure let out a bark-like laugh. "Ha, ha, very funny. Now, seriously, why are you here?"

Gennai looked annoyed. "Shigure, I'm not kidding! They're members of the Zodiac!"

Shigure's smile dropped right off of his face. "Dear me. Do they know yet?"

"Not a word. I'm having you tell them. I've already transferred Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru's records to Odaiba High School and I've got you an apartment."

Shigure nodded and smiled again, closing his eyes. "I'm glad everything is taken care of, I…" He realized that Gennai was implying that he go to Odaiba. "Wait, WHAT?!"

Gennai sighed as Shigure went into a short rant. When it showed no signs of stopping, he slapped his cousin upside the head, which shut him up.

Shigure sat down on the couch and took a few deep breathes. "How long until we have to leave for Odooba?"

Gennai sighed. This was gonna be a pretty piece of work.


Chapter One

Kyo smiled in his sleep. He was having a beautiful dream which involved him and Tohru. They were outside in the fields watching the clouds go by, and when she hugged him, he stayed in his human form. She was coming closer and closer and-

"Kyo, you lazy ass, get up!" Yuki said, shoving his cousin.

"Why now?"

"We're leaving."


"Tohru packed while you were sleeping."

Kyo felt a warm feeling of gratefulness wash over him as he slid out of bed and pulled on some jeans. Tohru was so nice to him.

"Hatori is gonna pick us up in ten minutes, please be ready by then." Yuki said and closed the door.

Kyo traded his pajama top for a red and black tee-shirt and a black sweatshirt and, after making sure his beads were still on, headed downstairs to the kitchen.


Tohru flipped the eggs in the pan and checked on the biscuits in the oven. This was their last day at Shigure's house for what seemed like it would be a while.

Yuki entered the room and sat down at the kitchen table. He smiled at Tohru when he saw her put a plate for Kyo and another for Shigure into the microwave to stay warm. She was just so considerate.

Tohru smiled at Yuki and put down a plate in front of him. On it was a breakfast biscuit that was sliced in half; in between the both sides was an egg, some cheddar cheese, and a sausage patty.

"Thanks, Tohru," Yuki said, smiling up at her.

"You're welcome, it was no problem. It is our last day here, after all…"

The two exchanged glances and turned away. Yuki took a bite out of his sandwich and Tohru started washing dishes.

"This is very good," Yuki said quietly, wiping the yolk off of his face with a napkin.


There was the sound of socks slipping on the wooden floor and Kyo entered the room, grabbing the posts of the door for support. "What's for breakfast?"

Tohru smiled. Same old Kyo; he was still the man she loved.