Drabble 4—Prompt Word: Nostalgic

The lights flickered like a million Ledian in the trees surrounding Indigo Plateau; a magnificent sight. The sounds of laughter and the smells of cooked foods could be heard and almost tasted, even from the young woman's vantage point high on the ledges of Mount Silver.

It was an atmosphere of warmth and security which only the joy of being with your family at Christmas time could bring.

Seliana sighed, a lone being in a cold world of her own. She closed her eyes as the sounds pervaded her senses, drawing her memory back to happier times; the sight of her baby brother squealing and laughing as he opened his presents, the smell of burnt Christmas dinner, courtesy of their father. Chasing one another through the snow covered meadow, giggling and shrieking, just as the villagers below her were doing now.

Seli wrapped her arms around herself. Was this really worth it? Was her sacrifice, her solitude, really worth this loneliness that tore at her soul and brought tears to the stoic girl's eyes?

Seliana jumped at the wetness that suddenly nudged against her hand, and she looked down to see Xin nuzzling at her hand, his blue eyes filled with concern. A soft growl was heard as Chari stomped grumpily into the clearing, his flaming tail swishing. His eyes belied his apparent annoyance however, and Seli smiled, a warm glow slowly pervading her heart.

She picked Xin up, fondling the Eevee's ears absently as she gazed down at the village once more before slowly moving away from the ledge and back towards the wilderness she and her Pokemon now called home.


Gah,my apologies for the wait and the possible shoddiness of this one. I wrote it while I was stuffed with Christmas lunch, but I wanted to write a Xmas oneshot for you all. I know, its kinda sad and cold in the beginning, but I wanted to do something for all those souls out there that would be lonely this Xmas. Merry Christmas and thinking of you! ;)