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"Naruto?" The blond fell to the ground with a bump he slowly raised himself rubbing his head. However still didn't say anything. Walking up too Tsunade noticing her emotion he stopped mid step. "Naruto I-"

"IS HE REALLY HERE!?! Oh kami I hope so! Otherwise three years of worrying with that blond dobe has done NOTHING...AGAIN!" Naruto and Tsunade turned to see a horde of people there to see Sasuke. Oh boy.

Kiba raced forward and started to shake the poor blond while yelling, "Naruto, did he really come back? Is he really here? Did he kiss you yet! TELL ME!"

An angry Tsunade stood to the two boys left tapping her foot viciously making the floor crack. She cleared her throat loudly to get everyone else's attention. Once the small hallways was silent she over looked the people. Kiba backed away and Hinata, holding Akamaru, grabbed onto his arm in a shy manner. Lee, Tenten and Neji stood over to the left of the group trying to calm down the younger teens. Ino, Choji, and Shino stood closely together waiting for their answer and Shikamaru was setting himself up against the wall, most likely for a nap. Sai was calmly waiting next to Shikamaru, while the others shifted nervously.

"As I was about to say…Naruto I was able save Sasuke." A loud sigh came from the crowd. Naruto just bowed his head in agreement. "I am not particularly happy about the fact you hid him for so long. He had lost a lot of blood and will have to stay in bed for a week. I do though understand and would like it if you took the month off. I want you to take care of Sasuke and make sure he gets better. I have a lot for him to do as punishment for betraying the village. Got that?"

Happiness boiled over Naruto's small face. He dashed past the Hokage and went to Sasuke's side. Shizune came in and shooed Sakura out so Naruto could be in private.

"Sasuke? Hey are you okay?" the Uchiha was lying on his back on Tsunade's desk panting heavily. His eyes were barely open but you could tell he was awake. His uncovered chest heaved up and down in exhaustion. Sweat covered his whole body from the procedure that went on earlier. Apparently it wasn't easy.

"I-'m fine…Naruto…" He lifted his arm up to Naruto's face who brought himself closer so Sasuke didn't hurt himself. "I'm…so sorry Naruto. I'm sorry…I hope you will forgive me."

"Of course I forgive you! Sasuke I love you and no matter how much you hate it you have me for the rest of you stupid Teme life." Sasuke smiled a true smile it was a perfect moment before the teme ruined it.

"Naruto, I would hate it even if you were a girl. I hope to have a happy life wit you and tones of kids."

"Sasuke you know that men can't have kids together."

"Oh on contrary, while with Orochimaru I learned a lot about the Jinchuriki. I bet you didn't that if you asked Kyuubi, he could change your DNA to be able to produce babies." Naruto just stared at Sasuke with wonder in his eyes. Apparently he did his research…damn smart ass teme.

"Teme you-"

"I had to do somethingwhile sitting in that prison, and Kabuto was just too smart for his own good." He smirked and tried to sit up but Naruto grabbed him up first bridal style.

"Don't wear yourself out. I'll carry you home." Naruto smiled and jumped out the Hokage's window.

"NARUTO! BRING ME MY SOUP WOMAN!" Sasuke sat in bed, bored to death. The only thing he could do know was piss Naruto off. Which served to be great entertainment. Naruto walked in with an angry look in his eyes and a bowl of soup in hand.

"I wear to kami Sasuke, if you call me 'woman' one more time! I will refuse to carry your child. Then who the hell will you get to revive the already screwed up Uchiha clan?"

"I'm sorry Naruto, I should be more sympathetic. But you know I hate being cooped up in here. Its just soboring!" Sasuke mask had completely fallen through out the past week. Today was the last day he had to sit in his large comfy king sized bed.

"I know, but just think. Tomorrow we can go out and you can see the light, maybe get a tan. You know maybe look like a normal person." Sasuke smirked.

Tomorrow will be the day he asked Naruto the question of a life time.

xX Time skip : tomorrow Xx

Naruto skipped happily around Sasuke as said raven walked slowly forward down the roads of Konoha. Naruto sped past a jewelry shop while Sasuke stopped and stared at the window that showed off all different types of rings, necklaces and bracelets.

"Sasuke teme what are you doing back there? Common you have to buy me some ramen now!" He noticed where Sasuke had paused and ran back to him. "Looking for something?"

"Yah, a ring. Hey Naruto I wanted to ask you but I don't know how to say this. Will you-" He never finished because Naruto suddenly glomped Sasuke and started to scream.

"You wanna get married! Sasuke!"

"hn, dobe. I never said that." He stopped to look at Naruto's face drop. "But thanks for saving me from the awkward speech." The blonds face lit up again as he grabbed his love's hand and dragged him into the tiny shop.

After they found engagement rings they enjoyed a walk to the old training grounds and a romantic dinner in the middle where they had their first training session with Kakashi and Sakura.

"What did I miss while I was gone. I never really bothered to ask before." Sasuke said with another emotionless face. The two lovers were sitting on a blanket in the middle of the training grounds sitting against the posts, which Naruto was tied up the first time they were there. Naruto ignored Sasuke teme attitude and started to ramble on.

"Well after you sent the first letter I showed it to Sakura and she moved on. To Lee! Can you believe that? They are already married. You took way too long buddy. Hinata and Kiba got together and they are getting their wedding ready for next month, oh by the way were going. Neji met with Gaara when we saved him after Shikaku was extracted and he's moving over to Suna next week to live with him. Yes, Neji is gay. Oh and Choji and Ino are dating as well as Shikamaru and Temari, however Temari's already pregnant. Who am I missing…?" He tapped his chin in wonder but lost his thought when something warm was placed onto his lips.

Wide eyed he looked to see that it was only Sasuke and his irresistible lips of his. Smiling into the kiss he gave Sasuke an opening to shove his tongue into the warm opening. Sasuke pushed his blond dobe to the ground and let his hands caress. Naruto ran his tan hands through raven locks while pulling down to make the kiss more passionate and lip bruising than before.

Sasuke let go and lifted himself off to try and rip off Naruto's top. Or at least that's what it felt like to Naruto. Suddenly skin on skin contact was made and they moaned into the contact. Arching off the ground Naruto pushed himself farther into Sasuke. The raven started to kiss Naruto raised chin and moved down to his collar bone. Sucking and biting ferociously, he made a large hickey. The bruise was completed with a couple of kisses around the edges.

Sasuke's hand trailed down to the blonds pants but stopped all movement when a small noise came from the woods next to them. Rising slowly he grabbed a fork, and made his way to the noise as stealthily as he could with a…well a 'problem' making his walking awkward. Reaching a good barrier he grabbed the fork ready to throw but stopped when he saw the source of the noise. Two lovers were making out in the bushes.

The raven sighed and walked back over to a curious blond who just stared as if asking 'what, or who, was that.'

His own look back was saying 'you don't want to know. Lets go home.'

The time the two have spent together had been so little but they knew what the other was trying to write on their faces. They knew each other so well. Everyone else was a stranger.

Over time the two grew accustomed to the weird looks and that their emotion flows were being released more normally. Naruto's a little less and Sasuke's a little more.

The wedding was held on 'Naruto Bridge'. The place they had their first fight while on mission. This place was their resurrection and the realization that they loved each other. Sasuke had willingly given his life for the others safety. This was when Naruto's hidden power came through. Mixed with Kyuubi's power he fought in place of Sasuke. He knew why. The minute Sasuke had 'I hated you.' That's right 'hated'. He loved the other. And Naruto got the hint. Their secret crushed began that day. That's why they would seal the deal on this space.

The old man had died and his grandson had become a priest. Gracing them with a ceremony that only Sasuke could ruin with his horny-ness.

"Naruto, as soon as this is over you know I'm gonna be seme right?" The raven whispered to his soon to be permanent partner.

"Shut up Teme, were getting married can't you think romantically while we seal the deal?" He whispered back a little louder than his lover.

"Naruto I can't you just look so…delectable right now in your suit."

"Teme, I swear to god. Didn't you hit puberty already? The hormones should be gone by now.!" Naruto whispered back even louder than before. Sasuke was about to retort back when their conversation was interrupted.

"Ahem, may I get through the service please?" The priest asked in a slightly annoyed voice.

"Oh course. Go ahead." Naruto said quickly before looking back at Sakura who was laughing her little pink ass off. Oh she thought this little conversation was hilarious.

'Oh shut up Sakura. You think you so funny don't you?!?!' Naruto thought angrily.

At the reception he almost choke on the duck. Sasuke sat next to the blond and while Sakura made her ever so long speech. He slowly made his move. Up the leg he went. Crawling like he was a friggen spider, getting ready to pounce on the unsuspecting Naruto. His hand laid perfectly tame on Naruto's upper thigh right next to his crotch.

"I will never forget how happy Naruto's face was when Sasuke came back. When Sasuke showed me emotion, my that was a day to remember." She looked back and winked at the couple. Sasuke nodded in consideration. "I will always love these two like brothers and hope that my child will love them like second parents." She patted her bulging belly, showing off that she was pregnant. She raised her cup to the two and added. "Hope you guys live happily together forever."Grab.

"AHHHHHH!" Sasuke smirked, while Sakura looked disgusted back at the two. Naruto face didn't just turn red. It burst into red. The whole thing. He looked like a tomato, and unfortunately for Sasuke loved tomatoes. He was tackled to the ground and everyone left the room screaming. Sakura was stuck in her position staring at the two in an angry but understanding faze. She shook her head as she walked away. Lee came back into the room noticing that he left his beloved and child in the dreaded room and saved her from the traumatizing scene.

Sasuke looked up and looked around for people.

"Thank go their gone. I thought it would never end."

"TEME! You ruined the party!" Naruto was furious to say the least.

"Now dobe. You know I can't stand a lot of people. I thought after what, five months you would know I hate parties."

"Yah, but this time I actually wanted to go to the party."

"Oh don't be so dramatic. We'll have more. Like when our children are born. How about that? You want a party for that don't you?"

"Yah but you'll ruin that too wont you."




"Duck head."



"I win."

"You win nothing."

"Except your virginity." Sasuke smirked knowingly.

"Damn sexy Teme smile…I will never forgive you for that."

"Say that after you give birth." The rest of the night was magical. They spent the time after their conversation watching the sky grow dark and stars come through. When it was finally fully dark they silently walked home to their apartment and…well the rest is for them to know and you to find out.