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Chapter 15: Shattered

10 years later



The very word made me sick to my stomach. It made my entire body tremble. It made tears start to well up into my eyes. And it made my heart shatter.

Love and I had our little affairs. I would believe in it one day, and curse it the next. But on that faithful day ten years ago, love and I had forever severed our relationship. Love used to fill my entire being; it used to be my friend. But now, love was a stranger to me. Even an enemy. It had been cruel. It had chewed me up and spit me out, like a piece of gum. And there I was, lying on the ground, just waiting for someone else to step on me.

The closest I had come to love was having my best friend Brian. I was completely, and utterly catatonic the day I saw Liz and Edward kissing. I could barely manage with Edward not loving me, but it was simply impossible to live knowing that not only did he not love me, but he loved someone else. Liz. I cursed that name to the fiery pits of hell. I hated her with every single piece of my being and wanted nothing more than to destroy her, to literally rip her to shreds, just like my heart had been ripped. I've thought about doing this countless times, but I don't think I could even risk the chance of seeing Edward again. I was constantly taunted by his image everyday. Just like when he left me. Except in my visions, I only ever saw him with her. Laughing together, holding hands, kissing… I wanted to die. But I couldn't even do that. The Volturi had immediately rejected my plea for them to kill me. They said they would never as long as they are ever alive. It wasn't exactly easy to get killed, and believe me, I wanted to.

I wanted to die. To curl up into a ball, let my pain overwhelm me, and die. But I couldn't.

After…the…let's call it incident, happened Brian took me under his wing. I couldn't go back to my family. It was time for me to start fresh. Completely erase Isabella Swan off the surface of the earth. I assumed a new look. Long, jet-black hair, porcelain white skin and red lips with stormy grey eyes full of sorrow and grief. I was known as Holly Danes.

Five years ago, Brian's parents had forced him to take a wife so that he could take the thrown. In all my years that I had known him, he had not had a single girlfriend. He had not even looked at a girl, and I was even beginning to think he was gay. But one day while we were vacationing in France he proposed to me. He knew that my heart still belonged to Edward and he did not expect anything from me. He told me that if he was going to be married to anyone it was going to be me because I was his best friend. Our relationship was strictly friends only but I knew that he liked me as much more than that. However he respected my space and didn't ask anything of me. I said yes and we were officially married 6 months later. Our marriage was beneficial to both of us. He married me, making him able to take the crown, and being married to him kept me busy. I became queen and put my whole heart into making England the best it could be. Politicians were already calling me history book worthy. But it didn't matter to be honest. Nothing mattered. I had lost the most important battle of my life and would have to live on forever with my failure.

I couldn't move on…that was out of the question, and believe me I tried to. I really did. I wanted to start having feelings for Brian. I wanted this hole in my chest to be filled in again, even if not completely. Brian was perfect. Safe, reliable, and trustworthy. I knew that he would never hurt me, but I just couldn't find myself to fall for him. It's been ten years since that faithful day, and I still couldn't bear to even think about that day. I knew that Brian was still worried about me. Sometimes at night, I would have terrible, nightmares and run into his room sobbing, and he would just hold me all night, and rub my back, and he would tell me things like 'it will get better,' and 'it was just a dream.' But it wasn't a dream. It was my life. Everyday I get visions of what Edward might be doing with Liz right now. Did he take her to our meadow? Did they get engaged? Married? The thoughts were just too unbearable to think about. Then sometimes, occasionally about twice a year, a monster possesses me. Liz took everything from me. My family, my home, my love…am I supposed to just sit back and let her do that to me? That's when the monster comes out. This monster was frightening and uncontrollable, and it wanted only one thing. For Liz to be dead. However, fear creeps inside of me and binds me. Finding Liz would mean finding Edward, and I don't think that I could ever manage to even look at him ever again. Also, they were in love. Just because I didn't get my happy ending, didn't mean that they couldn't get theirs…right? If I destroyed their happiness then I would be no better than Liz herself, and the world did not need more than one eternally suffering person on it's face, which is what Edward would be if I took his love away. So I made a promise to myself. Unless Liz started to endanger others, I would not kill her. Making the promise was easy; however keeping it was a whole different story.

Three Years Later

I sat across Brian on the plane. I was pissed. He had literally dragged me into the plane saying he was treating me to a surprise. He knew how much I hated them. I shot daggers at him while I sat begrudgingly as far away from him as possible. He really didn't look like a king. His chocolate brown hair had a slightly tousled look to it, nowhere near as messy as his, but definitely dishelmed. He had soft, and kind eyes and soft facial features his body was tall and lanky, he was very boyish looking, certainly not the fairytale king stereotype.

"Are you going to at least tell me where we're going?" I demanded.

He smirked and his eyes twinkled. No he wouldn't.

"You know what you're doing is equivalent to kidnapping. I could press charges," I threatened.

"And exactly what would the 'authorities' do to me? Are you forgetting who and what I am Holly?"

"You have a point. But then again…I could always just kick your ass. It would be a lot simpler, and a lot more satisfying," I stated.

"I'd like to see you try."

I lunged at him and he flinched.

"That wasn't fair, you caught me by surprise," he whined.

"All is fair in war," I snorted.

"…Or love…" he mumbled to himself.

"Don't. Say. That. Word!" I snarled at him, my eyes turning into a dark onyx color.

The happy carefree smile was instantly gone and the air became silent and stiff.

"I'm sorry Holly, I forgot."

"It's okay…just-just don't let it happen again."

And we rode in silence.

About an hour later we finally landed and Brian held the limo door open for me while I got in, still completely oblivious to where we were going. About 10 minutes later we had finally arrived at our destination and I had to say, this was probably the first and last surprise that I will actually like.

We were at the Volturi castle. Home of my second family who I hadn't seen in 15 years. A blink of an eye for them but 15 years of slow torture for me. I needed them.

"BELLA!" a screech came from the roof of the castle. There was Jane, with Alec hovering over the balcony waving down at me. Jane was jumping up and down and Alec was laughing at her.

"BELLA!" she cried again and leapt off the seven-story castle and gracefully landed on the ground in front of me. She wrapped her tiny arms around me and I wrapped mine around her in return.

"Jane, it is so good to see you," I replied.

"Oh Bella! We were so worried! We all heard what that scumbag Edward did to you-"

"-Jane… please,"

"-And I wanted to go and hunt that little bitch Liz down but Aro told me not to since it would 'hurt' that asshole Cullen kid and he said that you wouldn't want that. The only reason I listened to him was because I thought that you would like to have the honors yourself when the time comes so I waited. I personally could care less about Cullen's 'feelings,'" she snorted.

I chuckled at this little comment. The closest thing that I had come to laughing in 15 years. I turned to Brian who looked happy.

"So this is the surprise huh?"

"Yup…I noticed you were looking even more depressed and I thought a little family reunion would help you feel better," he explained.

I smiled at him. It really was just what I needed.

"Bella! You're back!" Alec chirped and gave me a hug too. Jane had never let go.

"Hey Alec, missed you. But please, you too Jane, please don't call me Bella. I'm Holly now."

"Holly…got it," he replied.

"Holly?" Jane asked confused.

"Bella Swan no longer existed. She died 15 years ago. I'm Holly now," I replied simply. They didn't question any more.

"Well come on, let's go inside. The others are dieing to see you," Jane said, while towing me towards the castle.

Everyone was waiting for me when I got there. I received warm hugs from everyone and I was ecstatic to say that all of their eyes were pure gold in color meaning that they had not had human blood in years.

"Be-Holly, it is so nice to have you back with us. Only if even for a short time. Brian has arranged to stay here for a week with us, which means no sleeping for you since we have so much to catch up on," Aro said warmly.

"I have no problem with that," I replied.

And so my week began. It was a week of fun and relaxing. Jane constantly kept me entertained, and Brian became close friends with Aro. It was exactly what I needed; it was like a tiny part of me was coming back to life. The feeling was amazing and I never wanted the week to end. However, fate had to rear its ugly head and news came the day before I was set to leave. One of the Volturi's scouts had come back from the Forks area in the United States, and had reported that someone was building an army of vampire newborns. My heart froze the second I heard Forks.

"What did the vampire that was doing this look like?"

"Golden eyes, brown hair, and pretty plain looking," he replied.


"Are you sure?"

He nodded. A million thoughts were swirling around in my head. I've waited for an opportunity like this. An excuse to finally kill her, and this was it.

"I'm leaving," I said suddenly.

"Leaving? Where are you going?" Brian asked.

"Why are you leaving Holly?" Jane whined.

"I'm going to Forks, and I'm going to kill Liz once and for all."

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