A/N: okay it's short but here's an epilogue. Enjoy!

Hermione opened her eyes slowly; the bed beside her was cold. Where was Remus? He must have gotten up quite awhile ago. She stretched her tired muscles and climbed out of the small bed they shared. The house was unusually quiet. I wonder what time it is. The sun was definitely up as the shades did little to prevent it's brightness from lighting the room. Yawning loudly she threw on her clothes and left for the hallway. Encountering no one, she began to grow suspicious. Where was everyone and why on earth was it so quiet. It wasn't a threatening stillness but it was a tad unnerving. She searched every room she came across until she finally arrived at the kitchen, which was in a quiet state of chaos.

Remus looked up from the stove when he felt a presence behind him. There was Hermione. She was beautiful when she was shocked. Her pouty little mouth formed a perfect 'o', her eyes wide as she surveyed the mess. "Good morning, Love." Her eyes darted to him and she opened her mouth to say something when she was interrupted.

"Mommy! Daddy, let us make you breakfast. Isn't it lovely?" The little girl held up a plate for her inspection. It had two eggs placed as eyes, a sausage nose, and a bacon smile.

"Yes, honey, it looks very good." Hermione eyed her husband as he laid out the three more identical plates on the table. "Thank you, Daddy."

He looked pleased when she decided to temporarily ignore the mess and sat down for breakfast. "Up you go." Remus lifted their small son to his booster seat. They enjoyed their meal with the constant chatter of Emma and soft mostly incoherent words from David. "Alright then, off you go." Remus placed his son on the floor and he immediately went to Emma's side where he would spend the majority of his day. The two wandered off in the direction of her bedroom.

"Remus, what on earth happened in here?" She shot him a scolding yet amused look. Their kids could talk him into anything.

"Ah, that would be David. He wanted to help too, you know." He started tidying up with her help. They chatted lightly while they finished the dishes. "Do you still need to go to the office today?"

"Yes, but only for a few hours." Hermione worked at the Ministry as head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She had done wonders for the rights of many magical creatures already, especially werewolves. House Elves still remained a huge challenge in that they refused many of the rights now given to them. She left for work and Remus headed to the Potter's. Saturday's were big play days for them. All the Weasley's would come with their children, as well as Molly and Arthur. They each worked to wear the kids out as thoroughly as possible before lunch.

Hermione arrived home to a once again peaceful house. She wasn't surprised at all this time. The kids always collapsed when they got home from Harry and Ginny's house. She set out searching the house, looking for Remus. A content smile brightened her face when she found him. Remus lay asleep on the couch with David lying on his chest, thumb in his mouth, and fist clutching his Daddy's shirt. Emma was asleep on the floor beside the couch. She had piled cushions to make herself a bed and raise her up high enough that one of Remus's hands rested on her light brown hair. Hermione ignored the protest from her stomach and moved her daughter over a bit on the cushions to make room for herself. A little afternoon kip wouldn't hurt anyone.