Bleach: The Great Story

Chapter 12: Dinner and a kidnapping

(Wherein Ichigo confesses how he feels about Yoruichi, and the Vizards abduct the object of his affections.

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"Aaaaahh" Ichigo sighed, feeling full from his meal. "That really hit the spot. You're an amazing cook, Rukia."

Ichigo felt a little hungrier that he usually did, a side effect from his training increased his appetite. The dinner had been cooked mainly by Rukia, with some help from Tessai, Jinta and Ururu were in charge of bringing them the ingredients.

"Well I had help you know, without mister Tessai's advice on what to season, dinner would have been bland at best." Rukia admitted bashfully, while Tessai blushed and shook his head a little.

"Even so, your cooking is really coming along, sweetie. I'll bet that you'll be a great chef someday!" Renji added, earning him an unseen death glare from Byakuya.

A knock from the front door drew everyone's attention, saving Renji's life as Byakuya was about to pull out Senbonzakura and do something quite messy, not to mention illegal.

"Could you get that, Ururu?" Urahara asked his assistant from behind his geisha fan.

Ururu nodded and bolted for the door, dodging Jinta's traps, and open the front door of Urahara no Shoten to reveal Captain of Squad 2, Soi Fon in her auto gigai.

"Um…well…hello Ichigo." She said to the teenager eyeing her as if she would throw a dagger or something at him. "M-Madame Yoruichi sent me here to help with your training (although I hate your guts, you stupid, ignorant, selfish, pig of a would be man) I…er, I hope I'm not too late or interrupting something." She turned to Urahara and bowed slightly. "May I come in?"

Urahara promptly nodded, signaling to Soi Fon that she may sit by him, which she did since it put her across from Ichigo.

"Actually, Captain Soi Fon, I finished about a half-hour ago, also I don't think I'll be back tomorrow, seeing as how I'm satisfied with the amount of strength I've obtained and I'll have to continue with this captain test Soul Society is putting me through. Sorry, but you came back for nothing." Ichigo ended his explanation.

Soi Fon was more than a little annoyed by this, though she may not have admitted it. "That's fine." She said, lying through her teeth.

Ichigo shrugged and got up to wash his dishes, he wasn't sure why but it felt like something bad would happen very soon.

Somewhere in Karakura Town

Yoruichi stepped out of the senkaimon and into the dark, dimly lit streets of downtown Karakura, cursing the fact that the gate always let her out in a random location. As she walked along the cold side walk she noticed a young looking man standing under a street light. This man was looking a little lost and when he turned to see Yoruichi approaching him, he seemed more that a little relieved.

"Something wrong?" Yoruichi inquired of the lost looking man.

"Ah, well you see I can't seem to find my way to the Kurosaki Clinic, I've asked three different people but they don't know either. Could you help me miss?" The mysterious youth scratched his head and asked with a smirk.

Yoruichi turned a little and pointed forward and said: "Well what you do is head that way for about a half a mile than turn right and head straight on. It's the small house on the right side of the road."

As Yoruichi described the directions, the young man (who happens to be Shinji Hirako, that's right the vizards are back) slipped behind her and pulled out a cloth and a bottle of chloroform. Soaking the rag in his left hand, he set the bottle down and through his arm around his victim, pressing the rag over her mouth and nose

Yoruichi struggled for about a half minute, but in the end her consciousness slipped into blackness, hearing the cruel chuckle of her captor above her.

At the Urahara Shop

Kisuke stared at the front door of his shop, almost as if he expected more visitors tonight. The dinner scene had quieted down quite a bit. Tessai was chasing after Jinta and Ururu, who ran around outside and inside the shop, Jinta as usual tormenting his female co-worker. Rukia, Byakuya, Renji, and Ichigo all sat at the table, pestering Ichigo about the emotion he chose, while Soi Fon meandered around, not really paying much attention to anyone or anything.

"C'mon, Ichigo, tell us already! Pleaaaaase?" Renji Pleaded with a very grating whine in his voice. Rukia just sighed at her boyfriend with a palm on her face.

"Ichigo," Byakuya chimed in, equally annoyed, "for the sake of my sanity, please just tell Renji."

Ichigo scoffed, realizing that it would probably be useless. "Alright, fine. The emotion I chose is love, 'kay?" He said with crossed arms and an even more crossed expression on his face.

The other three looked at him somewhat disbelievingly, save for Renji who had that smug 'I knew it' look on his face. Rukia was the first to take a guess as to which woman Ichigo had on his mind. "Love for…Orihime…or maybe Tatsuki?"

Ichigo shook his head, "Nope. Neither of them and it isn't Chizuru either. It's someone from soul society."

Renji's turn to guess, and boy was he going to be WRONG! "Then could it be Matsumoto, or maybe captain Soi Fon?" Ichigo retched. "Or captain Unohana? No, no that wouldn't make much sense….hmmm………? Whaitaminute!! Ichigo if you've got eyes for Rukia I'm gonna kick your ass so hard my toes'll touch your molars!"

"IT'S NOT RUKIA YOU MORON!! The woman I'm thinking of is from soul society but she hasn't been in the court guard squads for at least a hundred years!" Ichigo's voice more than matched Renji's in terms of volume and intimidation, shaking most of the drinking glasses in the kitchen.

Byakuya took this lapse to get in his verbal strike; to guess at Ichigo's muse. With one smooth, swift motion of his right hand, he grabbed his cup, took a sip of his herbal tea, set the cup back down on the table, and placed his hand right back where it was.

"Yoruichi Shihouin," Byakuya said coolly, "That's the name of the woman you've fallen for, isn't it, Ichigo?" Renji and Rukia looked at the captain of the sixth squad, waiting for him to give his explanation, on which he wasted no time in giving. "If you think about it, there really is no one else it could be, is there?"

Rukia and Renji turned their gaze away from Byakuya back towards Ichigo, who had a sort of 'oops, ya got me' look on his face and was scratching the back of his head with his left hand. Rukia blushed a little and Renji started to laugh uncontrollably.

It started as a small snicker, grew into a chuckle, then into a teary eyed, full blown, lung collapsing cackle. "HAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAAAAHHHAAAAHAHAAHEHHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEHHEEHEHOOHOHOHOHOHHOHOHHEEEEHEEHEEHEEHE! You…heh heh…gotta be… ya gotta be…heeheeeeeheeheehehehahahahahahah no ho ho ho…it hurts too much to talk…"


The next thing Renji knew, he was on his face outside the shop, he'd been sent through two walls. Tessai and Soi Fon looked at him through the second one, wondering if Ichigo's punch had killed him or not.

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