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Nagato Yuki never had trouble finding the logic involved in a situation. She never, even once, had found a situation where logic completely failed her. Even when talking about the Suzumiya Haruhi case, she had been able to come to the solid conclusion that whatever power Suzumiya possessed was a form of data manipulation, only to a higher degree than what Yuki herself could do.

Therefore, it naturally confused Yuki when she could not so easily process, categorize, and assess a young man known as "Kyon".

A slight vibration coming from coordinate direction Z1-X36-Y64. Target identified as... Kyon.


All available data provides no reason to believe this "Kyon" is anything but a standard human, yet he was the one Suzumiya Haruhi chose. Perhaps there an error was made in processing the data? Not likely, as the Data Integration Thought Entity has not made an error in judgment for at least ten thousand Earth years. If there is no error, then why is Kyon so important?

The door opens.

Watching him does not provide the answer.

"Oh. Almost didn't notice you, Nagato."

Perhaps a greater level of interaction is needed to provoke the necessary data?

"Where is everyone today, Nagato? I know Miss Asahina is busy with testing, but Koizumi and Haruhi should be here, I would imagine."

"Koizumi had a prior engagement with his "Organization", while Haruhi wished for me to inform you that you are not to slack off without her presence. She did not mention what was keeping her away from the Brigade."

Kyon lets out a sigh, as would be expected. The man was very easily predicted, very easily understood. He was not what Haruhi should be wanting, the data says. But the data is wrong, and the Data Integration Thought Entity needs to know why.

"Well, I guess it isn't particularly surprising Haruhi would go out of her way to make my life worse than normal. After all, it isn't like she dragged me here against my will, signed..."

By all means, this conversation could be predicted as well. In fact, the algorithm used to predict Kyon's behavior is 97.56 effective, barring occasional interferences from Haruhi Suzumiya (who was unpredictable to a fault). So why is it that Kyon can not be categorized well?

"Nagato, how would you feel about coming over to my place for a while? I have something that I think you need to see, since I can't figure out what it means, and it suddenly appeared in my room sometime after the school culture fair, when Haruhi and you played in the band..."

The most likely explanation for the situation is that Suzumiya Haruhi is involved, probably because of the tension Haruhi felt. If that is the case, top priority must go to handling the situation. Still, this provides an excellent chance to speak with Kyon and perhaps solve the riddle of his appearance in the SOS Brigade.

"Very well."

It is a bit unnerving, the way Nagato never really seems to speak. Still, I guess I should be blessed that she is alright with helping me. Besides, it isn't really an uncomfortable silence or anything. In fact, I think I could probably get used to walking home with only a rather pretty girl to accompany me, and Nagato is-

Sorry, hormones got the better of me for a second.

No, I don't really think that Nagato is the sort of girl (Is she really a girl? She seems like one on the outside, but it's always hard to tell) to actually care about relationships anyhow. Nagato is something more than human, after all.

Though, there are times when it really seems like she has her moments of humanity too... when she lay prone in my arms after her fight with Asakura Ryoko, or when she refused to open the door for Haruhi in the mansion on that island (That was a bad joke, if it was Nagato's intention to try her hand at making people laugh). Yuki, Our Great Goddess Nagato, obviously has something in her that craves for human emotions. Or am I just thinking this through too deeply?

This line of thought is giving my a headache.

Turning my head, I notice what I can only assume is a first: Nagato appears to be... shivering? Nagato doesn't get cold. Even when stuck on a mountain in the middle of a snowstorm, Nagato shrugged off the temperature like it was nothing. So why would Nagato be cold in the middle of spring, of all times?

"Nagato, are you... cold? Is everything alright?"

"It would appear I have become... sick. I was not aware that this body would be capable of catching human illnesses, so I never took steps to prevent such problems."

If that's the case, why doesn't she just patch herself up like after that fight with Ryoko?

"Such an action would disrupt the genetic make-up of the viruses inside my body. Undetermined results could occur from their disruption, so it has been advised that I do not disturb their existence."

So it's a lot like that time when Nagato refused my request to change the weather, as the results weren't predictable.

"It would appear so."

I don't really know what I was thinking, but the next set of actions were more or less out of my hand by the time I realized what I was doing. First I motioned Nagato to stop. Then, shrugging off my jacket, I pulled it around Nagato. The only problem was that I got close enough to get myself into what many would consider a "hug". While Nagato didn't appear to be phased by it, I quickly turned away, probably blushing.

"Thank you."

Such simple words, but it really makes my day to hear them.

Looking closer, do I see what may just be the slightest tinge of blush on Nagato's face?

Probably just my imagination.

Trying my hand at a multiple-part work, though it will only be continued if people show an interest in the story or my writing at all. I am particularly interested in whether or not the multiple views are confusing, or if I have characters OOC. Really though, any reviews and criticism would be wonderful.

Oh, and thanks to Aurora Corona for pointing out an error in judgment concerning Yuki's reasons for not curing herself immediately.