Hey! Dazzledbyu88 here, this is ANOTHER 'what if Bella was…' story. I know, I'm obsessed with these stories but anyways… this story has the same background as my other story Changed, except Bella has to go under cover and live with the Cullen's, a.k.a, Edward. Only one problem. Bella thinks Edward doesn't love her and is disguised as someone else. What will happen? Read and reply to find out!

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Prologue: The Assignment

I sat in my room, staring at the same ceiling that I had been looking at for the past 25 years of my existence. This was part of my usual routine; after Edward left I was never the same. I was simply a shell, my eyes had no light, my face showed no emotion with the exception of the pain that slipped through my shell walls. Sometimes I wished so badly that I could sleep, but sadly I couldn't. You see after Edward left I was desperate to find something, anything of his to hold on to. I was stupid, and I didn't listen to my dad or Edwards warnings and I went to the meadow, were Laurent bit me. The werewolves had pulled him off of my but the damage was already done and there was no one there to save me. But I guess I had gotten my wish. I was dead, but with that wish came a whole new price to pay. The price of living forever. Desperate for finding a way out of eternal suffering I headed to the Volturi. I knew they would be the only one's that could help me. Instead of grating my wish that had convinced me to become one of them. They thought my powers would be useful to them. I finally decided that I would, maybe if I could do something with my life I might be able to move on. As a vampire I had acquired the ability to transform into anything. All I had to do was picture the image in my head and I would become that. I could grow wings, a tail, or even become invisible. I could do anything, be anything or one. But I knew there was one thing I was never going to be able to be, happy.

Being with the Volturi was great. It took my mind off things. Even though some of the things I was forced to do, frightened me, nothing frightened me more than having to relive the memories of Edward. I was the only member of the family who had a different diet than the others. I had made a vow to myself that I would never hurt a human being. However I was still expected to carry out my 'missions.' I had been assigned to take out any of the vampires that have not been following the rules. I would go alone on these missions because I was the best hunter, and besides from Jane, the most powerful. Surprisingly enough I actually liked my new family, they really weren't that bad and Aro had become like a brother to me. A sick, twisted one but nevertheless a brother who cared about me. I was sitting in my room, my back faced towards the door. My usually position. I was staring emptily out of my window at a happy the happy world of the humans that I had lost. A quiet knock came at my door and Aro stepped in. I barley looked up at him but forced a tiny smile.

"Ah Bella," he said warmly coming to sit next to me.

"Hello Aro," I said quietly.

"I have news Bells," he said with a smile tugging on his lips. "A mission," he said teasing.

"What is it?' I asked, having a mission instantly brightened my spirits. It gave me a purpose.

"Well," he said, reading my face. I knew he was trying to read my thoughts but just like all other vampire powers, it had no affect on me whatsoever.

"Well what?"

"You know how we keep track of the vampire families around the world?"

I nodded impatiently. Just spit it out! I thought angrily.

"Well, one of the families has recently acquired a new member. We hear that she has tremendous power. I want to go under cover and keep an eye out on them. We can't afford to let this family overpower us if the time comes. If you think should could be a threat, I want you to take her out. Understand?" He asked, looking into my amber eyes.

"Yes, will I be staying with them or alone?" I asked, my voice having no emotion.

"Well…you see, the leader of the family is a close friend of mine and I have made arrangements for you, my niece, to stay with them, in their house in " he explained to me.

"What's my name?" I asked, obviously I would be using my power.

"Your name will be Clarice Haynes. You were a runaway orphan and was attacked, I saved you and you have been living with us ever since. You only have one power, invisibility, and your human traits. You will be attending school in Anchorage and are staying with them to experience living with humans. Understood?"

"Yes, thank you Aro, I've been having too much free time on my hands and I really needed this. Thank you," I said, giving him a sisterly hug.

"Your welcome bells, be safe. And write,' he said into my ear.

I nodded, pulling away from him. Then I dashed out of my home. In my rush out I caught something Aro had said after I left.

"I'm sorry…" and then I was gone, ready to start my life as Clarice Haynes.