Commandeering Commodore

Chapter 1

"You're not takin over me ship."

"Ah, let us examine that statement for a moment shall we? It would appear the facts of the matter do in no way support your claim, as I have indeed taken over your ship, or if you please commandeered said ship. A nautical term I'm sure you are somewhat familiar with Sparrow."

"I'll not be lettin the likes of you and your navy gobs take my Pearl from me Commodore. Not without a fight." Jack said darkly.

"Sparrow, I have already explained this to you. I understand you are still under the influence of all the rum you felt the need to imbibe last night, but really you must pay a little more attention to the details." James said wearily, letting out a long sigh.

"Ya can stand here all day with yer explanations and it won't change a thing Commodore. It still sounds like you've a mind to be divestin me of me property, namely me Pearl, and I'll not be givin her up lightly, not again, not bloody likely." Jack retorted still sounding defiant.

"Jack, listen to what the Commodore is saying. He only needs the Pearl for a short time, and he's not taking it away from you, you'll be right here the whole time. And when it's over you and your Pearl are welcome to go on your merry way. Isn't that right Commodore?" Will interjected in his earnest tone, looking to James for an affirmation of his statement.

"I don't trust him William." Jack said looking warily at James.

James let out a snort and said, "I can not believe that actually came out of your mouth Captain. You don't trust me?"

"Jack, the Commodore has been up front with you about the matter at hand. You don't have any reason not to trust him." Will said still being very earnest.

"I would just as soon do this with your co-operation Sparrow, if possible. However there is a little matter you may have overlooked." James said as he pulled a packet of papers out of the inner pocket of his jacket.

"This is your signature is it not?" James said as he unfolded the papers and held them in front of Jack's face.

Jack squinted at the papers in front of him, swayed back and forth a bit and wiggled his fingers around, made a few faces, and finally said, "Aye, it looks a bit like me inscription."

"Did you in fact take the time to actually read these papers before you signed them Captain? Or were you possibly in a state of over indulgence of rum at that time as well?" James asked sarcastically. "Because Captain, if you had taken the time to read what you so flamboyantly affixed your signature to you would certainly be aware that you did in fact agree to be an agent of Her Majesty, and as such would not only divide any spoils obtained in the course of your actions for Her Majesty on Her Majesties enemies, but also would serve Her Majesty in any and all other endeavors, procedures, and actions, covert or otherwise she might deem necessary to assist in the defeat and downfall of said enemies."

"I'm afraid I might have become a bit distracted after I read the part about takin all the swag Commodore." Jack said a bit sheepishly, waving his hands about.

"Well that is indeed an unfortuitous circumstance for you Captain, because you did sign Her Majesties Letters of Marque, and if you care to see your beloved Pearl sailing off into the horizon and not lying in Davey Jones locker I would suggest you reconsider your earlier refusal to abide by the aforementioned Letters."

"Ya wouldn't actually try and sink me Pearl would ya Commodore?"

"I would have no choice, my orders are very clear on the matter Captain. Either obtain your full co-operation or scuttle the Pearl where she sits. The Crown feels if you are not willing to follow the terms of your agreement then they have no further use for you." James said rather quietly, and then after a pause added, "I was truly hoping it would not come to that Captain."

Jack looked intently at the Commodore for a moment or two, studying the man who was returning his gaze unflinchingly. "Yer tellin me it will only be a week or so and then me and me Pearl are free to go on about our pillagin and plunderin…..of her dear old royal self's enemies of course."

"Of course. If all works out as planned a week or two, perhaps a month at the most, no longer than that surely." James said sincerely still holding the pirates gaze, "And then you would be free to go about your pillaging and plundering……..of Her Majesty's enemies."

Jack suddenly flashed a shiny grin, held out his hand to the Commodore and said very cheerfully, "I believe we have an accord Commodore."

James took the proffered hand, shook it and said, "I am glad you have chosen to see reason in the matter Captain. I would have regretted the alternative."

"Not nearly as much as I Commodore." Jack replied, and then with a merry tone and much flopping of arms said, "I'm havin a thought here Commodore, I'm thinkin this calls for a drink. Everyone to the galley! Well not everyone I guess….. Mr. Gibbs, find these fine navy tars something to do besides stand there pointin those muskets at me crew." and turned on his heels and headed off. Will gave James a shrug of his shoulders and headed off after Jack. James turned to his men and ordered them to stand down, and then followed after Will.

Mr. Gibbs stood there mumbling to himself and staring after Jack, then turned to the men, both pirate and navy and said, "How about a wee bit o drink to settle everyone's nerves? Marty, you and Cotton go fetch us a keg while me and the navy makes ourselves comfortable. I'm thinkin this may be a right proper time to be sharin a mug an a story or two, just to calm everyone down a mite."

To Be Continues

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