Pokemon Drabbles

Seeing as I've just graduated Grade Ten (Junior High to some of you lot), I have a fair bit of time on my hands. So, the other day, I got this idea…why not do a hundred drabbles on Pokemon? I'm talking just about anything, they'll be canon characters in the series, RP characters of my own—maybe if I get permission from some friends I've made on here I'll use theirs…hec, I'll even do Pokemon point of view.

For the information of those who don't know, a drabble can be between one hundred and two hundred words, so yes, its meant to be shortish. I didn't get that many responses to my first story on here, so I hope this one is liked better.

I'll try to at least get two written a week, maybe more. However, if I start lacking, don't be afraid to shock me out of my indolence!

(By the way, I'll be glad to attempt any suggestions from my reviewers )


Drabble No.1—Prompt word: "Belonging"

They speak of belonging, of contentment, of being one. They dream of fulfilment of the soul, a broken heart becoming one. They do not truly understand what they speak of, and yet they take it for granted. They laugh, they hug, and they smile…never once thinking of the true meaning of these things.

They take for granted that feeling of belonging.

They are fools.

I look down from my vantage point, my thoughts clouded; my violet eyes dark as I gaze upon this city of light. Below me, the city inhabitants run and jostle one another on their way to their respective homes. They laugh, they yell, they greet. They belong.

But I do not. I am a clone, an artificial being, an experiment. My heart is as cold as the ice that tips the mountain peak. And yet I still yearn, I still feel…I still desire.

I am Mewtwo. I do not belong.