Hi Everyone. Thanks for trying my Fan fiction. This is my first fanfic, so I need all the advice I can get. No flames, please though. Enjoy!


"Bella, we have to go!" Chris shouted to me from downstairs.

"Okay, Chris, be right down," I sighed. Another first day of school. Another group of hormonal boys falling over themselves trying to be the first to ask me out. They didn't know that could never happen. The only boy I would give the time of day to is Chris, my brother. And--I corrected mentally. I couldn't say the name, even think the name. Not now. Not ever. Not since he left. But I was over that, I corrected myself. He didn't love me, no big deal. I'm over it.

I looked down at my outfit once more. If it were up to me, I would spend all of my time in a T-shirt and jeans, but living with Mary, who was almost as bad as Alice when it came to shopping that was hard to do. Today we had compromised, I got to keep on my old worn out jeans, and she had made me wear a strange new shirt that she had gotten me. It was tight, and had a strange design on the front.

"BELLLLAAAA!!!!" This time it was Mary who was calling. I pulled away from the full-length mirror that I had been looking into. If Chris was getting Mary involved—well, let's just say I'd rather be facing the Volturi then an angry Mary.

I walked down the spiral staircase. Mary and Chris were making out at the bottom of the stairs.

"Get a room," I commented. Mary grinned at me, then stopped, sighing as she eyed my old blue jeans.

"You said we were gonna be late. Well, let's go." I held the door open for Mary and Chris. They were so lucky. All the teenagers weren't after them—anyone could tell they were a couple. Well, actually they were married, but the staff at this new school didn't have to know that.

"Where are we going today?" The places where we had been had all started to run together continuously in my mind. I asked Chris casually as we climbed into his Hummer H3. It was a sleek, black monster. (AN, I know absolutely nothing about cars, so I don't know if this description is anything close to right.)

"Appleby High School in Appleby Washington," he replied. "Perfect, they have an average of 260 rainy days a year." (AN Again, No idea if this is a real place or not.)

Chris started driving toward the high school, at a casual 90 Miles per hour. This kind of speed would have scared me half to death if I was still human, but as a vampire, I was used to it. In fact, Chris would have driven faster, but I was still pretty opposed to the speed.

Mary had taken shotgun, as usual, and she was fiddling with the radio of our new car. She loved the car, but almost preferred our old car if only because the radio stations were a lot better. We all yearned for the music from when I was young; all anyone seemed to think about now was techno, which was proclaimed as 'The Music of the Future!' All the radio stations would play now was techno and not being a huge techno fan myself, in fact, hating it, I commanded Mary to change the station. She obliged, and popped in a old CD, and I relaxed as the old comforting music filled the car.

Would this school be any different then all of the others that we had attended? At that point, I seriously doubted it. I had been to hundreds of different high schools, along with a couple of collages since I had been changed about 90 years ago. It was all the same. The same math classes, the same science, the same people, it seemed, with all only one purpose in life, with their meaningless complaints and their self-absorbedness.

We pulled up to the parking lot for this new school. Suddenly, a crippling force hit me, taking me by surprise. Nothing like this had happened since, since he left. I couldn't breathe, not that I needed to, I guess. Still, the pain was there. Handicapping me, surrounding me, engulfing me, not allowing me to breathe. I had learned to ignore the ache. Why had it come back now. Then I saw it. A silver Volvo. His silver Volvo.