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It was a normal day at the kitchen. Orders came in at their normal speed for a catering service. Everything was normal except for the fact that Chowder, Chef Mung's protégé was missing from the picture. The little bottomless pit was over at a relative's house, eating them out of house and home. Chowder had become a part of the catering family and his absence was always noticed.

So now it was Mung, Schnitzel and Truffles manning the kitchen. Because Chowder wasn't in the kitchen to break stuff or eat all the ingredients, all was quiet.

"Without Chowder running around here," the head chef said over his shoulder to Schnitzel as he arbitrarily stirred a pot of chicken stock. "It's sooooooooooo quiet."

The brawny soui chef Schnitzel looked up from zesting lemons and passed a glance at his boss. Chowder was the youngest of the catering team and kinda like a son to Mung. Schnitzel's face creased with a muse, wondering whether or not to shoot a couple of encouraging words to the chef.

"Radda radda radda," the soui chef squeezed out in an unexcited voice.

"I know Chowder will be gone for only a few days Schnitzel," Mung returned still randomly swirling the stock. "But who am I gonna use as an excuse to do something crazy?"

Sighing he went back to mixing the soup. Schnitzel shrugged and went back to his work. Then he heard chef Mung run over to him and then he felt something pulled over his eyes.

"Radda radda radda?!" Schnitzel blurted out.

He fought the chef, trying to pull the cook from off of his head.

"C'mon Schnitz!" Mung protested. "Just wear the hat until Chowder comes back!"

Schnitzel yanked Mung off of his head. The soui chef narrowed his eyes at the head chef, who was holding a purple nit hat in his hands that looked exactly like Chowder's.

"Radda radda r-radda radda radd!" Schnitzel accused.

Mung gasped.

"I am not needy! You will SO wear this hat and you are GONNA LIKE IT!" he snapped.

As the executive chef and his soui battled it out, Truffles came fluttering into the room.

"Okay boys I got a huge order in from-…" she stopped her big green eyes growing larger from behind her thick glasses. "What in the sundae are you two doing?"

Mung was glued to Schnitzel's head while Schnitzel was trying to pry him off with a spatula. They paused their fighting for a second.

"Hey honey," Mung smiled sheepishly. "Schnitzel and I were just… um…"

"Radda radda radda!" Schnitzel tattled pointing at the executive chef.

"Squealer!" chef Mung accused and finally got the hat over Schnitzel's head.

Schnitzel groaned.

"Radda radda," the soui chef moaned as Mung jumped down off of his head.

"Until Chowder gets back, you're gonna have to be the stand in," Mung told him. "So start acting like the little kitten."

Schnitzel rolled his eyes hard and then stuffed a full apple in his mouth. Mung gave him a thumbs up.

"There you go Schnitz!" he cheered.

Truffles floated up to her husband, shaking her head.

"Here," she gave Mung a huge catering order.

Mung adjusted his glasses and began reading the order.

"Holy shrimp!" he jumped in the air. "How much barbecue ribs? Close to a ton in the next forty-eight hours?! Plus appetizers, sides and desserts?!"

The executive chef looked like he was about to faint.

"They feeding a whole flippin' army?!" Mung blurted out to Truffles as he pointed at the order.

Truffles sighed.

"It's a Watchers of Weight convention," she shook her head.

Schnitzel and Mung cringed.

"Radda radda radda rad," Schnitzel voiced.

"Schnitzel's right Truffles!" the head chef exclaimed. "We are only two cooks! We can't fill this order in this short a time! With Chowder gone, we just can't do this!"

"The Watchers of Weight promised pay huge if we deliver the order," Truffles pointed to the money total.

Mung jumped in the air and started to drool.

"We can open up a whole 'nother area to the kitchen with this," he whispered, then snapped out of it. "But still, we'd never make it with the size of the order, time constraint and ofcourse Chowder's gone!"

Truffles placed a hand on her husband's shoulder.

"Honey, I know you're suffering from Chowder being gone," the fairy woman stated. "And so in light of this huge order, I'd like to bring in my niece. You remember Candy?"

Schnitzel cocked a brow. Who was Candy?

"Truffles, darling," Mung put emphasis on "darling". "Are we that desperate?"

Truffles folded her arms and nodded.

"Candy will come in handy," she answered.

"Even with Candy the order will be blandy!" Mung continued on. "My brother's name in Randy and the beach is sandy!"

Truffles and Schnitzel blinked at the chef.

"Sorry, there are just so many words that rhyme with "candy"!" Mung beamed.

"If we are gonna fill this order, we're gonna need Candy's help," Truffles pointed out.

Mung looked at Schnitzel.

"Radda radda rad-radda," the soui chef shrugged.

"Schnitzel's right!" Mung cheered. "It will get my mind off of Chowder being gone! We'll do it! Candy is dandy so grab the phone and give her a call…y… Sorry, that wasn't my bestrhyme."

Truffles smiled and turned back to her desk.

"I'll give my sister Mandy a call to send over dandy Candy so she can lendy a handy," the fairy woman fluttered off rhyming to herself.

Schnitzel slapped his forehead, hearing some of the worst rhymes ever. Mung was paging over the order.

"All right "Schnowder"," Mung voiced, morphing Chowder's name in with Schnitzel's but making Schnitzel roll his eyes. "They want a ton of barbecue ribs, sauce, corn bread, sweetpotato pie, fried okra, creamed spinach, banana cream pie and pound cake. The meat will take the longest to smoke. We need to get that done and go from there. Break!"

With that "Schnowder" and chef Mung darted around the kitchen starting their monstrous dishes.