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Chapter 1- The Diary

Johan sighed in content as he entered the obelisk blue dorm. He just had a great day with Judai (and everyone else); hanging out with Judai, having lunch with Judai, dueling Judai, even getting in trouble with Judai.-

-''And his friends'', he added again mentally. He lay back in his bed pondering what to do next. He didn't feel tired, yet not energetic enough to do something physical.

"Aha!" he yelled suddenly as he jumped off the bed, ran to his closet, and started tossing out items randomly. Clothes, textbooks, extra packs of cards, and other numerous objects were tossed out flying everywhere in the room. He finally fished out a small back, leather covered book, embroidered with gold, and had a button latch on the side to keep it closed. He quickly rifled through the pages and found them all blank.

"Perfect" he said to himself

The bluenette stood up and walked to a small desk and turned on the small lamp on it. He seated himself comfortably while getting out a ball point pen and flipping to the first page, started to write.


August 15, 2007 (don't ask how I know, just using summer time cuz it makes more sense)

Dear Diary,

Hi, I just started writing in this diary today. I know it seems a bit girly, but a lot of great things have been happening to me in duel academy (like Judai…) and I want to be able to remember these events. The day I leave Duel Academy is coming closer and closer and I want to be able to look back and relive all these events even though I'm so far away from him ….

Johan draws a line through "him" and replaces it with "them".

Well anyway, starting with today's events. Me, Judai, and the rest of the gang met up at lunch in the school yard. Sho had a sandwich, Kenzan had various pieces of cooked meat, and Judai and I had a school-made bento that had rice, eggs, fish, and sushi. Jun and Asuka had a meeting regarding school related subjects so they weren't with us today.

I cannot understand Judai's appetite… While Sho was slowly nibbling at his sandwich, And Kenzan was taking normal size bites from his chicken leg; Judai pretty much just dumped his whole dam bento into his mouth! I mean where the hell does it all go?! Is his entire digestive system one empty void?

Continuing, even though he had his lunch, Judai wasn't satisfied with that… He asked Sho and Kenzan is he could have some of their lunch. Sho ripped off half his sandwich and handed it to him (which he responded by throwing it into his mouth) while Kenzan told him, "take as much as you want Aniki"

Tch- Aniki... I don't know why, but I start getting really annoyed when he or Sho call him that. How could they address my Judai-chan soo easily?!

Johan started settling down from his rant when he suddenly saw what he wrote. He blushed madly and started scribbling out the words when he decided to leave it

"It's not like anyone's gonna see this" he said reassuringly to himself. "But still… Why did I write that?" He pondered on that thought for a bit, but just passed it as friendly affection. Instead of crossing out the whole rant, he crossed out the words my and –chan.

Once again, continuing on. After Kenzan said that Judai could have as much as he wanted, he took only as much as he wanted. His whole plate of assorted meats! "Oi! ANIKI!!" screamed Kenzan as he started wrestling Judai to get parts of his lunch back.

I sighed and decided to give Judai my bento; so far I've only eaten a third of the rice and 1 section of the California roll. For some reason, Judai wasn't as enthusiastic and greedy when taking my lunch. He asked me 3 times if I was sure I wanted to give it to him. After a while he finally took it and gladly started stuffing himself. I told him to stop eating so fast, he might choke. Judai slowed down and stopped eating for a moment and smiled at me. "Gomen, Johan" he said.

At that moment Judai still had some crumbs and bits of rice around his mouth. Kawaii… For some unknown reason, I can't forget that moment... Anyway, I laughed at him and told him it was ok and that he had crumbs all over his mouth. He started futilely brushing at his mouth. I watched as he grew frustrated and I laughed. I took a napkin and started wiping his mouth. When I was done, Judai suddenly turned away. I asked him why but he seemed a bit hesitant. His face was growing red and when I asked him if he was running a fever, he seemed to grow even more tense. I thought it was best to ignore his strange behavior and he calmed down.

Afterwards me and Judai dueled. (I don't really like reading about dueling, like I think most of u don't also, so I'll make this brief) He summoned Avian and put him in defense. Then I summoned Amethyst Cat and attacked him directly. Our life points went down steadily. Judai-3200 Me-3500, Judai-2300 Me-2000, Judai-1100 Me-900. Eventually we ended up in a tie. We were so caught up in the duel we hadn't noticed that it was getting dark already! I said we should be getting back to our dorms and be going to bed.

At this time Kenzan and Sho went to the Ra dorm, since the lonely leader of the dorm which everyone seemed to ignore, BEGGED every Ra student to spend at least 1 week in the Ra dorms when going to bed. Judai suddenly asked if I wanted to go sleep in the Slifer dorms with him. I thought about it for a while but I started to get embarrassed for some reason…

Now that I think about it… I'm starting to feel odd around Judai... Bah, must be something I ate.

Anyway I rejected him nicely, but he seemed a bit depressed. I felt bad so I said I'll sleep over tomorrow. I guess he just must be really lonely with Kenzan and Sho gone for the week cuz he seemed to have been his by a dart that was filled with caffeine when I told him that! We parted shortly after. That was the end of a great day.

Johan scans the page and admires his work

Even though he removed things that made him feel embarrassed, he still thought that he should hide his diary well.

'Hmmmm… Where should I put it?' he thought. 'Ah' He bent down and lifted part of the loose carpet near his bed. He slid his diary under it and placed a pillow from his bed on the slightly protruding bump, making it lean against his bed, trying to make it look like it's supposed to be there.

"That should work… well off to bed!" Johan then walks over and turns off the lamp on his desk. The bluenette changes into his PJ's and slips into bed, still thinking about the great day he had today. And…

….thinking about Judai…

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